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   Chapter 10 Miss you mom

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We made our way to the apartment complex where I lived at, Tom parked the car in parking lot that was underground in the building. Each apartment had their own garage, we walked until I reached the door that lead to an elevator. The girls walked in first as I followed behind, "What button should I press Nicolas?" Amanda questioned.

"Penthouse, sorry I meant P." I mumbled while looking at Sam, "Malden is really sweet, you'll love her but not as more as she will love you guy's. She's been bugging me to bring you over after she saw your pictures in magazines, oh and I have two pet dogs name Cooper and Sloppy so don't be startled when they jump at you as soon as we entered the apartment.

We made it to the penthouse but there was a door blocking the elevator that needed my card to open. "I don't want unexpected guest so I did this for protection." I explained myself and I don't know why.

I felt like a teenage boy bringing over his girlfriend over to meet his parents but Sam already has, why did I feel nervous? Malden will love her, she has too!

"The card isn't working for some reason, it jams-" I said as the door unlocked out of nowhere. We entered the kitchen and the girl's frowned, I chuckled as two Tibetan spaniel dog's come running and jumping happily.

"Omg, look at them, ahhhhhh", the twins gushed as each one grabbed Copper and Sloppy. "My heart, Omg Sam look how cute!" Amanda said as Sloppy did his thing, "He loves licking so that's why I named him Sloppy, and that's Cooper Abby." I stated as she was hugging him tightly.

"I want, I want him so bad." Abby said. I lead them into the dining room table where it was already set, "I'll go see where Malden is, she probably-"

"I'm here dear!" She said loudly as the girls watched her wall towards me. Placing a kiss on my cheek.



She was an old woman with short gray hair, blue eye's and a heartwarming smile. "You must be Samantha, it's a pleasure to finally meet you." She stated nicely. I held out my hand but she pushed it away and grabbed me into a bear hug, I hugged her back while smiling towards Nicolas.

"And who are these beautiful girl's?" She questioned as she pulled back from embracing me. "These are my sister's, Abby and Amanda! Come say hi girls."

The both came to and stood before her, Abby just went in for the hug and Amanda joined. "Tom called and told me that you we're on your way up, so I got dinner ready for you, please sit. You all must be exhausted from your trip." Malden implied as we seated ourselves.

It was a little warm dinner with pasta and soup along with home-made bread that tasted so darn good. We chatted with Malden as she was seated next to me, "it's good to have company over, Nicolas rarely brings anyone over. It's just him and I having dinner alone." Malden remarked as she stared at Nicolas who was eating like a caveman.

I wonder how come he eats and not gain one ounce of fat on him, I mean I eat but he just devoured two severing of pasta and a bowl of mushroom cream soup along with four pieces of bread that he dipped into his soup.


Chatting with Malden about Nicolas past was amazing, sh

definitely tomorrow." Nicolas declared loudly.

The car moved and into the road, it was November and it was freaking cold. Nicolas was on his phone talking while Amanda took a snap of her, Abby just laid her head on my shoulder while I stared at Nicolas from the left side mirror.

He caught me unexpectedly and I did what any girl would do, I stuck out my tongue which caused a loud roaring laughter to erupt from him.Tom looked over at him in shock then smiled, after twenty minutes. We reached the cemetery, the girls didn't like it when I came here cause I'd cry and cry until I had no more tears left to shed.

"Give me five minutes, you two stay in the car with Nicolas while I'll go talk with mom." They both agreed and I made my way towards her grave.

I promised myself I wasn't going to cry, so I held myself together. "Hey mom!" I sighed loudly before continuing. "Missed you so much, I wish I can hug you and take in your scent one last time. I wish for you fingertips to caress my hair softly as you tell me everything will be alright. So much have happened mom, especially this last month. Met a guy but accident, no literally by an accident." I said while giggling.

"He's really something, like a fairytale prince charming mom. So kind and gently, my heart hurts every time I remember it's only fake what we will have. Oh, forget to tell you. Met my half-sister Bethenny and I met him mom, I met dad. He said that I looked like someone he knew, I wanted to scream in his face and your name but held in every emotion I had. He looks old mom, real old with silver fox hair and lite blue eyes that looked just like mine."

I stopped as I heard something moving from behind, taking a look around but found nothing. "Guess it was a squirrel huh, the twins are happy and well. I asked them to let me have a personal conversation with you." I chuckled while bending down.

"You told me to forgive dad for what he did and I have but I won't forget the pain mom. You can learn to forgive but never to forget, I love you and miss you so so much. Bye beautiful, I promise to visit more." I whispered.

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