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   Chapter 35 Second chances

Just Pretend By MarillaGarden Characters: 7415

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3 years later...

Samantha in Hawaii...

The twins were getting ready for their nineteen birthday party, life was good so far but I still felt the void in my heart. Things didn't work out for grandpa, he wanted me to fall in love with Albert but I just didn't feel that way about him.

Don't get me wrong, he hot as hell but I knew I would never be happy with him. I hooked him up with my best friend tho, they've been in a relationship for two years now and so happy. Her name is Stella, she started working at my café shop with James.

One day I took him to my shop and he got to know her, kinda fell for her and things are going good for the both of them. Albert and I are best friends, he was there for me and never tried to make a move on me. Even though grandpa made him, he would tell me that he would do anything if I didn't want to.

He's a good man, sweet and kind. The twins are going start college next year, between modeling and school. They're really doing a good job, Alex booked them for a shoot in his company for teen clothing. After that shoot hit stands, the girls were called from all other company to model for them.

Grandpa has given up on planning my life, I simply told him that I will choose whoever I want. When he mentioned Nicolas, I told him to let me do what I wanted to do.

Nicolas and I have been texting only for the past year, nothing big. Just how are you and what's new? I won't lie, I still love him after all he did to me and I feel that he is truly sorry for what he did. But was I going to be able to trust him again? That question I didn't have the answer to, all I knew is that I was trying to heal.

Yea, I know! Three years and you have healed yet? What can I do, the heart wants what it wants. My sister's think I'm crazy for letting him in my life, but I really havent.

I haven't seen him since that day I went to see him in his office, he's been doing well. He started a company on his own, a small hotel in the Bahamas. It's been all over the media that Nicolas Stone has risen from the grave and started a fresh new life.

I was happy for him, he deserves to be happy. Bethenny was expecting her second baby now, I was a proud aunt to a beautiful baby

knees, a kiss that took over all my senses. A kiss I gave in as I pulled him in even closer to me.

His lips went down to my neck, assaulting me brutally as he sucked, licked, kissed which caused my body to shiver in pleasure. I don't know how long we were going at it, but I knew it was a lot longer than I thought.

The door opened unexpectedly as Amanda walked in, "Sam, do you think-" she stopped and stared at us.

Not believing her eyes as she rubbed them over and over, I waited for her to shout and yell but didn't expect her to smile. "I fucking shipped you two way back then and I'll be damned if I didn't ship you two once again. I'm going to go out, you should probably lock the door, you know so you can carry on. I didn't see anything, not going to say anything to anyone, and damn Nicolas. You look even hotter then before, nice tan." She winked before leaving.

He chuckled, "At least she still likes me." He licked his lips and stared at me. "All I'm asking is for one more chance Sam, please. I need you."

I smacked him, he looked stunned at my actions. "Fucking one last chance Nicolas or I will fucking kill you if you hurt me again." I said before pulling him down and kissing him once more.

The biggest sigh of relief escaped from his chest as he holstered me upon his body. My stupid heart wanted him even after all he did, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was, what will everyone think of my decision to give Nicolas a second chance.

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