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   Chapter 15 The perfect Christmas

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The kiss was lingering on my lips as I stared at myself in Nicolas bathroom mirror. Bethenny and Alexander slept in my room so I had to spend the night in Nicolas room.

The twins wouldn't let me sleep with them either, it was like they wanted me to sleep with him on the same bed. I asked Bethenny to let me in so I can get something to sleep in but she said to wear on of Nicolas tee-shirts? to bed, and here I was in a tight white tee-shirt that barely covered anything.

Please god let him be asleep already, I don't want him to see me like this.

Pulling and stretching his shirt down but no use, my thick thighs and round butt were just to noticeable. I should walk out normally, sighing loudly while grabbing my hair in frustration.

How is this normal, walking in my undies in front of him as if I was his real freaking girlfriend? Ugh!

"You ok in there?"

"No, I'm not! Find me and XXL sweatpants that you own or go freaking knock on Bethenny and tell her I'm going to kill her if she doesn't hand over my pj's." I said a bit irritated.

"Come on, the shirt I gave you should reach below you bottom and your not an XXL and even if you were. You got junk in all the right place's." He stated while my mouth hung open.

Did he just say that?

"It reaches below my butt, but you can see my whole figured shape and that's something you ain't going to see up close."

"And why is that?" He questioned while I shook my head.

"Cause I don't freaking want you too."

Jesus, this guy was annoying.

"But I want to see." He stated firmly.

Omg, wtf!

"Can you just find me something to wear so I can sleep comfortably, please."

"Fine", he huffed.

A minute later he spoke, "Here's the sweat pants you asked for." I opened the door and took it from his hand but he wasn't letting go. "Let go Nicolas."

He can only see the top part of my body as the bottom part was hidden behind the door. "I'll let go but there's a spider behind you." He stated as he pointed behind me.

I sarcastically laughed, "Nice try!"

He let go and I truned around to see where he was pointing at and, "OMG A FREAKING SPIDER." I shouted loudly as I ran out the bathroom.

I just hate anything that has legs and? crawls, "Omg kill it, it can lay eggs and shit like that." I said while a shiver came over my body.



Fucking hot, my god she was hot. All I could do was stare, "Nicolas go inside and kill it." She whined.

No, I need to fuck it, I mean you. I need to fuck you. Shit, what was I thinking? She hasn't even forgiven me yet, but my god she looks so hot.

"Are you even listening to me?" She asked and I shook my head.

"I'm listening to my thoughts right now."

Fuck! Did I just say that out loud?

"And what are your thoughts about?" She questioned while tilting her head to the side.

I let my eye's roam over her body until I somewhat felt satisfied but I wasn't. Probably this is what they meant by slim thick, "My thoughts, how bout I show you." I said while she rasied her eyebrow.

I felt myself aroused and ready to attack her body in different ways but I held myself together. She threw the sweatpants that was in her hands on the floor while making her way to the bed. Every move she made, caused my member to grow more and more.

She was teasing me, crawling on the bed until she went under the sheets. I took off my shirt which caused her to look my way, all I wanted was to jump on her and eat her up but I couldn't. She placed pillows between her and I, "It's a king size bed Sam, no nee

said while pulling Nicolas shoulder.

"Putting our gifts to shame Sam, Wow! You could have auctioned them and they would have sold for a lot more then you think." Nicolas mumbled while looking at me.

"Do you like it?" I questioned curiously. "Not like Sam, more like love. I'm in shock actually." He chuckled while looking over to Alexander.

I felt happy inside that he loved my gift, he walked over and pulled me into his arm's. Placing a kiss on my neck, "Thanks! The best gift I gotten in year's. Maybe once I'm done getting this bad boy up and running, you and I can go on a date?"

"Sure, why not!"

He smiled genuinely from the heart, I felt that smile was real. "Promise you won't be mad, I maybe got the twins brand new Range Rover's."

"You what?" I questioned while folding my arm's. "Come on, it's the season to be jolly babe." He stated while pulling me back into his embrace.

All I could hear we're the girls loud squeals, "Omg, omg, omg, omg." They both jumped up and down in joy.

He laughed, "look out the balcony and have a look at your cars baby girl's." They blotted towards the balcony. Then came rushing back in to hugged Nicolas while I was still in between them.

"Best Christmas ever!" The girls stated loudly.

And it was the prefect Christmas ever indeed. "There's one more gift and it's for you Sam." Nicolas said loudly.

Placing his hand in his pajama pants, he pulled out a small red box. He opened it and I gasped, "Marry me Sam?" He asked. I stared at him as the room fell in silence, "Please, marry me!"

Everyone was waiting for my response, I felt like he meant it for real but then I remembered that this was all an act. "Of course I will." I said while exhaling deeply.

Taking my hand, he placed the ring on. I could here cheering from the girls and Alexander but I was lost in his eye's and the way he was looking at me.

"Til the end Sam." He whispered, then added, "I can't wait to see you in that lingerie piece so I can rip it off your body, then make you lose your fucking mind while I devourer every inch of you."

My mouth was hung open, that's when he pulled me in and kissed the living daylight of out me.

Fuck! This wasn't good.


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