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   Chapter 12 Your like Cinderella now

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After the kiss, Sam wouldn't come out to eat. I felt a bit sad but gave her the space she needed, I couldn't let that moment spill by without capturing her lips, even if it was a small peak on her soft moist lips. It was enough for me to sleep happy with all emotions running wild.

Ready to go to work that I have been absent from, I waited for Sam to come and eat breakfast but she was still in her room. "Make sure Sam eats if she decides to go out, I'll be leaving now." I said to Malden as she handed me my briefcase.

"Why don't you go see if she needs a ride to her café shop, she said that she will be going to check on it. I think you should offer her a ride dear." She smiled while pushing me down the hall.

I reached her door and knocked gently. "Come in, " her soft voice said.

Turning the handle, my heart beating quickly, the door opned and there she was, dressed and ready to head out.

"Can I offer you a ride, I'm heading out right now. I can take you if you like?" I nervously asked.

"Um. Sure! Thanks."

Why was it awkward? Maybe I past my limits and did something she didn't want?

She walked passed me, down the hall and stood in front of the twins who were watching TV in their pj's.

"Malden, please keep an eye on Abby, I won't be gone for long, just checking in on James and the shop. I'll be back soon." She stated to her then looked over to the girls and added, "be on your best behavior. Ok?"

Both girl's blew kisses towards Sam as I waited at the door for her.

Walking towards the elevator, we stood in utter silence, "I'm sorry if that kiss bothered you Sam."

She ignored me as she walked in, I followed quickly before pressing the button for the lobby floor, she walked out before me in a hurry.

I sighed loudly and knew that I shouldn't have kissed her.

She stopped at the entrance door, there were a few men who waited with?their camera's, ready to take pics.

I grabbed her hand and walked out with her, luckily Tom was holding the door open for Sam to enter quickly. I got into the driver's seat and headed off to her destination.

Fifteen minutes into the drive, she spoke.

"It didn't bother me Nicolas but it wasn't necessary for you to kiss me."

Who said there wasn't a reason? I wanted to kiss you, is that enough of a reason?

"Sorry, I won't cross that line again, only when it's necessary." I stated firmly. Deciding to change the conversation, I asked. "How long will you be at the shop for?

"I just want to see how business is doing even though I know it's not going well, there's probably not a soul there now." She replied as I entered the street where her shop was.

"Oh....god, " she said shockingly.

I chuckled as I parked the car, "Yea, not a soul in sight Sam. Not one person." I stated, looking at the long line that lead to the shop.

I turned off the car and exited it, walking around to open Sam door.

"What the hell is going on?" She asked curiously.

I grabbed her hand and walked over with her to the shop.

A few flashes here and there until we made it in, she looked around with a confused look at what's going on.

"Sam, your back!" James yelled loudly causing everyone in the shop to look at us.

"What's going on? Where did these people come from?" She whispered quietly.

"Girl, you are like idolized by everyone. So many people come here just to catch a glimpse of the simple girl who caught

doesn't want that. He. Wants. Me." I declared loudly as I placed my hands on her desk.

She stood up from her chair with a wicked smile on her lips. "Let the games began chubby bitch, you'll see how he'll leave you. No man wants to grab rolls of fat like your's, they want a slim figure so they can grab on. Where the hell does he place his hands anyway?" She asked, laughing like a wild hyena.

I wanted to rip her head off, but I felt his arms around my waist.

"I grabbed them here, " Nicolas said as he held my waist, turning me to face him. "Then I pull her like this, " he stated as he pulled me in so close to his hard chest. "And I kiss her like this, " he mumbled before locking my lips onto his.

The kiss was wild, rough, hard and long. I ran my fingertips into his hair.

I died, mentally died as I melted in his arm's.

He pulled back, gazing into my eye's, then over to Elora who had her mouth hung open. "And I fuck her senselessly until she shivers and goes numb."

That last sentence caused me press my thighs together, "Your fucking fried, everyone leave before I fire you all, NOW!" He shouted angrily while looking at Elora.

He looked back at me and smirked, causing my heart to beat like wild drums.

God he was hot.

"Ready to go eat beautiful?"

"Are you finished here?" I asked as his hands gripped my waist.

"Yea, I'm done. Let's get out of here, in the mood to eat something creamy and taste so fucking good as well. Maybe you know a place?"

It was either my dirty mind or did he just offer to eat me out?

He winked once more and I freaking blushed knowing what he meant. He laughed loudly and pulled my hand, walking us to his office.

He looked back at bitch face and said.

"Clear up your desk and leave, if I come out and you're still here, I'll have security take you out personally." He hissed loudly.

Elora that still had her mouth wide open.

"Close your mouth hun, don't want you catching Flies." I yelled out before Nicolas closed the door.

He truned around and looked up and down at my body, "That was necessary for me to do and I'll do it again and again and again if you let me Sam." He stated as he slowly walks towards me.

My eyes caught his bulge that displayed proudly.

Ohhhhh....that looks yummy.

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