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February 1, 2017...


One month passed by, the best month yet if you ask me. The twins had started the new private school that Nicolas wanted them to go to so bad, at first they hated it, but quickly found friend's. Now they love it and I couldn't be anymore happier for them, our wedding was going to be in April of next year.

A lot has happened, Nicolas asked his dad if it's still possible that he run Stone's Inc, knowing that we won't be married by the end of this year. Our plan, Nicolas and I, was to still be engaged to each other while date and getting to know each other more.

And to be honest, I wasn't happy with getting married to him just like that. On our third date, we actually had an open conversation about this whole thing and why was it necessary for him to be married? Found out that it's a family tradition, that he can't be single after the age thirty and run the company. He needs a family to focus on, a home to come at night to. Nicolas parents we're just looking out for their own boys that worked at the company that's all. I really thought the rule they had was good in a way, they just wanted to secure their personal lives along with the business life as well.

Ramsey gave Nicolas an extra six month's for us to get married, so we had to be married by April of next year or Nicolas will no longer be able to run Stone's Inc.

I thought that Stone's Inc only belonged to Nicolas father, but it turned out that Ramsey and his brother Bruce share the company. Just that Bruce is much younger than Ramsey, like only thirty-eight.

I was told that he was a workaholic just like Nicolas, not married nor has children. Also heard that he's intimidating, and much more sexy than Nicolas which I can't seem to imagine.

Nicolas was hot, to be told that his uncle was even hotter was scary. I've been working with Nicolas as his secretary for three weeks now, just until he finds someone suitable for the job.

A lot of young, hot women have come to applied to work for him, and I mean a lot, but they had to go through inspection, through me. Yes, I'm playing the crazy girlfriend. I'm allowed to, Nicolas is my boyfriend and fiance. Don't act like you wouldn't do the same, now I'm looking for a married woman. In her forties, sweet and kind.

Nicolas was out to get a small lunch for us, while I was chatting with Alice. You guys remember her right? If not, then she was the girl who was sweet to me that day when Elora and her squad laughed about how fat I was.

Anyways, she's a babe. Sweet, kind, funny, with her short black hair and blue eye's that will drown you into heaven. Beauty with a heart, she's twenty-nine and still not married nor has a boyfriend. So freaking skinny and beautiful, I wonder why she's not in a relationship?

I didn't dare to ask her, Lord! I don't like intruding into people's personal lives, that's for them only. If she wanted to let me know then she would, right?

"Alice, why don't you work as Nicolas secretary, please!" I begged her as we made our way to her office.

She worked on Bruce's floor, she's been working here for six years now. "Oh baby, I'm sorry Sam but I love my little deck, hiding in my cubicle behind my big geeky glasses. Besides, being secretary isn't fun." She replied while sitting in her chair.

"Have you seen Bruce? How is he like? Is he hotter than Nicolas?"

I questioned curiously

that he changes woman more times then he changes his clothes.

"You know what, I don't think I want Alice near your uncle Nicolas. He should find someone else besides her, like someone he knows." I whispered while grabbing the taco burrito.

We had already entered Nicolas office, I sat down quickly and grabbed one of the burrito that were in the bag.

He opened the hot sauce and poured all over my burrito, "He needs an appropriate girl like Alice to meet grandma. She's willing to sign her inheritance to Bruce. But he has to be married before this weekend. Grandma and Bruce are playing a game, I'm on grandma side by the way. Bruce has to settle down or he'll be hopping from one woman to the other.

I gasped, "How dare he Nicolas, and how dare you. Alice is not a toy he can play with, why does he need his mother's inheritance anyways?"

He signed deeply while crouching down to face me, "Look at me baby, we might be millionaire's but we aren't going to be if she doesn't gives us her father's land. He doesn't want all she owns, just the land. We have a billion dollar settlement with Var'so company, it's been on hold for two years now. If we don't hand over the land that Bruce sold to them, then we have to pay them back. There's no way that Bruce still has that one billion bucks around. The land is very special to grandma, she agreed to give Bruce everything she owns but only if he's married by this Monday."

"So you Stone's just offer random girls a deal to be married to you? You think that's how it work's? What if Alice doesn't accept his offer, then what? Where will he find a girl in less then 72 hours?" I asked curiously.

"Actually, he had three girls lined up and ready but nana didn't agree to them. I think, maybe, he found someone, and that someone is Alice. We'll have to see tonight what he has planned, make Alice speak. I want to know if she agreed to his proposal which he's offering her right now."

He bit into my burritos, while taking a sip of soda to swallow the food down. "And trust me Sam. She knows, Bruce thinks that he's fooling her. But she is the one who's going to fool him, she'll told him to bring a girl. He going to do so, before she hands in the what he wants. He has to hand her his marriage license."

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