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   Chapter 14 Apologies

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Two weeks later..

No sleep or comfort in any way did I get these past two dreadful weeks. I fucked up whatever we had going and I?was pissed?that it was my fault.

Awkwardness in the car as Sam sat besides me, she probably didn't even want to speak with me. If it wasn't for?Bethenny?and Alexander, I think she'll still wouldn't have said a word to me.

"Where do you want to go?" I whispered while attempting to focus on the road. The corner of my eye kept glancing over to her while she looked out the window in silence.

"Anywhere so we can get things straight."

Yup, fucked up real good. "Sam, I'm sorry if I'm not how you imagined. Tell me why?you've been ignoring?me for two weeks? I'm fucking human Sam that gets stabbed so many fucking times just because I'm nice. You said you won't judge but here you are doing so, what I've shown you is who I truly am. Besides, I wasn't in a relationship with you?at the time, why so mad?" I asked but still not a word from her.

"God damn it Sam, talk to me. Let me know what your thinking, say something!" I shouted loudly which caused her to look at me funny.

"Ok, put yourself in my place Nicolas. Some dude walks up to you and hands you a phone with the same video that?was handed?to me but instead of you, it was me. How would you act on it? How would you feel seeing me naked and fucking another guy, not one but two?" She yelled while I fumed in anger.

"See, your anger just thinking about it. Then you would call me a slut, whore, bitch, all kind of name's just because I'm a fucking woman and your fucking man." She yelled with tears in her eye's.

Ok, she was right. I would have but she's not that kind of person to do something like that. "I'm not judging you, you have?ever right to do what you want. In the end?it's just?a fucking game and I can't wait for it?to be?over with." She stated while looking out the window.

"Let's call it off, the plan. I don't want to go with it anymore, I'll find someone else as I feel I got you into something you never wanted in the first place." I said firmly.

"If you got someone who is willing to take my place then that's fine by me. I'll be happy and I'll have your money for your stupid car ready in cash." She replied while I laughed.

"What's so funny Nicolas", she asked curiously while looking over towards me. "I don't need your money, it was only a scratch. I lied to get you to agree to my plan, It was like fate brought you my way that day and I had to take the advantage of the situation. I even said your name to mother and I don't even know a freaking Samantha. You-?nevermind, I'm wasting my time trying?t-"

"Yes, you are wasting your time Nicolas, I'll pack my stuff and?leave-"

"YOUR NOT FUCKING LEAVING ME, OK!" I cut her off as a car honked loudly our way. I stopped in shock, "You were about to get us killed you idiot." She choked out.

I drove off the middle of the road and pulled over to the side, "Are you ok? Sam, look at me, I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry ok, please don't leave. I need you, your all I have. Please don't go!" I pled with a broken voice.

She softly cried while I just rubbed my face harshly, "Is there anything else you want to tell me before we continue your dumb plan?"

She wiped her tears away and faced me, "Any ex's or shit like that I have to deal with cause trust me when I say that I'll fucking leave without even telling you."

"None, that was it, promise. What about you, no boyfriends or shit like that?" I asked

you so much. I know you're watching me now, and I just want to say I love you. The twins are fine, have another sister to celebrate with tonight, I wish you were here with us. Bye love." I whispered gently while releasing the note in my hand.

I watched as the red and white balloon fly away before heading back in. Abby and Amanda rushed into my embrace, "She would have been so proud of you both, don't cry." I asked but that's all they did.

"I.....miss" Abby cried out.

"I know baby, I miss her too."

Finally after some time they stop crying, I look up to see?Bethenny?in tears. "Get over here", I whispered while giggling.

The best hug ever I have had in a long time, "Now I got to take care the three of you."

"Yea, yea! Stop crying and say cheese. This?is going to be?a picture to remember." Alexander chipped while smiling.

Both Nicolas and Alexander had their phones out taking pictures, Malden walked by and pushed the boys next to us. "Now stay like this and smile, I want to capture this picture for me so I can look at it?whenever?I feel like crying."

Alex wrapped his arm's around? Bethenny's?waist, the twins we're in front of us and Nicolas stood besides me. "Pull her into your arms Nicolas, just like Alexander is doing to? Bethenny." Malden implied and waited for him to do so.

His arm's wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer to his steel body. His intoxicating?scent?over powered my senses, I glanced up to look at him. Felt like I was suffocating under his gaze, his fingertips gripped my waist even firmer while licking his lips. "Smile for the camera then I'll take my kiss." He said loudly while I frowned.

What did he mean by take his kiss, what kiss?

I smiled while Malden took a couple of pic's. She?was finished?and that's when Nicolas dipped me halfway as his arm's held me in place.

"Now for my kiss." He devilishly smiled.

"Why should I kiss you?" I asked while fuming.

"Because you two are under the mistletoe." Abby hummed happily while Amanda giggled.

I didn't have time to react fast, he pulled me up towards his chest and placed his hand behind my neck, "Merry Christmas to me." He whispered as he kissed me.


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