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   Chapter 32 Confession part 2

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It's been a week and Nicolas haven't called or answered my calls, I knew he was mad at me. My heart was breaking apart from being away from him, I don't blame him for being mad at me. I would have been mad as well if I left without warning, but why doesn't he answer my calls?

"You haven't been eating well lately sweetheart, is something bothering you?" Grandpa asked as we were having dinner.

"Nicolas hasn't call or answered my calls grandpa, something feels off. I want to go back to New York and see him." I stated while Abby dropped his silverware on the plate unexpectedly.

"A package in the mail came for you today my dear, it's from Nicolas. I forgot to give it to you, but I also have a surprise for you that will arrive any minute now." Grandpa said which caused me to smile.

"I want to see what he sent me now please, where is it so I can get it?" I asked while standing up.

The doors opened and in walks Bethenny?and Alex, along with Santos and his family. "Omg, Sam!" Bethenny?said while running towards me.

She hugged me tightly, "I missed you so much." She whispered. "I missed you too, did you guys see Nicolas? How is he?" I asked.

"Sweetheart, sit down! You'll know everything shortly, please everyone. Welcome, have a seat. Seira, bring out extra plates for our guests." Grandpa said while I greeted Emily and her two girl's.

They all sat down quietly, I was anxious to see what Nicolas sent me but had to wait.

Dinner went smoothly, after we?were finished. We sat in the living together, drinking coffee and tea. "Excuse me please, grandpa, where is the package Nicolas sent me?" I asked while getting up.

He sighed deeply before saying, "It's in your room sweetheart."

I ran out and up the stairs, heading to the second floor. I opened the door to my room before closing the door behind me, looking for the package, I found it placed?on the bed. I hurried up and opening it before anyone came in, there was a note inside the that said read me first.

"I'm so sorry!" ~Nicolas

My heart broke into pieces, was he breaking up with me? Placing the note down, I opened the box. A USB drive was in it along with a folder, what kind of gift was this?

I got up and grabbed my computer, inserted the USB into the laptop. I didn't look through the folder, I click the file and Nicolas face appeared. Gasping out loud, I held my hand over my mouth. He?was beaten?up badly, what was going on?

The video focused even clearly, showing Nicolas and a man who looked like...Omg..."dad?"

What the hell was this?

A man walked in front of them and kneeled down in front of the camera, it was Santos.

"I know you'll probably hate me after this Sam, but you got to know the truth. The man who you though was in love with you, lied. He planned this whole thing with your father, to get you to fall in love with him so he can take what your mother protect him

Lucan will come and kill me for killing his brother. Are you sure she's in love with you?" Banks asked as I just continued to watch the truth about me unravel before my eye's.

"What makes you sure the twins are your's?" Nicolas scoffed.

"I know their mine." Banks said as someone walked into the dark room.

Santos faced them before facing the camera, "I'm so sorry Sam, but you had to see and hear for yourself. It's up to you to tell us what you want us to do with both men." He said while both Nicolas and Banks stared at where Santos was staring at.

I went to close the computer but another video popped up, this time it was Nicolas. In the same room he was, but he was facing the hidden camera. "You've probably heard everything by now", he sighed while shaking his head. "Just know, maybe in the beginning I was acting but I swear to anything you believe in that I fell hard for you. I'm not lying when I say?that?I love you cause I really do. I fucked up big time Sam, please forgive me, please."

The video stopped and in walks in?Bethenny, my body was shaking as she stood by the door. Her eyes filled with tears and sadness, "I'm so sorry Sam, I'm sorry!"

She ran towards me and held me in her arm's as tears dripped down my cheeks.

Numb, is all I felt. Didn't know what if it was a feeling to call, but I was empty. Literally I feel nothing, nothing at all!

My throat clogged up, I needed air. Pushing?Bethenny?away, I stood up. Paced the floor back and forth, until my knees gave in. Falling to the ground while holding out my hand for her to help me. Her eyes widen in fear, she was panicking. Her voice, I couldn't hear it. All I was hearing was a loud ringing sound in my head and ears, grandpa rushed in. Abby, Amanda, everyone was in the room in no time. I could see their lips moving but I couldn't hear, their faces started to fade away before I passed out.


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