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   Chapter 31 Confession part 1

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"Come on baby girl, wake up. Let's go get married." I whispered as Sam fluttered her eyes open.

"The sun isn't even up silly, what time is it?" She smiled beautifully while snuggling close to me.

"Let's go have?breakfast somewhere, walk around then be the first one at the city hall. I've already got your clothes ready for you, I don't want?to be?questioned by your grandfather."

She got up while stretching, "OK, let me get ready than."

She got up and went to the bathroom, I already had all the identification we needed. All I had to do was walk out of here before anyone wakes up.


Dressed and out the door, we walked out the gates to where the cab was waiting for us. The men at the gates eyed me suspiciously but let us through anyway. The cab driver took off as I looked behind me to see if I?was being followed. Which thankfully we weren't, "Anywhere that severe breakfast please but it has?to be?close to city hall." I said to the drive who made a right turn into the highway.

Twenty minutes into the drive, we reached a Diner that was open. Paying the cab driver, we exited the cab. "I want waffles", Sam declared while entering.

We sat down in a booth on the far corner of the diner, the waitress made her way over quickly to take our order's.

"Waffles and coffee please."?I said while she nodded head, then left.

I stared at Sam who was smiling at me, "Were actually gonna get married, I can't believe it Nicolas."

"Me neither, I though you had doubts about me but now I know you truly love me, just as I love you."

My phone rung, I looked down to see who was calling me. "Your up early Alex, what's up man?" I said but it wasn't Alex but Bank's who was calling.

"I'm in Chicago, can you come and meet me now? I have something important to tell you and it can't wait. I'm at the Van hotel, how long will it take for you to come? It's urgent and can't wait." He said in a panic tone.

"Um, give me ten minutes. I'll see if I can transfer some money over to you, problem man. I'll find a bank that's close by and get you the money you want.....of course man, you know I have your back." I said while ending the call.

"What's wrong?" Sam asked while I stood up.

"Stay here baby, I?won't be?long. Give me twenty minutes tops, I'll see if I can go find a bank that will?open?this early for me." I stated while handing her some money. "Pay for the me

ding up to the front desk I asked. "Can you let Michael Bank's know that Nicolas Stone is here please."

She checked the computer and frowned, "I'm sorry sir, but there is no one here under that name. Maybe you have the wrong hotel?"

I pulled out my phone and called Bank's. The phone rung, "Hello?" A voice I knew well answered.

"Nicolas, so nice of you to call man." Santos said. "What, you don't sound to excited to hear my voice man. Wasn't expecting me to answer huh?" He said while chuckling. "Maybe you should go back and get Sam before your plan backfires." He stated before ending the call.

I ran out the hotel, only to have?three-man?approach me. "Nicolas Stone, your coming with us."



I called?over and over?but Nicolas wasn't answering me. He probably thinks I bailed out on him, ugh, answer me Nicolas.

It was almost eleven in the morning, the phone rung until he finally picked up. "Omg?Nicolas, I'm so sorry baby. I swear I didn't bail out on you, it's just that Abby is sick and I came back quickly to see her. Where are you? I've been calling?but you haven't been answering, are you mad at me?"

"No beautiful, I'm not! Your grandpa already explain to me while I was at the bank. I love you Sam, I really do. My flight leaves in thirty minutes, I have a problem back at the company. I have to go now, I'll come back and see you soon. I know you didn't bail out on me", he sighed painfully. "I love you Sam, I'm so fucking sorry everything." He said before ending the call.

What the hell does he mean?

I called back again, only?to be?greeted by nothing.

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