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   Chapter 17 January 1, 2017

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Dear journal...

Can't call you diary, heh. I'm 25 for crying out loud, so I'll call you journal.

This year, I'm going back to my old habits, like, writing down all my emotions. Let's hope and pray that my tears won't fall on your paper sheets. It's 3:45 am right now, just pulled myself away from Nicolas wild make out session. First thing I want to let out is life is going good so far, A few hiccups at the end of 2016 but I managed threw them, Let's start this year as friends, I know I'm here to vent to you and let you know how I feel. So where do I start? Nicolas! He's....perfect, makes me feel good about myself. My heart does this funny thing when I'm around him, I know I said that I won't get my feelings caught in this deal, but it's to late. I want him! Need him actually, he make me feel special. Why did fate had to set us up this way?

A gentle knock was on my door, then a whisper. "Sam, I won't do anything. Just sleep while in my arm's, please."

I have to go journal, he's at the door. Write to you soon, love~ Sam

I got up, walked to the door. Opened it halfway, "You get carried away quickly, baby steps Nicolas and you'll have me in no time."

He pushed me out the room and into his while locking the door after him. I made my way to the bed and sat down while facing him, still in his sweatpants. I admired him, how can someone so sexy like Nicolas want a woman like me? I hated how I felt insecure about my figure, "We're not making a baby tonight?" He pouted playfully, which caused me to laugh.

Making his way over to the bed, he jumps on the bed like a child, pulling me down besides him. "I want to say something, and I want you to hear me out." He stated whil

and stared at me again, "You'll beg me to ram myself in you." He said while landing another kiss on me.

"I'll have you craving me morning, noon and night." He uttered while his hands pulled me up, until I rested in the middle of the bed.

"And if I can't seduce you enough, then I'll tie both of you hands against the bed rails and make love to you over and over and over until you can't take it anymore."

He said that and my panties went wet, a shiver came over my body then goosebumps covered after. I turned to the side and snuggled close to his body, his arm rested on my hip while his hot breath blew against the back of my neck.

"Night beautiful and thanks for giving us a chance." Nicolas mumbled into my hair but I heard him very clear.

"Night sexy, just don't break my heart and I'll give you more then just one chance." I stated. Which earned me a kiss from Nicolas.

"Never change Nicolas, I like you just like this."

Actually, love you but it's to early to let you know.

I drifted off to sleep, he softly muttered something lowly I couldn't hear.



I don't like you Sam, more like love...

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