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   Chapter 4 Acting

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Packed and ready to leave with Nicolas, I couldn't help but feel he's been acting differently.

Didn't know why he was ignoring me, thought about what happened, but nothing made sense.

Maybe I should ask him on our way to the airport, what's been bothering him.

Just hope I get an answer from him.

The girls we're also ready and excited. They've never been to a wedding nor been on a plane, it was like a small vacation trip for them.

A couple of days ago, Nicolas bought a truck load of clothing for all three of us. The gesture was sweet, but I didn't want him to spend all that money on us.

Getting a text from him, he lets me know that he was on his way to pick us up, which made me nervous.

I felt everything was going to fast.

The thought of his family not liking me was getting the best of my nerves. I never put in much thought in about people's judgement, but I didn't know why I wanted them to like me, it's not like this was real.

It's just pretend..

A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts, my heart started to hammer loudly.

Just breath Sam, you can do this!

Abby went rushing to see who it was.

The door swung open to relieve a handsome, yet sophisticated Nicolas, standing there in a simple white dress shirt and dark black denim jeans.

"You girls ready, " came out in a husky tone.

"I really still can't believe you're taking us with you guy's. Thanks Nicolas, you are like, the perfect boyfriend. I'm so glad you and Sam are together, " Abby enthusiasm voice spoke.

His smile, was from the heart as he let it widen even more. "I'm glad we're together too, " his eye's casted upon mines.

I didn't know why he said that when he knew it was fake.

Blowing out a huff of stress, I picked up the luggage that was by my side.

"Amanda, hurry up please, " I yelled.

She came out running from her room, "You can't go anywhere without makeup, " she stated as she held a mini size bag that I presume had her makeup in. "I'm ready, Omg, this is going to be fun, " she gushed walking near her luggage bag, rolling it through the door.

Two men were behind Nicolas which I haven't noticed. "Give your luggage to the men, they'll bring it down. There's paparazzi outside, so stay close and enter the van quickly."

The girls nodded their heads and followed the men. I made sure everything was locked and in place.

Closing the door shut, I faced Nicolas who was still waiting for me, my nerves were getting the best of me and I hated it.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

I smiled and lied, "of course, why wouldn't I be?"

His face was masked, I couldn't tell how he felt.

Snapping out of his daze, he pulled my hand and walked us down the stairs. "I'm sorry for being an ass these last couple of days. Just a lot has been on my mind, " he mubbled, halting his steps. "Don't worry about my family, I'm sure they'll love you. You're a very interesting woman, stay by my side at all time and fuck what anyone thinks, " he declared as he took my hand.

Letting out a breath of relief, I smiled.

His lips curved into a smirk, "You look amazing, " he commented while his eyes roamed over my appearance.

Abby and Amanda made it their mission to dress me up from now on.

Wearing a tight leather beige top that was tucked in my jeans was too much for me, so, I placed long brownish beige cardigan on top of outfit, ankle strap heels to match the over-size bag I had hanging around my arm.

Maybe I did look good, or as Abby said, I went from zero to one hundred sexy real quick.

"Thanks!" Replying as my heart fluttered wildly. "Are we going to see ex at the wedding?" I asked curiously.

It's been bothering me, I wanted to know what I was facing. He rubbed his face and sighed. "Yes, you will! She's the one marrying my cousin." He said which caused my heart to break a bit.

"Why the hell are we going then?" I shouted loudly.

Was he trying to show everyone that he moved on?

"You still have feeling for her Nicolas, I can tell, it will only hurt you more." I said while holding his hand.

He leaned against the wall and started to speak. "Already told you why I need to do this, I want to shut everyone up. Why can't you just play pretend? This is what I want from you, is to act like you're in love with me, that's all!"

The problem is, I think I like you Nicolas. But I'll play along, without bringing my heart into this mess.

"Ok, no need for the attitude. I get it, this is just pretend, all I'm saying is that you don't have to prove to anyone that you're doing fine. But, I guess the expectations is high and everyone is waiting on what you will do next. You want to show them you've moved on. I get it, let's go, the girls are waiting."

I walked ahead of him, ignoring him as he called out my name.

He somehow jumped the railing and appeared in front of me. "I thought we had an agreement and understanding about this. Why are you acting like this?" He curiously asked.

I don't know, maybe cause this whole situation is getting to me. I feel like I'm being used so you can look good in front of your family.

"I just feel that we're going to be exposed, that everyone will look right through this act of ours. I'm not Julia Roberts you know, I can't act, but I'll try my best." I said.

I felt like I wanted to cry, but why, I don't know.

Wrapping his arms around my trembling body, he rocked me back and forth. "Just be Sam that I've gotten to known these past few week's. She's cool, funny, sweet, amazing, beautiful on the inside and out. Just be you, and let's act like we've been acting these past three week's."

Nodding my head, his fingers lingered on my cheeks longer than expected. His scent was intoxicating, causing me to relax in his arm's. "You guys can kiss and hug later, we've waited like, forever. Hurry up!" Abby shouted.

He pulled away and chuckled, walking down the last few steps, his arm draped around my shoulder, pulling me closer as we exited the complex.

Camera flashes went to work as we made our way to the van. I was getting use to it, but my sisters, not that much.

Questions were thrown here and there, trying to get more information about Nicolas Stone alleged new girlfriend, which was me!

I felt someone squeezed my waist, I slowly moved my head to the side, facing Nicolas who was standing behind me as the two men tried to get the paparazzi out of our way.

Abby was in front of me, I placed my hands on her shoulders to pull her back.

"My head is hurting me." Abby complained.

I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her back into my front while shielding her eye's.

"How long have you been together?"

"Where are guys you heading off too?"

"Are you two planning to get married?"

"Are you ok with your Ex, Katherine Hassairo marrying

your cousin Matson Stone?

"Nicolas do you love her?"

Finally after a good five minutes, we entered the van. "What the heck, like Omg!" Abby said bring her hands to her face.

I felt worried because she was shaking. "Are you ok Abby?" Nicolas questioned her as he was sitting in front of her.

Amanda sat in front of me, rubbing Abby's back.

"I'm fine, it's just so many people yelling at the same time and the flashes made me feel like I was about to pass out." She stated, sitting back in her seat.

"Ok, I want you girls to wear shades no matter where you go. It will help with the flashes and cover up if you're annoyed." Nicolas said with a sigh.

He faced me and continued to speak. "Does Abby wear glasses?"

"No, contacts! She hates glasses, apparently it makes her look like a nerd." I declared as I folded my arms while looking at her.

"I'm fine, it was just the first time being in the middle like that. It's usually only one or two people following us when we go out, but not this much. I can't believe you guys handle that kind of stress." Abby remarks as she looked out the window.

"Who wants a burger and fries, along with a large coke?" Nicolas asked, changing the subject.

He earned a giggle from the three of us.

He smiled sadly, "I'm sorry for ruining your perfect life. I didn't mean to bring this chaos upon you."

"We're glad you came into our lives? Nicolas. I've never seen Sam this happy, you two are the cutest couple." Amanda stated.

The car slowly came to a stop and awkward silence fell upon us.

The poor girls thought that this was a fairy tale come true, but little do they know it's just an act.

Nicolas took my hand that was by his side, and held it tightly. The smile on his face eased everything, the gesture was small, but made my heart skip a beat.

"Why did we stop?" Abby asked as she looked around.

A knock on the side door was heard, Nicolas opened the door to relieve a man. He had a bag in one hand and the drinks in the other. "Your order Mr. Stone!"

Nicolas grabbed the bag as the man shuts the door.

"When? How?" Abby asked.

"How bout we dig in before we reach the airport." Nicolas stated while handed each of us a beast deluxe burger with a side of fries.

All you could hear was Mmmm, Omg, from the girls, they we're enjoying each bite.

A couple of minutes later, we reached the airport.

I noticed we didn't stop at the main door to the airport, but drove off to the runway where a jet was waiting.

"Oh. My. God. Are we going on a private plane?" Amanda asked in shock, her burger was inches away from her mouth.

"You've got to be kidding me." I stated as I faced Nicolas.

He wasn't even listening to us, he was to busy stuffing his face with food.

"Nicolas, is that the plane we're going on?" Abby questions, taking a fries from him.

"Hey, that's mines! Let me enjoy it, I won't get to eat this kind of food in front of my family, and yes, we're going on that plane."

His hand reached the corner of my lips, wiping away whatever that was there.

"Let's go!" Abby happily said, opening the door while holding the burger in her hand.

We exit the van and walk towards the plane, the girls we're over the moon, they ran up the few steps and into the jet.

Nicolas was holding my hand as he talked with a couple of men besides him, I pulled away, but he pulled me back, wrapping his arm around my waist. His head lowered bringing his lips near my ear, "Never leave my side." He whispered lowly, planting a kiss on my temple.

This is going to be so f*cking hard.

"Come on man, aren't you going to introduce us to this fine sexy piece of art you have in your arm's?" A man yelled out as he jump out a red porch.

A stunning woman quickly followed him.

"What's up Al, this is my girl Samantha, Sam this is Alexander Sago, you can say he's family." Nicolas said.

The man was covered in ink from head to toe, and was extremely handsome.

The woman approached, standing next to him, "This is Bethenny, we're here to join you two on your trip." Alexander said with a smirk.

"Hi, nice to meet you both." I stated, wondering why Nicolas didn't tell me about them coming along.

"You are so beautiful Samantha", the woman spoke before facing Nicolas. "Thank you for letting us tag along. I'm sorry for the inconvenience." She shyly mubbled.

"No problem, anything for my man over here." Nicolas stated as he patted? Alexander on the back.

Walking with his friend ahead of us, I faced the woman whose name was? Bethenny. She seemed to thinking really hard.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

Her eye's that were following Alexander were now on me, a soft smile appeared before nodding her head.

Walking up the steps and into the jet, my heart started to hammer a bit loudly.

I remembered how my so-called father would take mom and I on trips in his jet. Nicolas didn't know about him, but I knew everything. How he has a daughter and wife, while forgotten about my sister's and I. Feeling bad for not telling Nicolas about him, but it wasn't necessary. My father was a nobody, never will I forgive him, ever.

Taking a seat next to Nicolas, I let out a sigh. The girls we're facing each other while Alexander and Bethenny? sat in front of Nicolas and I.

"You ok with us tagging along, right Nicolas." His friend said as he was smoking what seem to be a blunt.

I stared in horror at Nicolas, "AL, not in front of girls, ok!"

Alexander or AL, rolled his eyes and stood up, walking to the door, befire throwing the blunt out. Sitting back in his seat, he smile. "Happy!"

This guy seems like trouble, I wonder how Nicolas and him became friends.

They were the complete opposite of each other. "What is it that you do Bethenny." Nicolas questioned her.

Unbuttoning her suit jacket, she spoke. "I'm a new designer, tats here is dragging me to someone wedding as his date."

Nicolas laughed while shaking his head. "That's AL for ya, always gets what he wants."

"What's your last name?" Nicolas asked. "You seems familiar."

"Bank's, Bethenny bank's!" She said and my heart stopped completely.

No, she can't be!

"Ah, I knew I've seen you before. It's a pleasure meeting you, I'm working with your father on a new project." Nicolas said.

I couldn't breath, I need air, oh god, is she really his daughter?

"Are you ok Samantha, you seem as if you seen a ghost." Bethenny said concerned.

Tears we're falling from my eyes, my heart was ripping apart. Nicolas and everyone was staring at me as if I had lost it.

"Hey, you ok?" Nicolas asked as his hand gently turned my face towards him.

She's his daughter, I can't believe it.

"Yea! Sorry! Just kinda scared of flying that's all." I lied, when I wanted to yelled out that I'm Samantha bank's.

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