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   Chapter 28 What am I doing

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The twins were out in the back with grandpa's men, Russell and José. The two men were very scary but very sweet with the twins. Nicolas and grandpa were out somewhere, they didn't tell me where they were going but I was happy grandpa was getting to know Nicolas first hand.

Poor Nicolas?is scared?of him but I assured him that he had nothing to fear. Last night Nicolas tried to make love to me but I still wants ready, even if I wanted him so badly. Here wasn't where I imagined our first?love-making?to be.

I wanted our first night?to be?far away from anyone, so they won't hear me. I wanted it?to be?remembered forever, and here wasn't the place I wanted it?to be.

After having breakfast, grandpa said that they'll be gone all day and maybe come back during dinner time which was far away from now. I couldn't help in the house, apparently I was not to touch anything. All my needs?were catered?to me on a sliver?platter, I wasn't complaining but I?was bored.

Sitting in the sun room where I watched the twins jump on the trampoline like crazy bought a smile to my face. They were happy, Nicolas had brought that smile on our faces but this smile they?had was?different.

It felt as if we were finally home and at peace, I've got to see where mother slept. Her taste was so elegant, everything in the room was priceless.

Grandpa gave her everything her heart ever desired, which made me think why did she leave it all.

Then I remembered that it was love, she fell for dad deeply and grandpa didn't approve of it. Maybe her life?was meant?to be?the way it was, maybe all this happened for a reason.

But why not come back here and live with grandpa after she left father? That question I can't seem to answer, I still needed to know more about her, But all will come at the right time.

"May I join you?" His deep voice said.

I didn't need to turn around to see who it was, that voice was always on my mind. I felt weird thinking about him when I?should be?think about the man I love, Nicolas.

"Sure!" I said but he was already seated next to me. His scent was different, but not as good as Nicolas scent. Why was I even comparing him with

and his family. Nicolas knows him too, guess it's a?small world?after all. Everyone knows one another, his wife is so beautiful. Omg?and his daughter's are breathtaking."

"Has anyone told you that you talk a lot?" He stated while chuckling.

"Fine, I won't talk." Huffing out while walking ahead of him.

"It's really cute."

"What's really cute?" I asked a bit irradiated. I don't open up and talk with anyone, Nicolas made me feel more confident about myself. I was a quiet mouse that didn't even know how to squeal, and here I was being more talkative and I get this remark?

"When you talk without thinking, it's really cute."


"So, will come with me?" He asked while catching up with my pace.

He thought I was cute?

"Go where with you?" I questioned stupidly.

"Pizza, go get pizza. That's if you like?"

Why was he so hot? And why the hell was I thinking that? "Rain check scary, thanks for the offer. See you around." Turning around to walk the opposite way he was going, even if I get lost.

All I knew now that I had to keep away from him, what the hell has gotten into Sam.



"She feels awkward around me, maybe this isn't a good idea." I typed into my phone and pressed send.

Waiting for a responses that came quickly, "Just do what I said, understood or I will have your head."

I placed the phone back in my pocket and walked after her. Sorry, Boss order's?Sàmanthà. That ass is mine!

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