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   Chapter 29 Lets get married

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"I think I know what I want, and that's you Sam. Now let's hurry up and get married so I can dance in you." Nicolas said as I laid in his arm's.

It was eleven at night, after dinner we chatted a bit with grandpa who was asking Nicolas all sort of questions. How his family started their company and when did he took over? Nicolas answered with all confidence, I've never seen two men so full of themselves as I did tonight. Grandpa was trying to get to know Nicolas much?more than?I ever did.

The conversation between them went on and on until grandpa discussed about Bank's, my so-called father. I seriously hated when anyone brought him up, after what I've been through he just simply wants to comes and tries to take the twins from me which I won't let him do ever.

"We must discuss about him my butterfly, I can't have you go back to New York with your?fiance?knowing he is waiting to hurt you and the twins. That is something I won't ever let happen no matter what, so I've?come to a decision?that you girls stay with me until I sort out this matter." Grandpa said while Nicolas gripped my hand.

"I think I've done a good job in caring for the girls Don Carlos, all I ask is you have faith in me. I promise nothing or no one will harm them." Nicolas stated while pulling my hand up to his lips.

I am in love with him so freaking much...

"Yea grandpa, Nicolas has been our bodyguard even before that man knew we we're his daughters."

Grandpa just stared at me, then back at Nicolas. "I'm sure he did, I just want you to stay with me. Nicolas can come and go as he please, but you girls?won't be?going back until I contact Banks myself and see what he truly wants."

"May I ask how or what you'll tell Bank's?" Nicolas asked politely.

Grandpa was a very grumpy man, so harsh with words but only towards Nicolas. "That's for me to know and for you to find out. I've never had someone question me about what I will do, only you have. I'm

you think I didn't notice that? I'm not blind Sam, that bitch is ruining us and your letting him." He yelled out as his eyes changed into a scary look I've never seen before.

I got off the bed real quick, this wasn't Nicolas. Maybe he was jealous, but he had nothing to fear, I didn't love Albert, I loved him. Why would he think this way?

"Honest answer Sam, do you find him attractive? Cause I'll admit he is, why is he always around you? I bet that old man is behind this, he doesn't want me?to be?with you. Can't you see he's controlling you Sam? I can't understand why he doesn't trust me, why? Am I not good enough for him? Talk to me Sam, stop acting like you didn't do anything wrong. Do you two flirt with each other? I knew you had doubts about me, if you didn't then you would come down to the city hall tomorrow morning with me and fucking marry me."

"Fine" I trailed off. "I'll go with you in the morning, just to prove to you that I love you and have no doubts about it. Let's get married you jealous prick."

He stared at me as if he couldn't believe I had just agreed to his silly idea. He crossed the bed quickly before embracing me between his arm's, "You mean it? You'll marry me?"

Tracing his facial features, I nodded my head. "Yes Nicolas, I'll marry you because I only love you."

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