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   Chapter 6 Sisterly love

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"So, how long will they be crying for?" I asked Alexander as we both watched the sister's hug it out.

He raised his shoulders up and pulled out a cigar. "I seriously don't know man, let them have their moment. They sure as hell need it, " Alexander said as he stared at them.

Who would have known that Sam and Bethenny would be sister's? I think fate is playing it's part, I was still shocked that Sam was Bank's daughter, how?

Why didn't she go to him and demanded her rights? Didn't her mother tell her that it was her that help Bank's in building his empire? She had every right to go ask for her mother's share, shit, if it wasn't for her grandfather's money. Bank's would have never been this rich, the a**hole scammed his own wife, cheated on her, then left her to struggle with three girls to raise on her own.

I was getting irritated. I went over and stay down next to Sam, "Why?" I asked curiously.

She looked at me as all three sister's were circled around her in a bear hug. "Please Nicolas, not now. I'll tell you everything you need to know later, I promise, " she whispered softly as Bethenny laid her head on Sam's shoulder.

Amanda was hugging Bethenny while Abby was hugging Sam, rubbing my face harshly, I stood up.

I wanted to hurt Bank's, how could he do this to them? "Maybe we should go back & rest at the hotel, you girls can spend more time there and talk if you want, " I said as I held out my hand for Sam to hold.

God I was falling into deep with her.

She took my hand and I pulled her up, the rest of the sister's walked hand in hand while Sam held onto mine.

"You feeling better?" I questioned, she laid her head on my arm.

"Yea, just tired and sleepy, " she whispered softly.


Making our way through the hotel lobby, I spotted father, but I didn't stop. I just kept walking, lost in Sam's sweet aroma.

We reached our room in no time, the girls followed right behind us as we entered the room.

Looking back at the girls, I spoke."You all can chat or sleep, whichever you girls want." Looking at Sam, I sighed. "You want anything?" I questioned her.

"No, where are you going to spend the night?" She asked as she walked over to me.

She looked exhausted and sad at the same time, her hair was a mess, but she still looked beautiful.

"My dad own the place, I'm sure I can find a room or I'll sleep in the girls room next door. Don't worry about me, please try to get some rest. Night beautiful, " I said before leaving.



Ugh, my heart! Maybe it's a crush?

Keep it strict and don't fall for him, why is he like this? Couldn't he be a pain in the butt, but no, he had to be sweet, hot, sexy, Omg I'm drooling.

I didn't know how this will end, it's pretend Sam. Not like he will fall for you, I followed him out. "Nicolas?" I yelled as he unlocked the door to girls room

"Yea, "he replied.

I walked over to him and hugged him, I don't know why, but I needed to hug him. "Thank you for understanding, " I whispered as he pulled me in closer to him.

What are you doing Sam? This will only lead to your heart breaking in the end.

"You knew who he was and you knew he could have helped you, but you didn't ask. Why Sam, he's your dad." He stated.

His arm's wouldn't let go of my body.

I didn't know what hurt

wn. Bethenny was holding on to the twins as she stood before me. "She didn't get enough sleep last night so I told her to sleep for a bit, but I know she won't. Maybe you should go check on her while I'll take the girls out with tats." She said as Alex came by and stood besides them.

I didn't know if I should let the girls go with them.

"Don't worry man, I'll take care of the girl's. You go and check on Sam, guess they stayed up all night crying." Alex whispered as he took in Bethenny's red, tried eye's.

"You girls will be ok?" I questioned the twins as they nodded their heads.

I left them and went up to see Sam, by the looks of Bethenny eye's. I knew Sam wouldn't be any better.

I walked into the room, the bed was empty. I looked over to the balcony and found her sitting there, staring at nothing. "Did you forget something? Bethenny?" She questioned as she? turned around.

My heart-felt a pang of pain as I took in her appearance, her eyes were so red.

She weakly smiled, "Morning, " she softly said as she stood up and walked into the room.

"You look tired, did you sleep?" I asked as she made her way over to the bed. "Long night you can say, I'll try to get some sleep now, " she whispered as she pulled the cover away.

"You're not going to sleep are you?" I questioned as she hid her face from me. She crawled up on the bed and pulled the covers on her, facing the other side so I couldn't see her tears.

Didn't know what I was doing until I was laying next to her on the other side. "You can leave Nicolas, I don't need you to be here. I can take care of myself." She angrily spoke.

Ignoring her, I laid there waiting for her to turn which she did after a couple of minutes. Her eye's held so much pain and sadness, "There's a line Nicolas and your crossing it, " she stated as she sat up.

I tugged her arm and pulled her back down, her head laid on my chest as I nuzzled my nose into her hair.

"Friends look out for each other Sam, so let me be a good friend, " I whispered.

I felt her tears on my shirt, I never was a fan of silence but this was good.

", " she choked out.

"Til the end Sam."

"Til the end Nicolas."







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