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   Chapter 9 Inner battle

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"Love your body, mind & soul. For you are beautiful with all your flaws and imperfections my dear." ~ MarillaGarden


Nicolas ...

"Did she stop crying? Is she asleep?" I questioned Sam nervously. Her lips quivered as she tried to hold herself together but she's been doing that since we left. "You know, my shoulder is always here for you to cry on and if you want someone to hold you, then my arm's will be wide open and if you want someone to vent to, then I'm all ears. I'm here Sam." I declared loudly.

"I feel like my heart is hurting, it's literally broken in half. I'm carrying all the weight on my shoulders without anyone asking if I wanted to carry it in the first place. To make it much worse, you came into the picture, it's too much for me to handle. My lungs need air cause I can't fucking breath. I can't-" She hushed unexpectedly.

Wouldn't finish what she want to say, wiped her tears and stood up. Headed over to the phone and in a hushed tone she spoke, "Please bring up any alcoholic beverage you have and I want food...anything will do thank you...bye."

She fell back on the bed exhaustively as she brought her left foot over just to have her hand effortlessly unstrap? the heel. Doing the same with the other foot as I watched, hair casted upon the bed as she just kept everything in. I found myself sad inside that she didn't need what I offered her.

"Is this how you are?" I questioned curiously as I moved over to the edge of the bed where I stood looking down at her. She moved her head slightly to face me, "Yes, this is how I am. I comfort other but don't want others to comfort me, I don't want to be viewed as a weak person. I am anything but weak, I know how carry myself but sometimes all I want to do is break down. Then I remember how fucking strong I have to be for those two. I'm Ok Nicolas, don't worry about me, I've learned to cope with my feeling."

A sad faded smile appeared then quickly went away as her misted in tears, "Anytime Sam, day or night my offer is open for you only--"

A knock on the door interrupted what I wanted to say, "I think they're asleep Betha, you can talk to them in the morning." Alexander voice spoke firmly. There faded yelling was heard until it disappeared, "Sam, I want to--"

Another knock on the door interrupted me, I went over and opened the door widely. "What?" I questioned angrily. Can't a guy speak without any distractions? "Room service Sir, your fiance called in, I apologize fo---"

"Yea, yea. Sorry, just wheel the cart in and leave thank you." I stated while moving out-of-the-way for him to come in. As quickly as he wheeled the cart in as quickly he left without a glance back.

"You scared him Nicolas, be nice next time and maybe give him a tip." Sam implied while walking over to the cart.

Grabbing a wine glass, she poured herself a little more than I expected she would. "Go easy now", I whispered lowly as I stared at her. Holding her glass up, she smiled sadly, "Cheers to life."

And in a blink of an eye, in one gulp. She drank her wine as if it was juice and not alcohol. Shaking her head as her eyes became more alive you can say. Ruffling her hair, she scrunched up her face. "I felt that went down the wrong pipe hole, the burning sensation has lit up in my chest. WOAH", she yelled out the last part.

I pulled my tie off and threw it

was stare and stare until her head moved up and down. "He's coming with us?" The twins questioned happily.

"Yea, guess he is." Sam remarked as she looked back at Bethenny that was still sleeping. Alexander was sleeping with his hat covering his face as Bethenny laid in between his legs.


The plane landed fifteen minutes ago but Tom hasn't arrived yet. Alexander went with Bethenny to god knows where, his car was parked here at the airport. He offered to take us but it was a two seat convertible, I don't know why the hell he offered.

It was seven at night and freezing cold in New York, I reached to grab my phone but Tom pulled up in a black SUV. Rushing out of the driver's seat, "I'm so sorry boss, there was an accident on the highway that kept us backed up in traffic. Hope you guys enjoyed your trip." He stated as he grabbed two suitcase luggage in each hand.

The twins rushed into the SUV quickly. It was freaking cold, they only had sundresses on, Sam was shivering, "I forgot how cold it is here."

I rushed her over next to the twins, she hopped in the back as I sat in the passenger seat. Luckily inside the SUV was warm, "Where to Mr. Stone?" Tom asked while placing the safety belt on.

I turned towards Sam, "how bout you girls come over and have dinner with me and spend the night as well? We can go and visit your mom after breakfast if that's OK."

"Yea Sam, we want to take our time talking with mom and we're not fully dressed for the weather." Abby said while placing her hands near the heater. I turned the car heater up another notch just to get them warmer.

"How bout you come over to our apartment and-"

"Excuse me for interrupting you but Malden has already prepared dinner for you all, she can't wait to meet you." Tom declared loudly.

Sam was confused, I chuckled at how cute she looked. "Malden is my nanny that raised me, when I moved out. I went over my parents place and took her for me. You'll love her, she's really sweet. Just like you!"

A soft smile appeared on those beautiful lips as her cheeks turned? pink, "Ok, your place then."

Tom took off and I sat properly in my seat, giggles came from the twins as Sam shush them. I didn't know why I was grinning but I was.

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