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   Chapter 33 Someone I used to know

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Don Carlos..


"She didn't eat again?" I asked? Seria?who came out of Samantha's room holding the tray of food that?was untouched.

"She has lost a lot of weight Don Carlos, the poor child isn't getting any better. May I say something?"

I nodded my head for her to speak.

"Please do hear me out til the end sir, I was thinking if you took her to face him. She needs to closure, so she can move on. Or she might stay this way for?more then?we expect, let her go to him. She's hurt, but needs to carry herself before him. I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to say sir, but I think she needs this."


"No sir, she feels nothing for him. That was her first time to fall in love, and her first time to have her?heart-broken. She might take a while to forget, but she will forget some day. Let her go to him, let her scream out her pain to him. She need to let him know how he made her feel, it's the only way she will feel better. It's all locked inside her chest, like a fireball burning away and hasn't been or no one has tried to turn it off. I know how it feels?to be?heartbroken, but I also know that she needs to let it out. Which she hasn't done for the past six months, your shielding her away from her pain when you?should be?letting her express it. I know you fear for her, but trust me. A woman is much strong then a man, we know how to pick ourselves up. Even when we?are shattered?and lost, we mange to pull through, and I promise you sir, Samantha will be?fine."

"Lexmark?has requested to see his niece, I've held?out on him because I don't want her to go back and see him, but if you think she will be better facing the devil. Then I'll take her to him, but I won't leave them alone." I stated as I opened the door to Samantha's room.

She was sitting near the window, staring at nothing. "May I come in butterfly?"

She turned her head slightly, looking at me with a broken smile while nodding her head. I made my way over to her and sat down beside her.

"How long will you be like this butterfly?"

But no response, I sighed deeply. My angel was hurting deeply and I couldn't do anything about it. I stared at her body, she wasn't like before. Her body is more slender, she has lost?more than?half her weight. All becaus

for people to pity you, but you do have the right to burn in hell. Which you will for what you did to Sam." She said before walking by me.

"Sorry man, she loves Sam. She's on her side, and?to be?honest, so am I. She was a gem and you let her go, for what man? You had money, you were the fucking Ceo of this company. Letting it go for power, you know we work with mafia men but we aren't one of them. Lexmark, La'sata and Sego?all broke?their contract?with us because of you. No one wants to work with us because of what you did, you fucked up the company and fucked yourself as well."

I already know, what can I do to fix it? Nothing!

"Where do I sign man, I was to get out of here."

Bruce walked around his desk, opening the bottom left drawer. He pulled out a folder and walked my walk. I took the folder from his hand along with the pen, signed on the five sheet paperwork. "Congratulations, I know you can make this company rise again as it was before."

"I'll need every luck I can get to make it how it was before Nicolas, tell me. Where are you going?" He asked.

"Don't know and don't care, maybe start from the bottom. Find myself, but I highly doubt it. Take care man, let me know when your wife has the baby, it's a boy right?"

He nodded his head with a smile, "Yea man, it's a boy. Don't know what we'll name him yet, maybe Nicolas?"

"Nah, that's something you don't want. Try Bruce jr, cause he?can be?like his dad and not like me."

I gripped his shoulder tightly before leaving, "Bye man."

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