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   Chapter 37 Love

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I want to taste your soul on the tip of my heart, shooting it's love just like a magma erupts~ Marilla


"Where is she, or is she not coming this time as well?" My good friend Pedro said. This is the man that helped me stand up on my feet again, that gave me a chance. I didn't know where I would be if it wasn't for him, I'm truly in debt to him.

"She said she will come, where is Zara?" I asked as a smile appears on his lips. Those two are probably the most disturbing couple you'll ever know. Not disturbing in a bad way, no! More like, unexplainable. Love like no other, they loved each other. This man had patience that was deeper than the sea, stronger than is currents and wilder then is waves.

Left and right she played with his heart, and he took everything she threw his way. "She somewhere dancing naked on the boat, I just came to see if your girl came. We'll be on the boat waiting, go easy on her Nicolas. You're on thin ice my friend, so I advise you to take it nice and slow with Sam."

I knew what he meant, "How do you do it Pedro? It's been so long for you two and still she has her days. How do you manage to still love her when all she does is threaten to leave you?"

Chuckling while taking a swing of his beer, the sun burned against our bodies as we sat down on the hot sand. "It's been so long, probably over? eight years now. She went through hell, and I witnessed it all. Imagine mending a broken vase that's shattered into a million pieces. You don't know where to start and what to do, but you're determined to at least try. You get a few cuts along the way cause some piece's are just too sharp to hold. And you bleed, you really don't mind it too. Because you see how the vase is coming together, then you stop midway. You haven't ran out of glue nor piece's, you just don't know what to do." He looked at the boat and smiled as Zara walked out in a sheer white floral dress where you can see her black two piece swimsuit. Long black hair and a tan that scream Caribbean queen. "But you just continue, you want to see the finished piece and if it will be able to become what it was before it shattered. It held its from, cause I super glued so much, was so scared that it

verything he owned.

"That is so beautiful, what's the name of the boat?" Sam asked as she admired the luxury boat. Her lips whispered out the words that were written on the side of the boat as we approached even closer.

"My heart's love, the Zara's, does he have a brother I can date or something. God, he's so romantic, he seems in love with her."

"Oh, you have no idea Sam. He takes every punch she throws his way without a word back. They've been together for almost eight years now."

"Wow, are they married?"

"No, not yet! But they're happy together." I said while getting off onto the small ladder that lead up to the boat surface. I grabbed her hand and walked up with her, "Oh wow, it's so big."

"Yea, I told him that but he doesn't listen" Zara said as she walked over to us. "Hi, I'm Zara! You must be Sam, Nicolas talks about you all the time." She said while holding out her hand.

Pedro walks behind Zara and wrapped his arm around her, just like he always does. "I'm kinda jelly you have a man like Pedro." Sam said causing everyone to chuckle.

"Yea, I still don't know how I got so lucky. I'm a pain in the ass and still he cares." Zara mumbles, giving Pedro a kiss below his chin.

I looked down at Sam who was intensely staring at them. I wonder what was she thinking of?



This was by far the cutest couple I've have ever seen in my life, she was so lucky to have him. I wonder if Nicolas will ever love me like that?

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