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   Chapter 23 Unfolding the truth

Just Pretend By MarillaGarden Characters: 9916

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A week as passed and no sign of Bank's, but we have had a letter for a court hearing yesterday. Sam?is devastated, locking herself and the twins in the penthouse. She was afraid that he might take the twins away from her, there were minors and he was their father.

This whole situation was taking a toll on us, I didn't know what I could do for her, but I had a couple of my friends dig up Bank's past with Sams mother. Why did she leave him? What was the real reason she left and changed her identity? There had?to be?a reason behind it all, something was missing and I needed to find out.

I wanted Sam to tell me but was afraid she didn't want me to know or simply her mother never told her the truth. It?can't bethat he just cheated on her, could it?

No, there had?to be?something else. I was sure of it, but what it was, was soon to come out. I only had Santos to ask, maybe he knew about Bank's. Or maybe I was just over thinking, waiting impatiently was hard for me.

I had to do something, getting up. I walked over to where Sam was, knocking on the twins bedroom door I heard a soft sad voice that broke my heart?every time?I heard it.

"Come in Nicolas, you don't need to knock you know." Sam said.

I unlocked the door and entered the room, the twins we're on their phone as Sam sat at the edge of Amanda's bed. "You girls are always in your room, how about we go out and have dinner somewhere nice."

"I don't want to go anywhere Nicolas, please. There's so much press downstairs, everyone knows that I'm Michael Bank's lost daughter. I don't want to answer anyone, so no." Sam said in defeat.

"Your going to have to face them so?or?later baby, let's show them that none of this bullshit is effecting us. You can't lock yourself until the court hearing, didn't you see what he did? He made a clear statement that you girls are his daughter's, he even made it look like it was your mother's fault for taking you without him knowing. I don't know why your mother did what she did, but I'm sure it was for a good reason." I stated while walking towards her.

"I think Nicolas is right Sam, we can't lock ourselves in here. I'm?tired, I want to go out. The sooner we show our faces the better it is for us to adapt to all the drama. We have to show him that we're not afraid of him, now?go get dressed, we're going out and we'll freaking enjoy ourselves too." Abby said while standing up.

"I know I don't talk a lot, but I know mom did what she did for a reason. We might not know now why, but we'll find out soon. He can't take us away from you Sam, we don't want him. We don't even know him, he can't just come and takes us, can he?" Amanda whispered lowly.

"No, he wont! I'll make sure he wont, he can't do anything about it. I'll talk to him and see what he really wants, maybe I can understand why he's doing all this. Bank's is a very clever man, he wants something, but what? I don't know, you remember that guy you saw

Santos said while cradling the little girl.

"I apologize, these are my daughter's. Amalie and Yasmin, as you can see their a handful. Come and say hi to our guest girl's." Emily said while the older one walked up to me.

"Hi, and welcome to our home."

"Thank you for having me, how old are you?" I asked while shaking her hand.

"I'm ten, but I'll be?eleven?soon."

"Then you should know better than to scare your little sister like that. You?should be?protecting her, that's what big sister's do." I said which caused her to look up at her father.

"But that's what papa is for, he protects us from everything and everyone." She stated while walking over to her dad's side.

"Your right, that's what he's for. Your very smart girl you know."

"Thank you, come on Yasmin. I'm sorry, there's no monster's under your bed. Even if there were, papa would get his gun and shoot them." The girl said as she held?her sister's hand.

I laughed while staring at the girls walking up the stairway, a young woman stood at the top, looking down at us. She also had long blonde hair and was truly mesmerizing, "Come and have dinner with us ?èsabllea." Emily stated but the beauty just shook her head and left.

"I'm sorry, she's our guest. Please come in, let's sit down and talk." Emily muttered while pulling my hand.

"You two get to know each other, I want a word with Nicolas. Call us when dinner is ready doll face."

Santos said as he entered a room in the far corner with Nicolas. The twins followed us behind closes while having a closer look at the breathtaking decor of the house.

"Everything is so beautiful, did you pick out all this?" I questioned in awe.

She pulled my hand down, I sat besides her. The smile on her face was heartwarming, sweet and honest.

"This is meanie's?taste, I had no hand in anything. If it was up to me I'll live on a farm near my Pa and Ma, now enough about me. Tell me more about yourself, how did you meet Nicolas?

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