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   Chapter 16 New year, new family

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"Our sexy bachelor, Nicolas Stone is off the market?ladies. Grab some tissues and cry it out cause Samantha Dickson has captured his heart, Along with a one of a kind custom Sapphire ring that's surrounded with diamonds. Yup you got it right, New year, new girl for the multi-millionaire hunk. The two we're holding hand in hand Christmas morning while the bride?to be?twins sister's checked out their new whip from our Nicolas, ugh! Isn't he a sweetheart?ladies? That Samantha is one lucky girl. Also spotted with our newly favorite couple we're close friends, Alexander Sego and Bethenny?Bank's. Now rumors are speculating about these two, but?no?confirm sources has the inside scoop on these them yet. That was your gossip on the ten, see you tomorrow night for more."

"Why do they like talking about famous or rich people?" Abby questioned. She was leaning her head on my shoulder, after Christmas morning, both girl's rushed outside to see their new cars but Abby caught a cold and now she been suffering with stuffy nose and mild headache.

"It's their job to entertain people, sit up straight and drink this tea. It has lemon and honey, it will help you sweetheart." Malden said, handing the tea over to Abby.

Sam walked out the kitchen with a small bowl of soup, "Here, try to eat this so I can give you your medication."

Abby was getting better but this cold did a 360 degree on us, "If she doesn't get better we should take her to the hospital."

"Omg, you guys are over ?complicating everything. I'm fine, it's just a common cold, It'll go away." Abby said while taking a spoonful of tomato soup.

"Aren't you going to your parents New year's eve bash?" Sam questioned curiously. "I don't want to go, let's just spend it here. With the twins, I want to ring in the new year with sweet, noble faces. Not greedy, backstabbing family like mine." I stated firmly.

"Hey, be nice! Their your parents and they mean well, call them to let them know we're not coming. I'll order pizza." She said while handed me here phone.

"If you have the number from the pizzeria we ate on our first date?than?order from that place. We can go get it cause I remember they don't deliver."

"Ok, but first call your parents and apologize please. I'll go get ready, hurry up and call them." She yelled out while walking down the hallway.

"Go where? I wanna come, please." Amanda remarked.

"Ok, go wear your jacket and hat. It's cold?outside." I said while calling dear mother.

"But where are we going?" Amanda whispered lowly as she sat on the coffee table.

"Yea Samantha, where are you love? The party is starting and nor you or Nicolas have arrived." Mother said as she answered.

"Hold on mom", I placed the call on mute. "Going to get pizza, no go get ready if you want to come." I said. She ran towards her room, "Sorry mom, How the party? Who did you invite?" I asked while placing my feet up on the table.

"You know, same people who come every year. When are you and Samantha coming dear, I want everyone to meet her. Oh Nicolas, I'm so happy you found her. She such a sweetheart, always calls me and sees how I'm doing. Not like you." Mother said happily.

"Yea, she is?a sweetheart. Look mom, um, I don't know if we will be able to make it tonight. Abby is sick, we're going to grab some dinner?than?spend it together here. Why don't you ditch those fake people and come have pizza with us." I asked while Sam came walking out.

She had my coat in her hands, "Is that you mom, tell her I'm sorry we couldn't make it. I feel so bad." Sam stated while handed me my coat.

"Oh, she's a keeper Nicolas. Please make sure you don't let her go, and I'll might take your offer and come. Be

igh-end? Yea, well! She isn't, she's the most sweetest person you will meet in your life. Her only problem was her honest, she would give it to you without thinking about your feelings but she's means well.

"We'll get working on making babies tonight mother, so glad you came." Nicolas said, giving his mom a kiss on the cheek.

"Come here dear, let me see the ring my son gave you."

I walked over to her and placed a kiss on her cheek, she pulled her glasses out while grabbing my hand gently. "Do you like it dear?" She asked as she took a better look at the ring.

"I love it, it's very beautiful. Isn't it?" I asked, taking a seat next to her.

"It's lovely dear", she replied while tearing up. "I don't know how you two met, but I'm glad Nicolas chose you. Now hurry up with the wedding, I want three, no, five grandchildren."

"Woah, easy there Victoria. Five kids are?a lot, why didn't Ramsey come with you?" I asked while Nicolas huffed loudly.

"Stop huffing like an overgrown baby, he's your dad. No matter what he did, forget and forgive." I said a bit?louder than?I should have.

He got up, pointing his hand at me. Before he got to say anything, I spoke. "That's if you want to start making babies tonight."

Omg?I can't believe I said that.

His wide smirk plastered on his face as he sat back down. "I'll forgive the devil if it means I get to have you Sam."

The twins?oohhhh, while Victoria laughed and I just hid my face from them all.


After dinner Victoria left, the twins we're sleeping on sofa and Malden left?to be?with her family. It was Nicolas and I who were awake, he sat on the far corner of the sofa and I did the same on the far end.

Lights?were dimmed, candles were lit. Romantic you can say, but yet so far away. The big clock on the wall struck midnight, I faced Nicolas who was already staring at me. "Happy new year Sam." He whispered while coming closer to me.

He took my hand and pulled me on his lap, "Happy new year Nicolas, hope this year will brings you what your heart desires." I whispered lowly as his finger's brushed against my neck.

"It will, I'll make sure it will." He pulled my body even closer until his lips were inches away.

The small kiss, turned into another, then another until it was a full make out raging session that took my breath away.

I pulled back, only to have him pull me into a kiss once more. "Let's make out until we lose ourselves." He whispered, and that's what we did.

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