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   Chapter 13 Feelings shattered

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I?was trapped?as his hungry eye's roamed over my body countless of time's. Feeling the waves of pleasure sensation running along my body?was brought?out as his eye's held hungry.

It won't hurt if I try with him, would it?

I had to take a hold of my feelings and wiped this stupid thought in my mind.

How can a man like Nicolas be interested in a woman like me, Elora was right. I'm not attractive nor beautiful while he looks like a freaking model.

"Stop staring at me like that Nicolas, your making me feel uncomfortable. Remember this is fake, pretend, not freaking real. So stop please, I won't have this. Won't accept it, thanks for standing up for me and that was necessary, I mean the kiss, it was necessary. Let's act like responsible adults and make this work, a deal is a deal, so keep to the rules and regulations we had between us."

The lust and hunger in his eye's vanished, replaced with a cold stare that went through me. "Ok, " he whispered, masking his emotions with a smile.

"I don't want things?to be?awkward between us Nicolas, how bout I make a deal with you." I whispered while attempting to gather my strength to say what I needed.

"What deal is that Samantha?"

He was staring at the view as his back was facing me, god! I felt like I hurt him. Did he really enjoy that kiss, or was it just an act in front of everyone?

"I won't denied that I like you, a lot." He?turned?around so fast I thought for sure he had a whiplash?effect.

"You like me?" He asked which made me smile.

"A lot but I don't want to make thing complex between us. Let's just finish the year and you get what you want, maybe then we can have our real first date. Cause I can't put my feeling on the line Nicolas, I don't know what this year will hold for us, but I do know that I'll be there for you. I can't let the best of my silly feelings get in the way and I want you to promise me that you will not let any feeling get in the way as well. It could be lust, fun, play, whatever this is between us, but we can't call it love. This year is just a stage play for you and I, we are acting for the world. Please try to understand what I'm trying to say. I can't put myself in this without me knowing what lies ahead. I don't want?to be?heartbroken if things don't turn out how I expect. I am being honest with you, I'll give you 100 percent of trust and loyalty but not my heart."

Letting out a loud sigh, I felt relief. I didn't know what he was thinking, it was so quiet. All I heard was our? breathing. "So you don't want to see if this can work while your with me? You want to wait til the ye

and body will be on porn hub, I think it's the industry for you. Nicolas smokes medical marijuana, so he?won't be?in trouble but you, oh sweetheart, you'll be the classified the whore of New York. You wanna go ahead and leak it, be my guest. Just know you?won't be?harming him in any way."

She was in shock, I didn't know what I was saying but I think I may just saved his ugly ass in a way. I looked back at him and stared at his shock expression as well.

"I'll leak it for you Elora, get you famous in no time. Your parents will be so proud of you as they watch you have the time of your life, I'll-"

"Please no! I.. won't leak it, look, here." She said while pulling out her phone. She walked up to me and showed me the same video I just saw while before pressing the delete button.

"See, I deleted it. Please don't leak it, I was just bluffing. I wasn't going to do anything, I was just trying to scare you off. I'll leave, please don't leak the video." She begged.

"If I see or hear anything about this, then be sure I will drag you down with it Elora. You have my word, nothing will happen but if you or your friend that was in the video as say a word. Then start applying for the entertainment industry sweetie."

She grabbed her things and left without another word or glance back.

I?turned?to face him, "I take back what I said, I don't have any feelings what so ever for you. It's a fucking deal that will end in a year Nicolas, I swear if this happens again then consider me out for good."

I left him there, walking down the empty hallway, reaching the elevator. I held on to my feeling until the door closed, that's when I let my emotions get the best of me.

"Stupid, I'm so fucking stupid."






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