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   Chapter 5 First kiss

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"This is the pilot speaking, we will be landing shortly in Honolulu international airport. Hope you enjoyed the flight and enjoy your stay."

The girls we're so excited, I watched as they stared out the airplane window.

Nicolas and Alexander were in the far back as Bethenny was sitting next to me. I can't believe she's my sister, I wanted to hug her and tell her that, but was afraid.

"I didn't even pack you know, that dumbass took me against my will." Bethenny said.

I giggled a bit, she's really hard to understand. One minute she's nice the next minute she's rude.

"It's ok, we can go shopping together, hey, how old are you?" I curiously asked.

"Twenty-five, " she replied.

"Do you have any siblings?" I asked.

"My dad was married to another woman and had a child while mom was his mistress at the time. After eight years of being hidden from the world and not getting to meet my sister, which happens to be the same age as me. Dad introduced us to the world after his wife left him. She took her daughter and vanished into thin air, he kept searching for them for so long but never found a trace of their whereabouts. I was teased in school for my father's acts, so I took homeschooling until high school. That's when I told myself that I need to face the world, to man up about it. When I introduced myself, I only say my first name. I tend to get looks of disgust from clients or a "Oh, you're the mistress child" but I really don't care anymore. It's not my fault I have to take the blame for something my father did a long time ago." She said all at once.

I grabbed her, hugging her real tight. "Fuck them." I said lowly.

She giggled and patted my hand. "It's alright, kinda got use to it." She declared.

I pulled back and felt happy I got to see her. I never blamed her or her mother, it wasn't their fault.

"So, tell me how to get hips like your's without the tummy fat. You look so sexy and curvy." She said, making me laughing.

"I kinda want to be skinny." I stated.

She frowned her brows together, "Why the hell you want that, you look so hot. I was like you back in highschool, Tats over there loved my big butt." She giggled, shaking her head.

"So you and Alexander go way back, huh?" I questioned.

She nodded her head. She was about to say something but the boy's came and took the seats in front of us.

"The plane is landing, AL will be staying with us in the same hotel. He just booked a room, you two can spend more time and talk there." Nicolas said.

"So, how long have you two been dating?" Bethenny asked.

Nicolas looks at me as if he was waiting for my answer. "Over a year now, but it's been kept a secret." I lied.

That's what we rehearse, that we've been secretly dating for a year and the time was right for us to come out as he stated.

"Well, I'm happy for the both of you, you seem like a cute couple."

Yea, fake couple.


The plane landing safely, the girls we're in a rush to get out. Bethenny and Alexander got off the plane as the girls followed them. Nicolas and I we're the last getting off.

"Hey, I've been meaning to give you something." He said as we walked over to the van that was waiting for us.

"What?" I asked curiously.

He grabbed my hand and placed a ring on my finger.

I was shocked and didn't know what to say. "What's this, you're not planning on tell them we're engaged today, are you?" I questioned nervously.

"No, it's just something for you. You don't need to say we're engaged, yet. We want them to keep guessing, right?" He said, making no sense what so ever.

"Yea, I guess." I mumbled.

"Let's go." He pulled my hand, entering the van.

All eyes were on us, they just saw him placed a ring on my finger for heaven sakes. What am I suppose to say?

"Should we say congratulations." Alexander said while smirking.

"It's a gift from Nicolas, no wedding bells yet." I said before Nicolas said something else.

I just stared down at my finger, ignoring everyone.

"I wish you guys really do get married." Abby shouted loudly from the back.

"Yea, can't wait to be a bridesmaids." Amanda chipped happily.

God, give me the strength.


We reached the hotel and we're already in our room's. I didn't know why I had to be in the same room with Nicolas, the girls we're in the next door room. "I don't think it's a good idea for me to leave the girls all alone Nicolas." I whispered out.

He was unpacking his clothing along with mines. He had just ordered us room service and I was eating away.

"My father owns this hotel, he will find out if your staying in a different room." He said, continuing with his task.

"Why couldn't you book a room with two beds instead of one then." I asked while looking around.

The suite was on the top floor, facing the beautiful ocean view. The bed was big as it had sheer white drapes on each corner of the bed rails. Candlestick, that were the same height as me, with a double french door that led to a balcony.

"I don't snore or toss around in my sleep, so you'll be ok." He stated.

I look up to see him holding my red lace bra in hands. "Um, I'll...put these here on the top shelf along with your other personal clothing." He said, staring at the lace bra for quite sometime.

My face heated up from embarrassment, I should have unpacked my own things, but he insisted.

"Come and eat Nicolas, I'll finish unpacking later."

Which he didn't, he seem to be stalling. His back towards me as he looked into the closet. "I'll come, just give me a sec." His said, breathing deeply.

He must be disgusted by you undergarments and how big they are. God I need to stop eating so much.

I was lost in my thought when he laid a hand on my shoulder, "Do you not like the food, we can go eat somewhere." He said, sitting besides me.

I shook my head, trying to get the mist of tears that were forming in my eye's. I wanted to feel sexy in my skin, even though I get compliments of how sexy I looked, I still felt?insecure about myself.

Was I over exaggerating?

"Sam, are you ok?" Nicolas ask as if he was concerned about me.

"Yea, I'm fine. Just a bit exhausted that's all. You promise you don't snore? in your sleep." I chuckle.

He smiled widely and nodded his head, "Promise." He gentle moved the hair that was on my shoulder behind my back. "How bout you tell the girls to get ready, I'll take you all out to eat. You can have a little tour of the hotel and maybe we can go sit on the beach, to talk some more about my family."

"But I just ate."


grabbed my hand, pulling me off the bed. "That's not food, it's just a snack."

I don't know what I tripped over, but he caught me in his arm's. Which lead to me being very close to his body, I lifted my head to see his eyes bore through my soul.

He didn't move and neither did I, he gazed at my face as if he was memorizing each blemish I had.

"You're very beautiful Sam." He whispered.

I felt as if I was melting.

Pulling away from his body, I stood inches away from him as my face heated up from the simple compliment he said.

"Thanks." I mumbled.

"You have to get use to me saying things like that, we don't want people thinking anything else we are but true lover's. So don't pull back from me ever again like that."

"Well, we're not around people, so it's ok. I'll go tell the girls to get ready." I slowly turned around to walk out, but was pulled back into his arm's. He held my body from behind as his breath blew gently on my neck.

"We should practice kissing, so you won't feel nervous when I kiss you in front of anyone." He whispered.

Goosebumps formed underneath my clothes and I was glad he couldn't tell.

Slowly turning me around to face him, he licked his lips as if he actually wanted to kiss me.

"Do you have too?" I questioned.

His fingertips caressed my neck in slow soft movements that cause me to close my eye's.

"Yes! It's a must, just to make it easier on the both of us when the time comes." He whispered again.

His fingers continued to work their magic as my body slightly trembled. My eyes were sealed shut as I took in his soft caress.

"Open your eye's Sam, I want to those blue eyes of yours." He said as his lips ran along my lips.

I opened my eyes and lost my mind as I stared into his.

All I did was bite my lower lips to cause him to devour me into pure bliss. His fingers ranked my hair. Pulling me as close as possible, I gave in to my desire and kissed him back.

It's wasn't a simple kiss, it was a tongue twist, lips sync, passionate kissed that cause me to moan in his mouth. He didn't release me until my breath was taking away, along with my soul.

"Sam, can we come in." Amanda said which caused him to groan loudly.

I was still trembling underneath his fingers as he held my face tightly. Looking into his eye's that were filled with desire caused me to pull back.

"Are you satisfied, now stay at ease. No need for kissing only when it's necessary." I stated firmly.

The desire that was in his eye's turned cold, I didn't know why.

"Come in Amanda." He said, walking back to the closet.

The door opened and the girls walk in with a smile on their faces. "Can we go out, we want to enjoy the weather before heading back to New York." Abby said.

Nicolas walked out while tucking in his shirt. "Sam was about to come and call you girls, we're going out to eat. Are you two ready?" He asked, ignore my gaze.


My feet were aching from all the places we went to. Not a store or restaurant we didn't stop by, the girls we overly excited. I was happy to see them happy, Nicolas was a sweetheart to them. Whatever they touched or laid their eyes on, he bought it for them. I complained about him spending money on them, but he wasn't listening to me.

We we're sitting down on the sand, facing the beautiful ocean view as the waves played their tune. The girls we're near the shore, running like and playing like little kids. It was a beautiful scenery as I sat there with Nicolas, but the silence was killing me.

"Don't make it awkward Nicolas, we're just pretending. You asked to practice and we did, but I'm not sure what's going on in your head." I said leaning my head on my knees.

"I'm not making it awkward at all, but be sure we will kiss a lot in front of my family. I just wanted to break the ice before hand and you're right, it's just pretend."

I poked his shoulder lightly which caused him to look at me. His lips curved to the side as he let out a chuckle, "So we're good." I asked.

He winked at me and said, "We gucci."

I let out a loud laughter as I shook my head. He laid back, placing his hands around his head as he gazed at the sky. "How come you don't have a boyfriend Sam?" He asked.

I just sighed loudly before answering.

"I had responsibilities, I never gave into my needs. I just focused on my two baby's after mom's death, they were still young. I didn't want to bring a stranger into our lives. We still we're coping with mother's death. Time went by and I just got use to being alone, stress and debt did a number on me, so why add a man, right?"

His eye's just had this look of adoration in them. "Nicolas, I want to tell you something but I don't know how you'll take it." I said a bit scared.

I wanted to tell him who my father was, but I didn't know what he would think.

He stood up and faced me. "I know who my father is, but I don't want to ever see him." I said sadly.

His brows frowned as he grabbed my hand. "It's ok Sam, you don't have to see him. Whoever he is, I bet he was an asshole. He left you and your mother alone to care for your twin sister's. I kinda hate him and I don't even know him." He stated.

"Actually, my mom left him. He didn't know at the time that mom was pregnant with my sister's. But I still hate him, mom never told me the reason she left him, but I knew he must have hurt her in a way."

I felt him move closer, he placed his arm around my shoulder, I laid my head on his. "So you knew where he was but never went to ask him for help or ask for answers?" He questioned.

I shook my head as tears formed in my eyes. We sat there in silence and I enjoyed being with him. I managed? to speak again. "You know him actually." I whispered quietly.

I raised my head to face him. He was confused and lost, "I don't know a person who's later name is Dickson." He said while trying to remember.

"My mom change our name after she left, she said it would be easier for us and harder for him to find us, if he ever tried to. My mother's name was Tressa Michael...Bank's." I whispered, looking into his shocked expression. "I'm Michael Bank's daughter."

He sat there quietly, just trying to take in what I just said.

"You're my------sister?" I jumped at her voice as it straddle me.

Bethenny was standing next to Alexander, I couldn't breath. Tears we're in her eye's and in mines as well.

"Oh god, I knew I wasn't crazy." She said as she faced Alexander. "I told you she looked like her, but you said what are the odds." She faced me. "Oh my god, " she shouted loudly and ran away.






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