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   Chapter 26 Papa Carlos Part 2

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The?two-hour?long flight was over so fast, I could wait to see him. What did he look like? He probably looked like mom or maybe mom looked like her mother. I was anxious to meet him, so we're the twins. They tried to Face time him but he refused, he wanted to see us face to face.

The was already on the floor, Abby yelled out my name to come see what she was seeing through the small airplane window. Placing my jacket on, I went over to her side.

"What the heck Sam, who are all these people. So many of them and they all look kinda cute, dressed hot too." Amanda stated while Abby giggled.

"Maybe papa Carlos is important, look at those car's. They look?hella?expensive, omg?look, they're holding flowers, you think it's for us?"

I seriously didn't know what was going on, "Sam..look at that old man. You think that's him?" Abby whispered while staring out the window.

I couldn't stop looking at him, "Come on girls, they're waiting for us." Nicolas yelled out.

The twins froze in their spots, so did I. He was really old, holding a cane as he stood there. A man besides him was holding the umbrella above him, shielding the rain that poured heavily.

"It could be him or it could be someone else, we have to get out and know for ourselves. I can see?you're a?bit afraid, but it's OK?to be?so. I'm here with you, alway and forever. It's good to know that we have someone from mom's side still alive. I don't know about you two, but I want to go out and hug him, that's if he's papa Carlos. You two are never to old to hold on to me if you need too, let's do this together. Ok?"

Both girls nodded their heads and stood up, Abby was the first to walk ahead of me. I felt a tug on my hand, soft skin connected into my palm, holding it really tight. "I'm not like Abby, I still want a hand to hold." Amanda declared.

"I'm here, don't worry."


n to the floor. Only to have his eyes lock into mine again, mystery man was handsome. Very handsome, I felt Nicolas arm grip my waist.

But I was truly lost in mystery man, "I don't like how he's looking at you. Aren't you going to say hi?" Nicolas said a bit bitterly.

"Were so greedy that we forget about Sam. Come here and say hi to grandpa." Abby said as she moved away from his embrace but Amanda didn't move one bit.

Slowly I walked up to him, no words could be spoken. Everything?was said?with just a look, "You my dear are the split image of your mother, I-"

I didn't let him finish what he wanted to say, my arms reached around his neck as I placed my head on his shoulder. His warmth is what I needed, I needed?to be?close to mom as I could and he was the one who could give me that.

"She's really sorry, so so sorry. She loves you and asked for you to forgive her. Please forgive her, please." I asked while letting my tears fall on his shoulder.

I was facing the mystery?man who?had a look of pure adoration in his eyes. At a time like this, why was my mind on this man?



Samantha was crying her heart out, but that?was expected. What wasn't expected was the look from the man she was facing this moment.

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