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   Chapter 8 Wedding

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"Do we have to be here Nicolas?" A very nervous Sam said as we walked in, hand in hand. I gently squeezed her hand, sending a smile her way.

Dressed in a light pink dress that had a slit reaching her upper hip gave me a boner, I mean, I don't have a boner? now but I did earlier and boy oh boy did it hurt. Her face heated up as she noticed my little friend wasn't so little anymore, went out and came back a while after.

She made my heart do funny things I've never felt before, our relationship was like friends looking out for each other. Best friends actually, but God I swear I don't want that. Comfortable around each other to the point I can speak what's in my heart.

"Nicolas?" She whined while tugging on my hand. "Well leave quickly, the ceremony is over. All we have to do is have dinner, dance then leave, Ok?"

Her worried eyes made me frown, I pulled her hand up to my lips and gently kissed it. "I won't leave you side, don't worry! I got you."

She exhaled as a breathtaking smile took over her lips. "Let's go find Alex and the girl's, I bet he's going crazy handling all three." I stated as she giggled lowly.

As if it wasn't enough how people were shocked to see me here, now they're whispering among each other about Sam and I. Passing a few tables where I had to stop and say hi was extremely painful, you know how you just wanna drink and eat at weddings? Well, that's me!

Sam tugged on my hand for us to go sit with Alex and the girl's who we're a couple of table's away but Aunt Carol, aka miss-I-wanna-know-your-personal-sex-details-or-I'll-have-A-spy-look-into-your-life every-move.

"Oh Nicolas, I'm so glad you found someone. Who is she? Is she expecting? Have you two had sex? When is the wedding? How long you've been together-"

"Aunt Carol, it was nice to see you again. I'll talk to you later, enjoy your meal." I hushed her as Sam stared at her in horror. "My god, she's really something." Sam implied

he can get to know me better."

Thank you lord!

"Mother is sweet but can be a bit honest with her remarks. Sam, I want you to be strong Ok? Your dad is walking over here with Alex and Bethenny, act normal." I whispered lowly as her eyes watered.


"Nice to see you Nicolas, who's the lovely young ladies you have with you?" He asked as he shook my hand then placed out his hand for Sam. She just stared at him, taking in every inch of his face. Her hand shook uncontrollably as she placed it into his, tilting his head a bit to the side.

He started at her, as if he remembered her somehow. Placing my hand on her back, she let go of his hand. "This is my fiance, Sam Dickson." I introduced her, god if only you knew that your daughter you idiot.

"Pleasure, you look like someone I know." He whispered, not taking his eye's off her. To make things more complicated, the twins decided to come. "Hey, sorry to intrude but can we go out to the garden with Sefton & Liam?" Abby asked as Bank's looked over to them.

"Who are these beautiful girl's?" He questioned as he held out his hand. "I'm Abby and his is my twin Amanda, we're Samantha sister's. Who are you?" Abby asked nicely but it all changed when he said his name.

"Bank's, Michael Bank's! I'm

Bethenny father."


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