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   Chapter 22 Deal or no deal

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"Never knew your girlfriend works here's, does she knows you work for dangerous men. Wasn't that Santos walking out? Your still in touch with everyone I?see-"

"Cut to the chase Bank's and leave my girl out of this. Now tell me why your here and what's behind this unexpected visit of yours." I cut him off and asked annoyed at the fact he's here.

"I just wanted to see if the deal is still on, I came to ask how much I have to?pay-"

"Say no more Bank's, I'm sorry to say that I?won't be?working with you. It's come to my attention that you don't have the money to go into this deal, I can't hand over a two million dollar to a?man who?doest have?two?cents in his pocket. The deal is off, maybe if you let your friends, the Russians to let you on?their?deal. I'm sure they won't say no." I stated while flipping the paperwork that?was placed?in front of me.

Fuck if I was going to work with this asshole after what he did to my baby. Nope, the deal was off and I didn't fucking care. "I'll write a full refund ?check of your money Bank's, I have to?ensure?the safety of my clients and you have too many eye's on you at the moment."

"Why is it that your calling the deal off Stone's? I have money, I just need the support that's all. Did someone else offer you a higher price? I'll double the?amou-"

"Mr. Bank's, please do understand. I don't want to work with you, personal reasons that I wish for you to not know. Now if you'll excuse me, I two more meeting's ahead of me. You know the way out, it was nice seeing you Bank's."

"I know she's my daughter Nicolas." Bank's said, causing me to snap my head towards him.

I didn't know what to say or do, how the fuck did he know?

"She my daughter, how can I not recognize?my own flesh? She has her mother's eye's, but she doesn't have my name. Where did you find her? Is this the reason you called off the deal? You think you can keep me away from my daughter I've been searching

his means war Nicolas, be ready." He hissed out as the door closed.

I ran back to the office where Sam?was being questioned?by the two officer's. "Quit it guy's, she needs?air." I stated while moving Gerrard and Philo out the way.

"Your lucky we answered the call Nicolas, what happened?" Philo asked.

"You know them?" Sam questioned curiously. Smiling at her, I nodded my head.

"These two policemen are just men who work for me, that girl who said 911 what's your emergency, was just a recording. I had to get him out, I'm sorry baby." I whispered while both men exited out the room.

Tears made?their way?down her red puffy cheeks, "How did he know?" She cried out while saying.

"Doesn't matter, he won't come here anymore and you won't see him. I promise."

She wiped her tears away, "The twins Nicolas, I want them here with me now."

"Ok, let's go get them. Are they at school or with?Bethenny?" I asked while grabbing my keys.

"Wait, what about your meetings?"

"Don't worry about them, Let's go get the twins. We can sit down and talk about what's going to happen, I don't think he's going to leave you alone. He might try to take the twins from you Sam, we have to see what he want's before thing get out of hand." I said.

A look of fear was all I got from her.


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