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   Chapter 20 Dinner for four..part 2

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Throbbing, that's all I felt in my pants as we sat down on the dinning room table. Sam was trying to calm Alice down, but Alice just threw anything she had in her way towards Bruce.

God I want you so bad Sam!

"Alice please stop throwing the sliver ware at Bruce. You might actually kill him, why don't we talk about what happened." Sam said calmly.

"Talk? You want me to tell you how this?bastered?dragged me into his office after you left. How he tried to grab my butt and force against the wall. Or how I kicked him in his family's jewels? How he followed me to my apartment, laying all my information on the table for me to see. How he laughed at my life being boring and dull, how he will make me the Cinderella of the ball only if I agree to his terms." Alice shouted out while getting up from her chair.

She paced the floors, "He forced me to marry him, he blackmailed me. He knew my family's home was up for foreclosure, how he automatically bought it for triple what's it worth. He said that he'll throw them out on the streets, I'm trying my best to support them and he's comes and?fuck?it up. Not only that, he knows my grandmother owns a florist shop that's she's been working at since I can remember. He bought the entire building and?raised?the rent so she?won't be?able to make her payments. I had too, I had to agree, but God as my witness I will kill you Bruce of you lay a finger on my family. YOU FUCKING HEAR ME?" She shouted loudly which caused Sam to get up.

"Calm down, I told you I won't do anything to hurt them. All you have to do is visit my mother this weekend and we'll be divorced by next week. You really don't listen huh?" Bruce said while eating away carelessly.

"You sick asshole, I can't believe I'm married to you." Alice said in disbelief.

"Don't falter yourself, I wouldn't be caught dead with you as my wife. Three days, then your free. I'm paying you as well, don't forget that part." Bruce stated.

"I don't want your freaking money, this isn't how I planned to get married, and to you of all men. Forced, I've never been forced in my life. This man forced me to do something against?my own will, I know what I'll do. I'll go to gossip ten and tell them about this marriage. I tell everyone, I'll even sue you. Yup, I'm doing that." Alice said which caused Bruce to stand up.

He marched his way over to her, Sam block

o many harsh words Sam. You wouldn't believe that it was the same?man who?I was with. It's like he?turned?into Satan, all his faith went out the window. I mean, yes he was hurt, but those word's. I felt like I was being judge without a chance to explain myself, I ran out after him. He spat in my face and said he was glad that it was over, that I was going to burn in hell. I don't think I want him even if he begged his way back into my life, "Do not judge, or you too?will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you?will be judged, and with the measure you use, it?will be measured?to you. Matthew 7 1-2." She replied softly.

"I'm taught and?raised?right Sam, I thought he was as well. But I guess no amount of faith can restore a broken heart, but my heart?is shattered?and still, I have faith that this is all is God's will." She whispered while standing up.

I didn't know Alice was this way, but I like it. "You are so mentally strong, confident and astonishing. As of today, we are?bff's?for life." I declared which caused her to smile sweetly.

"You'll be hearing a lot of bible quotes from me, so be?prepared." She giggled. I got up and hugged her, "I don't mind Alice, just be you, don't you dare change a thing about you."

She hugged me tightly, and I returned the hug back.


Authors note...

For my holy Catholic friend and cousin Melissa, you are and will always be my?BFF?forever.

Faith in what you believe is not a shame, open your minds and hearts to one another people. Humanity is the key for a better world.

Bless you all ? ??

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