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   Chapter 21 Mr & Mrs. Horny

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Bruce and Alice spent the night at our penthouse, Bruce was beyond drunk while Alice was too exhausted to go home. I made her sleep in my room while Bruce slept on the sofa, the twins we're sleeping over Alexander's place. Bethenny?called and said she's keeping them, so I didn't mind.

What I minded was the?man who?was laying on the bed, waiting for me to come out. I opened the door which caused him to look my way, "Let's finish what we started baby." He hummed seductively.

His body?was define?in ever place, carved into the most sexiest man I've ever seen in my life. My heart melted as I feast my eye's on his topless chest, shoulder wide, arm's flexed, abs yelled out touch me and a V line that made my mouth water.


Lord have mercy, "How bout we sleep Nicolas, I'm tired and sleepy after tonight's event." I stated while yawning.

"Not so fast babe, you think you can just touch me like that and get away with it?" He asked while taking slow steps towards me.

No, but I can try.

I held my place and waiting for him to make a move, only a couple more inches and he was near me, and with one move. He grabbed my hand, turning me around, then pulling me back against his wide away friend.

Fuck, this wasn't good. We'll, it was but, you know what I mean.

"Let's play husband and wife Sam, you know, so we can get better at it." He whispered while biting my earlobe.

Goosebumps.....everywhere on my body appeared. "When's the last time you had sex baby?" He asked while his hand reached under my shirt.

Slow, gentle strokes his hand caressed my body. I would be lying if I said I didn't like it, I freaking did. "Do I have to answer?" I asked while pushing myself back against him.

A deep groan escaped from his throat, so sexy and raw that I had to control myself. "Playing with fire is very bad Nicolas, and I don't want to get burned."

"Oh, you don't huh! Then why are you rubbing yourself against me baby?"

I pulled away and faced him, smiling innocently. "Cause that's what you want sexy." I stated the truth while getting in bed.

"Oh?no?you?don't!" He said while grabbing my leg. In one effortless move, he flipped me on my back. Pulling me down towards him, "Why are you so freaking adorable?"

I giggled out while he attacked me with his fingers, tickling the hell out of me. "If's not...Omg stop...can't breath.."

"So freaking cute when you laugh, now I want to hear you moan." His deep voice uttered, causing my body to shiver in lust.

Why was he so sexy? Everything about him was amazing, his body, face, hair, eye's. Everything! Especially his heart, sigh, Lord help me.

"You should go see if your uncle is ok, he drunk?too


"Mr. Lexmark?speaking."

"Hi, I'm calling from Stone's Inc. I was wondering if you'll still make it for the meeting you have at noon with Mr. Stone's?"

"Ah, yes! I'll be there, is it possible for me to talk with Nicolas?" He asked, Nicolas was coming out of the meeting but still was speaking with the tall dark men that looked mysterious.

"I'll have him call you back in five minutes sir, is that ok?" I questioned him.

"Yes, that will be fine. Thank you!" He stated then ended the call.

I stared back at the man who was in a white button shirt and black slacks very closely. His sleeves?were rolled?up, showing his very decorative arm's that filled with tattoo's.

He caught me staring at him, smiled then wink my way. "Back off Santos, that's my girl, so don't wink at her or I'll tell on you to your wife."

A loud laugh came from the man called Santos, "My doll face is all I need, I'll see you next month man." He said while heading towards the elevator doors along with the men.

Nicolas waited until the doors locked and walked back to where I was, "did you call the other two baby?" He asked while holding a folder in his hand's.

"Yea, one didn't answer. Sorry, I don't have a name for him but the other, um Mr. Lexmark?asked that you call him." He smiled while nodding his head.

"Ok, I'll call them both! Order some food for us, I'm starving!"

I shook my head and Google the nearest coney island I can find, I stood up to walk in Nicolas office but the elevator door opened. I looked up and dropped my phone, he walked closer and closer. Until he was only inches away from me, "Samantha, right?" He asked while holding out his hand.

"Hey baby, can you?cal-" Nicolas stopped talking and stared at him, than at me.

"Mr. Bank's, what a surprise to see you here without notice."

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