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   Chapter 25 Papa Carlos

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"You haven't forgotten about her, have you?" Albert said.

He sat in front of me as I stared at my princess pictures.

"How could I forget my only daughter ?Albert, she was my life. Gone, without a single goodbye because of a man who fooled her. The day will come when you have your own children, you'll understand what it feels like to love. She was my angel, who that man I will kill, took from me." I replied while holding her picture close to my heart.

"Santos called, he asked if you will go to them, or have them come to you?"

I glanced down at my angel pictures that?were scattered?all over my office desk, I couldn't believe she had three daughters of her own, but I also couldn't believe that she was gone. I didn't get?to day?goodbye, she must have hated me that much to never let me know of her whereabouts.

My heart?was filled?with pain and happiness, pain that I will never see?my own daughter?but happiness I gained three more. Do they even know about me? I doubt it, we left thing on bad terms. She hated me that I didn't accept the man she loved, how could I when I knew his true color's.

"I am old, don't you think Albert, I would love if they came here. I want them to see where their mother grew up, I want to know them personally. Hold them in my arm's, and cry out my pain. Would they accept me? I don't know what to do my boy, all this is bringing sad sorrows that I held in for far to long."

"Santos said that the oldest?is engaged?to a millionaire named Nicolas Stone. He is a good man and says that you will love him. Do you want to know their names Don Carlos?" Albert asked while placing a hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sure she named them beautifully, just like her."

"Well, just to let you know more about them. Here is what I know so far, Samantha is the oldest. She is around twenty-five, the twins"

"She had twins?" I questioned him.

He c

Sir, Bank's wants to meet Samantha alone and she wants to face him."

"Don't let her near him, I'll deal with Bank's myself, just bring the girls safely and leave the rest to me."

"Very well sir, is there anything else you want to say?" He questioned while I went into deep thought.

"I would like to speak with Samantha if that's OK?"

"Sure, let me hand her the phone", a loud deep sigh blew through the phone. "I'm...sorry..I..."

"Don't cry my love, you are breaking my heart my dear. Please don't go to your father, he took your mother away from me, I don't want him to take you as well."

"Why we're you never?here, why? I have so many questions without any answers. Why papa Carlos, why?" She asked while crying even harder.

"I will answers all your questions my dear, just come, please." I begged.

"Do you look like her? Omg, I can't take this anymore....I..." She said.

I exhaled deeply as my heart started to beat quickly, "Your causing my heart to ache dear...I.."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I won't cry, are you ok?" She questioned curiously with so much concern.

"I'm fine my dear, I'm fine." But like felt I wasn't.

"See you tomorrow Papa Carlos."

I smiled while looking down at her mother's picture, "See you tomorrow my angel."

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