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   Chapter 11 Moving in

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"You don't have to rent it Sam, just leave it vacant. Whenever you want to come you can." I said, helping her clean the apartment along with the twins.

"Silly, I won't rent it. I'll let a family in need stay for free. I just need to put that sign up so I can see who is in need." She replied which caused my heart beat quicker.

She was actually thinking about doing that? "A year is a long time Nicolas, so why not help others that need the extra help? Just gotta see who's in need at the moment." Sam remarked while walking towards me. "I need Bethenny's address, would you happen to know where she lives? I have this weird feeling that she's not doing ok after what happened."

I pulled out my phone and texted Alexander to see if he send the address but he didn't reply. "I know where she lives." Amanda declared while coming over to where we stood.

"She gave the address to me when I asked her for it", she looked through her notes on her phone and handed it over to me. "That's the address, we can go now. We're finish here but Abby is napping still, you want me to wake her up?" She asked while I shook my head.

"No, I'll go wake her up. You guys get ready." Sam said, walking towards the twins room. Placing the coat on, Amanda smiled as she took the mop and broom over to the kitchen, she can back and started to get dressed.

"NICOLAS, " Sam yelled out, causing my heart to drop.

I rushed over to find her holding Abby in her arm's. "She won't wake up, help please." She cried out.

I went over her side and took Abby from her arms, she was sweating, burning up. "She's on fire, get dressed. We're taking her to the hospital."

I lifted her bruning body into my arms and rushed out the apartment with Sam and Amanda behind me, finally making it down the stairs, fucking paparazzi were waiting for us. Sam pushed her way in front of me, unlocking the car door as I placed Abby in the back seat next to Sam.

"What happened?"

"Is she ok?"

Amanda got in the passenger seat as I made my way to the drivers seat. I started the car and left.


"Someone help us, she not waking up." I shouted as we rushed through? the emergency room.

Doctors and nurses came immediately and took Abby from me, Sam followed her only to have them push her out the ER room. I pulled her back and held her as she cried, "I want to go in, please Nicolas tell them to let me in."

"Shhh, she's going to be fine, breath Sam ." I whispered against her hair.

I turned towards Amanda that was shaking uncontrollably, "Come here!" I whispered, she ran into my arm's then began to cry.

"She fine, she fine, " I whispered out but that's the only thing that I could say to calm them down.


"It's been two fucking hour's, I demand answers now." I yelled.

"Sir, please calm down. You brought her in with a fever over 104, she's in the emergency room still under supervision. The doctor will come out and answer all your questions, please be patient with us." The nurse said.


Another hour passed and finally we got to see Abby, Sam and Amanda sat on the edge of the hospital bed on each side while I stood at the end of it. "We got the temperature down with meditation and placed ice packs on her body to bring down the fever. After some test we found out that she has pneumonia, it can be treated with antib

ountering much more of this media shit that will try to point you out as something you're not. Please don't be upset." Nicolas whispered as he stood by me.

I pushed him away and ran down the hallway, into my room. Closing the door behind me, I paced the bedroom floor as I tried to control myself.

They were right but it was a deal between us, oh god why? I don't think I can handle all this.

The door opened widely, Malden stood by the door with Nicolas. "You have to be strong my dear, you will hear much more than that. You don't have to prove anything to anyone, let time prove it to them that you are not what they say." Malden said as she made her way towards me.

"Don't cry my dear, you have to learn how to brush it off and continue with life. Be happy with my Nicolas, I haven't seen him happy nor cared for someone as he does towards you and your sister's." She whispered softly, wiping my tears away. "I'll go get dinner ready while you two speak privately."

She left Nicolas and I alone, closing the door after her. "I thought you were strong but I can see that you're not. Doesn't matter what people say Sam, what matters is what I know."

I stared at him and shook my head, he knew it was true, but I only did this because I had no other way out. He was to solve my problem and I was to solve his.

Walking over to me in slow motion until he reach me, "Media will attack you with everything they got and you have to prove them that you aren't what they say you are."

His hand slowly went up to my cheek, gently caressing it, he pulled in closer and closer until he was inches away.

Taking his other hand, he placed it on the other cheek. I melted to his touch, I wanted more.

"Those eye's are not meant to cry Sam so please don't."

With his thumb, he cleared my cheeks and pulled me up towards his soft lips but Amanda opened the door unexpectedly, causing us both to step away from each other.

"Oh my god, so freaking sorry. Um, kiss, I dinner is ready." She stuttered nervously, avoiding us.

Nicolas step forward and captured my lips in an unexpected kiss then left.

I felt my cheeks heat up as Amanda wiggled her eyebrow, "You two are freaking goals." She gushed.

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