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   Chapter 24 Unfolding the truth part 2

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"What did you find out Santos?" I asked impatiently before I sat down.

I flicked through the folder he gave me, "Calm down Nicolas." Santos said while pulling the folder away from my hand's.

He sighed loudly while rubbing the back of his neck, "Bank's is in deep shit man. He was apart of Varrao's?clang, way back when he?was married?to Samantha mother. The man was in debt to?Varrao?with a lump some of 3 million buck's, she found out and gave him the money but he wanted more. He somewhat forged her signature on a couple of paper work, and took everything she owned. His mistress, get his. She was one of?Varrao's?bitches, he wasn't intending on keeping her but she got pregnant and he didn't know what to do. So the mistress went to Samantha mother and told her the truth, that she was expecting from him and that she should leave or she'll have someone come after her, kill her and her daughter. All while this is happening, Banks was in italy. Samantha's mom gets up and leaves him but somehow froze all her money. I don't know how or who helped her, but Samantha is sitting on a net worth of half a billion dollars. Your?fiancé, is richer than you and me?combined together. Now he went searching for his wife but she had help. Who, that I couldn't figure out. Whoever helped her change her name, hide from banks all these year's, was a fucking pro man. I mean, not a fucking trace leading to who help her. After?Varrao's death you think Bank's would be free, but no my friend. Whoever is running the?Varrao's?estate?right now?is behind all this, but the funny and strange thing is. The?Varrao?estate?has been shutdown since?Frederic?took him out, I told him to go and clai

uriously while looking at him.

He chuckled, than laughed loudly.

"Do you even know her name man, Samantha's mother? What's her name?" Santos asked while resting his arm's on his knees.

"She told me her name was Tressa? Michael Bank's." I said while looking at him.

"Yea, that's her name after she married Bank's. Her full name is?Tressa?Carlos?Damio, Don Carlos daughter. He's a good friend of ours, he's been searching for his daughter and granddaughter just like Bank's have. Now whoever help her, knew she was Don Carlos daughter, but who? We'll find out sooner or later." He said while standing up.

"So?you're telling?me, Samantha's father is a wanna be mob leader, her grandfather is Chicago's biggest drug lord in history? So I chose who I thought was a random?girl, who?happened to hit my car, asked her?to be?my pretend wife, then fell in love with her, just to find out she's belongs to a mafia family?"?I asked him while he chuckled.

Santos smiled some more, leaned down and hugged me, "I always wanted you to join the Mafia Nicolas. Now your?destin?to be?one, welcome to the club." He stated happily.

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