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   Chapter 7 A Son's hate for his father...

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"Why is the young lady so sad?" The bartender said.

I had snuck out the room while Nicolas was asleep, I tried and tried, but couldn't fall asleep. So I just got up and came down to get myself a drink, yea I know it's too early for but who fucking cares.

"Life is so unfair, ever since I was young, life has been a bitch towards me. I just want my mom back." I whispered out as my voice cracked.

Tears fell and heart-felt pain went soaring through my chest, "and to top it off I'm falling for this guy's so hard that it scares me to death." I confessed as I cried like a baby.

The bartender just looked at me then turned towards the old man who was seated next to me, "You'll be fine, it's up to you to either fight or give up. If you fight, then you can say that you tried, but if you just pity yourself about how life is, then you'll definitely drown." The half drunk man who was taking a sip of his beer said.

"You look like a fighter, I can see it in your eye's and for the guy you're falling for. I think you should go along the waves, it either takes to an island where paradise lies ahead, or gets you lost at sea where than you'll? end up on a shore barely breathing." He stated as his eye's looked so familiar.

I stared and stared until he smiled widely, "I'm Nicolas father." He said as I stood up in shock.

Wow, great! This wasn't how I expected to me him, shit! Oh god, I felt so pathetic at the moment.

"I'm Ramsey Stone, you must be Samantha." He said while chuckling.

He wasn't drunk, I mean he smelled liked booze but he looked like he knew what he was saying. "I can handle my alcohol, how about we go have brunch together. I would love to know more about you." He stated as he stood up.

Same eye's, same features only he was old and Nicolas was young. Tall and handsome with his silver fox hair and amazingly physic, the old man was in shape.

"Please ignore what I said in there." I whispered while wiping my tears.

He looked at me and smiled sweetly.

"Please, don't change just cause you found out that I'm Nicolas father. I've watched you and my son the past two days and I can tell you two are really close. Your very different from his previous girlfriend I can assure you that and I love it." He said as he placed his hand around my shoulder while walking us out the bar and into the restaurant that was only a couple of feets away.

We sat at a table facing the ocean view, the sun shine beautifully while the breeze did its thing. A waiter came by, stared in shocked at Nicolas father before asking us what we would like to order.

Wirting down our order, his hands shook in fear, I watched the waiter run back quickly to get our food we had just asked for.

"So Samantha, tell me about yourself. What do you do and how did you meet my son?" He questioned.

"Why was he so scared?" I asked curiously or asked so I could get away from answering his questions.

He chuckled lowly as he took a sip of water that was in front of him, "I'm a bit critical and intimidating. They know if the food is not good or the service is bad

the money. I didn't believe him because I was blinded by how much I loved her. So he set out to prove me wrong, he slept with her Sam. He fucking slept with her and he knew how much I loved her, he did it to prove me wrong, but I only ended up hating him ever since." He confessed while playing with the sand.

I was shocked, flabbergasted. I didn't know what to say or what to do but he kept talking. "I know he did it to show me her true colors but come on, sleep with the woman who your son was head over heels in love with. He could have got someone else to do the job but he volunteered. I got over it and dated left and right, model's, actresses, whatever you can think of until I found Katherine, the one who's marrying my cousin tomorrow. He warned me about her and said she was no good, I laughed in his face and told him to go have sex with her as well, you know, as a joke, but this time he made someone else do the job for him. He got my dear cousin and teamed up with him, they both played their game and I was the one who got burned, again." He whispered as he rubbed his face harshly.

"I have a sick family Sam, very sick family. They only care about their prestige, mother doesn't care that father sleeps with other woman. She just happy to be in a marriage where lie and deceive are based on, father just care about being a rich man with money and I'm stuck in between in the middle, trying to find a purpose in this life. All my other family members are just greedy to the point I wish I was never apart of this fake family." He stated while throwing the sand away, he avoided my gaze for the longest time.

My heart broke as I watched him hold it in together, I grabbed his face as turned it towards me. "Til the end Nicolas, remember? I'm here for you, I promise." I said while caressing his face.



I just stared at her warm eye's, she made me feel alive inside. I knew that it will all end before as it could begin.

"Yea, till the end Sam, " I said but my heart just broke.

The end will come soon and you'll leave

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