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   Chapter 27 Dark and handsome

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This is a conversation between banks and him...


"We had a deal, we will bring them down. So play your part well before they find out about you." I hissed through the phone.

"Calm down, no one will suspect a thing. We've planned this well, let's hope my cover doesn't blow up and we both get nothing from this." He said.

"That's where you start your work, we've come this far, don't screw up."

"I've got this, just let me do my job and you do yours. But I got to say, she's hot your daughter. Mind if I sleep with her?" He asked shameless.

If he only knew the truth, "If you could get her to sleep with you than why not. You'll make it even easier for us to get what we want."

"You fucker, you really don't care about nothing but the money and being a fucking Dom huh?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Do your job and you'll get half of what I own, we cooked this together, might as well eat it together."

"I have to go, I'll call you if there's anything new. Don Carlos is a hefty man, how rich is he?"

He was asking to many questions, "Just do your job and watch out. That man can look through one instantly."

"But for real, can I fuck her or is she ?off-limits?"

"You can do whatever you like, just make her fall in love with you madly that she can't think of anyone but you."

"Thanks for the green light, bye." He said before hanging up the line.



We've been here for two days now, papa Carlos was sweeter than honey. Spoiling the twins with whatever they wanted, just like Nicolas. Speaking of Nicolas, he was mad at me. I didn't know why, he acted very possessive when mystery man?who's name?was Albert.

Yeah he was hot and sexy, but I only had eyes for Nicolas. For him to think otherwise was just plain stupid, walking into the spacious kitchen. I saw Albert standing there with one of the maid's.

We?haven't spoken?to each other, just a hello while walking by. "Is there anything I can help you with Samantha." The head maid Serai asked while approaching me.

"I would like a cup of coffee on this gloomy day, does it always rain here like this?" I questioned while sitting on the high stool chair.

"More than you can imagine, I hope it doesn't make want to leave." His deep voice said as he took a seat

than I won't change it. I'll embrace it even more, I worked with men like Don Carlos. But not as powerful as him, I never meet?Frederic?even though I worked with Santos.

This was my first time coming face to face with a mob leader, "So you know Santos?" He questioned.

"Yes sir, I met him through a friend. Alexander?Sego, he is the one who introduced us to each other."

"Ah, Sego! I know them, very close friends we are. So you haven't met the Dom, Frederic?Demchk?have you?" He asked with a hint of judgment.

"No sir, I just met Santos not long ago. Maybe two years?I've known?him, we just started to work with each other on a deal were still negotiating on. He doesn't trust easily, but I'm sure he'll sign the deal soon."

"Very well, how long are you going to stay here for?"

I frowned, "until Samantha wish for, I can't leave her here. I'm in love with her and can't seem to live without her sir."

The door opened and in came in Albert, I don't know why but I felt he was going to ruin things between Sam and I. "Sorry to intruder without notice sir, I have the file you asked for."

"Place it on my desk and leave my boy, I'll call you when needed." Don Carlos said.

I stood up to leave, only to have Don Carlos bark out loudly. "SIT DOWN!"

The door shut as he left, I took my seat once more, facing the anger man who eyed me suspiciously.

"Sorry, I'm use to people excusing themselves before leaving."

"No worries sir, I apologize!"

This was going?to be?harder than I thought.

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