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   Chapter 30 The devils play

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"This is going to be harder than I thought it would be." He said.

"You'll be fine, you're going to be my right hand man and have the power you always dreamed of. You can't back away now, we're almost at the finish line." I whispered quietly.

I was in the lobby, waiting for the elevator door to open so I can visit my dear Bethenny.

"I want half of what you'll get Bank's." He spoke in a hushed tone.

"Your already have money, you just want power. Let's not forget, if it was your plan. I just helped you, guided you. Asked you to make her fall in love with you. I don't care how you do it Nicolas, just make her feel that she can't live without you."



"I only love you Nicolas."

"Your so sweet and caring"

"Fine, I'll marry you silly"

"Are you listening to me Nicolas, you can't back down now. It's far to late for you, if I go down, I'm taking down with me. Let's not forget we planned this together, weren't you the one who called me and told me that my daughter ruined your car?"


"I want to thank you for telling me, if it wasn't for you. I wouldn't have ever known she was under my nose the entire time."


"Weren't you the one who made this offer to me, let me rephrase your words. I'm looking for a wife Mr. Bank's, how about we work together. I marry your daughter and you get what you want but I want half. I'll make her an offer she can't refuse, she has to accept my offer, we'll play it nice and slow. Isn't that what you said Nicolas?"


"I asked you why are you helping me, your response was. I want power, I want to be like every other man I work for."

I did, I wanted power so bad but got my heart caught in this. I wasn't suppose to be in love, it was fake.

"Are you having cold feet Nicolas? You think Don Carlos will let you live after he finds out that you were working with me the whole time?"

"No, the plan is still on. I'll call you tomorrow, goodnight."

I ended the call, walking over to Sams sleeping form.

"Once upon a time there was a girl named Samantha who ran into a masked devil named Nicolas. This devil made a deal with this pretty girl he wanted to only fuck & ruin, then walk away, but Samanth

and face the fact she will never forgive me or, prove to her that he is working with her father."

"How will you do that, Nicolas probably has a plan of his own to fuck over Bank's. We're sitting ducks waiting to be shot at sir."

"I've called Banks to come meet with me here. Maybe if I turn them against each other-"

"Sir with all due respect, they've been on this plan since Nicolas meet her. I don't think it will be easy for you to turn them against each other. May I state my idea on how to expose them?"

"What do you have planned Santos?" I questioned curiously.

"I'll get Nicolas to confess, record it. Then we'll let Samantha decide for herself, yes she will be heartbroken but at least you won't be the one who breaks her heart."

"Very well, I think he's leaving tomorrow afternoon. Maybe you can get his confession by the end of this week, just do it before the court hearing."

"Yes sir, you'll have what you want in no time, but I must warn you that I have my own ways in letting him speak. Is that alright with you sir?"

"All long as he confess, then by all means, do as you please my boy. I'm relying on you to help me keep my girls safe, I couldn't save their mother but I'll be damned if I let them hurt my butterflies."

"OK then, take care and don't let him be alone with Samantha. He might just do something to make this shit even worse than it already is."

"Very well, goodbye for now." I said while ending the call.


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