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   Chapter 19 Dinner for four

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"Push you big booty back like this." Nicolas said while holding me from behind. I laughed loudly as Malden set the table for dinner, "I don't think you play golf like this Nicolas."

He placed his chin on my shoulder as my body was pressed against his, his hands covered mine, "Very slowly lean back." He chuckled.

We we're playing golf in the living room, a mug in the far end was our aim. "Then what Nicolas?"

"I don't think you should move, just stay like this." He whispered against my ear. I pushed him back with my big butt, earning a loud laugh from him. I gently held the golf club and swung, hitting the golf ball that went into the mug easily. "I'm a pro at this game." I stated while facing him.

"Yes you are beautiful, now! Let me teach you some more before Bruce comes with his date."

It was six in the evening, the twins we're with Alex touring the city and his company. He adored the twins, I knew they we're safe with him. Still couldn't believe that Bethenny was living in the same building as we we're. It was fun to have her come up or I go down to her place, she and Alex seem happy. Which caused me to become happier than ever, for once my life was going good.

"Is your uncle like you Nicolas?" I asked curiously while walking into his arm's that were wide open.

He held me closer, while placing his fingers in my hair. "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, is he sweet like you? Caring and nice? Or.."

"Bruce is very outspoken, he's more of a dare-devil. Open and honest with his opinion, doesn't care if he hurts your feelings. I'm not saying that he's evil or anything, but he tends to give this vibe of ruthlessness. Yes, he is nice and caring, but in his own way. Why do you ask?"

I huffed away the hair that was laying on my face, "I don't want him hurting Alice, she's really sweet and kind. I just don't think he's her type, that's all. I'm looking out for her, she's become a close friend, and now she'll probably be family due to your grandmother's actions."

"Let's see if she's going to accept the o

him, he gripped his hand against the back of his neck. Staring at Malden who was cutting up salad, then looked back at me. His hand run along his face, then chest, then lower and lower, until reaching the large bulge that was displayed in his pants.

My eye's lingered a bit longer as his hand rubbed his....

"You want more cream, I'll get you some if you like."

Hot! So fucking hot but nasty at the same time. I knew what he meant, "Don't think you know how I like my coffee yet."

"Two cream, one sugar." He stated while walking over to me. Pulling the chair the was besides me, he sat down and took a sip of my coffee.

Malden walked over to the fridge and pulled out a very unusually large cucumber. The door bell rung, causing her to place the cucumber on the table. "Hurry up, your guest have arrived." She rushed out and Nicolas lunged over grabbing my face.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard Sam." He utterly furiously.

I pushed him away and bend over to grab the cucumber, holding it in front of his face which caused him to frown. I snapped it in half, "Reel me up like that one more time, and I'll make your dick be in so much pain Nicolas."

I threw the cucumber in the trash and placed my hand on his bulge that didn't seem to go down. One glide and a gentle press on the tip, I left him there with his mouth wide open, but not before winking at him.

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