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   Chapter 3 Planning it out

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Nicolas and I were on our third week of "getting to know each other."

Theres only a week left until I'll be flying off with him to his cousin wedding, where there, I will meet his entire family.

Was I nervous?


Did I have cold feet?


Why I crazy for accepting his offer?

F*ck Yes!

But I wanted to get rid of this debt that locked me in place. Not everyone was a millionaire, there were times I feared of losing everything.

I wanted to secure my sister's future without any fear. I wanted them to have a good education, where they don't have to depend on anyone nor struggle.

I was doing this for them, for us.

He was helping me, as I was helping him.

He needed to avoid his families nagging, which I found nothing wrong in them wanting him to love and get married, but, he wasn't 'ready' to deal with that yet.

He still wanted to live and explore, to focus more on the family business. Maybe have his fun with different women.

I understood that, He had the looks and money. But, was pressured by the rules that needed to be followed.

Ripping away the only thing he loved more than his life wasn't an option for him.

The only time I saw passion and love, is when he spoke about his grandfather and the company.

He's was basically born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He didn't know the meaning of struggle, when I asked him, at what point he felt struggle in life.

He said and I quote, "When I lost a two million dollar deal." I thought, poor thing, he lost two million dollars, must have been hard. But he said, "No, I didn't lose that kind of money and even if I did, it would be like losing two dollars."

I wanted to grab his face and punch him, like really punch him. Come to find out, that he didn't get the deal cause the buyers were looking into someone else less cheaper than Stones Corp.

When I asked where is the struggle in all that? He said, "I didn't convince them enough to work with me, it bothered me in a way and that's where the struggle came through."

Yup, guess he didn't understand what I meant.

And here I stood among other people trying to earn ends meet, while other played with money left and right.

He would come everyday after three in the afternoon, until 10 at night to talk about his family and whatnot. Names and etc, he would mention his dad a couple of times, noted that he wasn't on good terms with the guy.

His mother was, what's the much?

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not judging, but just imagine a girl like me, very simple and thick girl who shops at H&M plus size department, then imagine a woman like Victoria Stone's, a former model, that's into fashion and jewelry.

By the looks of the pictures Nicolas showed me, the woman was very high-end and still skinny as a twig after all these years, while here I stuffed my face with bacon every morning.

Yeaaaa, I don't know how that's going to work.

All we seem to talk about is his family, but not him. He didn't do much, only work.

Work work work work, you see me doing work work work... Sorry, I got out of hand there.

Anyways what was I saying? Yea, all he talks about is work and work and more work.

Today I was determined to make him open up more, so I planned the entire day outdoors instead of our usual talk at the cafe shop, that would end up at my small apartment by the end of the night.

Oh, didn't I tell you? Amanda and Abby already meet Nicolas. He asked one day if we could finish our conversation at my apartment, because the paparazzi were following him. I immediately said yes, we exited the cafe shop and flashes blinded us. I usually walk to work, Nicolas car was parked so far we couldn't get to.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and cursed lowly as we walk back to apartment complex, paparazzi followed us the entire way. I didn't want to be on any cover but I had to play it cool, I signed up for this.

Nicolas didn't tell about it, as soon as we reached the complex and entered, I pinched and yelled at him. I knew he was a Ceo of some company, but he didn't tell me he was this big.

Entering my two by four apartment, I were greeted by Abby and Amanda. He sat him down on the worn out sofa, laid back and closed his eyes as if he was relaxed. Abby seems to notice him, she whispered to Amanda something then spoke. "Hey, aren't you Nicolas Stone?"

I stared at her confusingly, how did she know his name. He opened his eyes and stood up, "Yes I am, I'm also your sister boyfriend. Didn't she tell you yet?" He said smirking.

Both girls squealed loudly. "Omg Sam, why didn't you tell us? Hi, I'm Abby and this is my ugly twin Amanda, " she said, shaking his hand, earning a pinch from Amanda.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you two, Sam has told me so much about you both, " he was polite and sexy.

Still don't know why he would want to jeopardy his reputation with marrying a plus size girl like me.

That night was long, paparazzi didn't leave, actually, they camped outside the complex. Abby and Amanda were still in awe that their big sister is dating the sexiest Ceo Bachelor, Nicolas Stone. The girls went to sleep after a while, Nicolas looked out the window and saw the cameras flashing. He said that I should accept the fact, after tonight, people will follow me and my sister's around. That night he slept over and left in the morning.

My life has been very hectic after that day. Everywhere I went, there was someone with a camera snapping pics of me. Some days, I would pose and someday I would be annoyed. Just like today, I was in my shop waiting for Nicolas.

Paparazzi were outside, waiting for him to come, I called him earlier and asked him to wear something simple, like a white tee-shirt and sweatpants.

Let's hope he does.

"How are things with sexy Ceo Nicolas Stone, " James said as he clean the windows.

The shop was getting a scrub down today, fall was in season and my god was it the busiest season ever. The shop was closed as of right now, it was under maintenance repair. The water pipe broke, so I decided to lock the shop for today.

"Things are great, he's sweet but also stiff. He needs to learn how to chill and have a good time, not everything should involve work. So that's why, I planned the entire day, just enjoying the big apple and exploring. It's not just for him, but for me as well. I just hope he wears something simple, " I whispered as I wiped the window clean.

Paparazzi were taking pic after pic, God this was so annoying. Rolling my eyes, I caught someone standing by the door.

He was wearing shades and a hat, so I couldn't really see his face that much, but damn he was fine.

"We're closed, " I mouthed the guy from behind the door.

He took off his shades and my heart skipped a beat, for a moment that I had to catch myself. I quickly opened the door and let him walk in, then closed the door as fast as I could.

There stood Nicolas, in normal looking clothes, a simple black tee and loose fitted joggers with fresh Jay's. "You look hot, " I blurted out, earning a full on smile from him.

The flashing of the cameras didn't bother me one bit this time, he looked very hot. I mean don't get me wrong, a guy in a suit is a panty wetter, but Nicolas killed it for me. He would come everyday with a different kind of suit, and it was getting pretty boring. Now every time I see a guy in a suit, I frown.

"So, where are you taking me today, " he ask.

I pulled his hand and walked to the back of the shop. "James, we're leaving. Make sure to lock up and don't talk to the paparazzi, " I yelled out. "I hope you don't get tired of walking around, cause that's all we're doing today." I stated, walking down the alleyway with him.

"I haven't walked on NYC streets since I was in high school. I used to skip academy with one of my friends. His name was Jake, haven't talked to him since then. Man, I would love to see that guy again, he was my best friend since day one, but all that changed when I started college. My new rich friends didn't like hanging out with him, I was a douche." He announced unhappily.

That's the first I've gotten out of him, he opened up and I didn't even have to try.


"Well, do you know where this Jake lives or works? Maybe we could go see him and you know, maybe apologize to him along the way, " I asked hopefully.

He chuckled lowly while shaking his head. "Yea, he's a chef at this bar & grill. I know cause, he's been mentioned a couple of times in food magazine."

Walking down the street besides me. He took my hand, I smiled at the small simple touch that made my heart flutter.

It was around four in the afternoon, jaywalking, we reached the other side of the street. "Where are we going, " he asked as his thumb caressed the back of my hand.

I forgot I was still holding his hand, he didn't seem to mind.

"I know you haven't eaten yet, so we're, meaning you and I. Are going to share a gyros sandwich of your choice, with a side of chilli cheese fires."

"That sound good."

We reached the food truck in no time. Staring at the many options, I turned to face him. "So, what kind of gyro would you like."

He smiled at me, "Mom would have a heart attack if she knew I ate from a food truck. I'll have a steak and lamb gyro and your spicy chilli fries, add a large coke as well." He said to food truck owner.

I walked to the side with him and leaned against a brick wall, we waited for our food to get ready. "Is your mom against you eating normal food?" I asked.

"She's really high maintenance, everything must be high-end or it's not good for us. If she knew I had these kind of clothes on, she would freak out." He stated.

"Why don't you do what you want Nicolas?"

He looked me in the eyes, his lips parted, but stops when the guy yells.

"Order number 57 ready."

I went and paid the guy, took our food left.

"We're not eating them now, " he asked sadly.

I pulled his hand and walked down a couple more streets. We reached central park, walking by people as they did whatever.

If you want to see anything and everything, then you should come down to central park, get a dose of true New yorkers.

Reaching a big oak tree, I sat on the grass and leaves that had fallen from the tree. He sat down besides me and observed everything.

"Their normal people Nicolas, not aliens." I declared, biting into the steak gyro.

He was already halfway through his gyro, the poor guy must be hungry. He chugged the coke and ate some more.

He continued and finished his sandwich in less then two minutes.

"You want mine gyro, "I asked, pushing it towards his mouth.

He took it with no questions asked, And ate that as well, I was just watching him as he devoured the food. "When was the last time you ate food Nicolas?"

His mysterious dark eye's looked into mine. He seemed to be thinking really hard.

"I just had a portion shakes in the morning. I've just missed street food, it's been a while." He shyly avoided my gaze.

I grabbed the fork and pushed it through the fries, taking a big mouthful, I stuffed my face with some cheese fries. "Well, I hope you're not expecting an invitation, dig in."

He took the fork and help me finish the fries, took another sip of his coke then did a small burp.

I laughed loudly, he looked at me weirdly. "Oh, come on, I burp louder than that." He took another sip of coke and let out a manly burp you could say. "Bet you feel better too huh." I said.

His roar of laughter caused people to look at us.

"Come on, let's walk and talk for a bit." He got up and grabbed my hand.

Walking in the park was peaceful, a teenager caught my attention as I sat on one of the many benches in the park. He was singing his heart out to Shawn Mendes song, Mercy. His voice was impeccable and raw, took my breath away. "I want that boy to sing at our so-called wedding." I said not putting any thought to what I just said.

I paused, and realization struck hard.

I played it cool and act like I said nothing.

Yea sam, just act cool as a cucumber, my eye's had a mind of its own as I thought about cucumber. They drifted to his pant, I bit my lips from laughing loudly.

Don't blame me, my mind just works that way. I think of peach and automatically booty comes to mind. So cucumbers are you know, cucumbers.

"We should get his number then, he sounds pretty good." My heart beated fast as he said that.

"Is there anything you want to tell me before we do this. No ex girlfriend, mistresses that want to kill me?"

He shook his head laughing.

"You have any tattoos, scars, birthmarks you wanna let me know about?" I asked and he smiled.

"Promise you won't laugh."

I nodded my head as he stood up, he pulled his shirt up, I felt myself drenched, literally. My ovaries just conceived a baby through air delivery.


"Is that the only one, " I asked licking my dry lips.

Why can't my panty be dry like my lips?

"I have one on my back and one on the right hip bone." I just nodded like a Bobblehead.

The bull was staring me right in the eyes, I wonder if he chargers with full force, or just ram's and ram's, my god.

Ok, let's tone the horniness down a bit..

I pulled his shirt down, and got up. "Looks like your Photoshop so god damn well." I muttered playfully.

He smirked proudly and wiggled his eyebrows at me.

His face, I wanted to eat that. Like lick it and eat it up. Ugh, so cute!

"I've meant to tell you, where will your sisters stay when we go to the wedding? Do you have any family members that will take care of them until we come back?" He curiously asked.

I still didn't figure that out yet. I basically don't have any family members left. Well, I do but, I considered them dead. They left me in tough times all alone with two girls to raise all by myself.

"How much do you know about me Nicolas? And, I'm taking my sister's with me." I stated.

"I had Jake give me a full report on you but there's still some puzzle pieces that are missing. Like your father's side of the family Sam, where and who are they? And how come I couldn't find anything on him? It's like you guys erased him completely." He curiously said.

"He's just a sperm donor. Mom was pregnant with my twin sister's when she left him, I didn't know the reason at the time but, I remember that night. Mom was screaming so loud, I woke up from my sleep, wandering out my room to see what was going on. They're we're both yelling at each other. Mom watched as he left without a word, she walked up the stairs and saw me sitting there. She picked me up a

nd placed me on her bed as she started to pack her clothes. She was crying the entire time, she wrote a letter and left it on they're bed. I remember she was in the bathroom, I grabbed the pen she wrote with and did these little hearts on each corner of the letter, haha, I wrote Love mommy and Sam. She was done packing, left that big house we lived in and never looked back. I remember how she struggled with everything, being eight at the time, I didn't understand much but I knew I would never see him again, " I paused with a huff. "Enough of this gloomy shit, Let's go get some ice cream." I whispered, ignoring the pain in my heart.

I was speed walking as he yelled out my name, I didn't want him to see my weak side. No one will ever see that side of me, ever.

"Sam, ugh you stubborn woman, stop!" He reached for my arm.

Grabbing me, he then did the most distracting thing ever. He hugged me from behind, "Stop being so tough."

Stop being tough? No! That wasn't happening, especially around you. I needed to keep my guard up at all times no matter what.

I tapped his hand, "I'm ok Nicolas, I got use to being tough. Now how bout that ice cream?" I asked.

He puts his arm around my shoulder. "Sure!" He smiled.

The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold, just right. Walking to our next destination, I stopped at Pete's ice cream truck.

A wide smile appeared on the cute man's face. "What's up there mama, I heard you dating some big shot." He said loudly enough for Nicolas to hear.

"Yea, I am." I shyly said.

Nicolas raised a perfectly arched eyebrow. I pulled him near me, "Hey Pete, this is my boyfriend Nicolas, Nicolas this is Pete's. I only buy my ice cream from his truck, he's knows me by name cause I'm always here." I said while giggling.

"Hey man, you got a dime there, take care of her." He says to Nicolas in his New Jersey accent.

"Will it be the usual for Sam?" I nodded my head.

"Should I order for you or do you have a favorite flavor?" I asked, facing him.

He was gazing at me intensely, trying to see if I was OK or not. I wasn't, but I'll never show him my pain. "I'll have what you're having." He whispered out.

Pete handed two double minted Oreo ice cream layered with pistachios, topped with chocolate chips over to me.

I gladly take them and hand one off to Mr hot stuff.

"Thanks Petes, I'll pay you tomorrow." I shouted, I left hand in hand with Nicolas.

Is it kinda awkward licking ice cream in front of someone who is staring at you from the corner of his eye?

Yea, well, I kinda, maybe, sorta did it on purpose. Licking slowly that is, I was laughing in my head as I watched him bite his lips.

"It's getting hot in herre, so hot, so take off all your clothes, " I sang lowly.

"I wanna take my clothes off, " he sang as well.

Earning a loud laugh from me.

It's was around six thirty pm, we walked the street of NYC, my feet were aching but I was enjoying Nicolas company.

He was very laid back when he felt comfortable.

"I haven't play ball in a while." He said as we walked past the court.

An idea popped into my head, I found myself yelling, "Hey guy's, you need an extra player? My boyfriend wants to play ball on his day off."

"Sam, no-"

"Yea man, you can take my place. I need a break." The guy yelled back.

Nicolas was smiling like a little kid, he handed me his hat, wallet and shades as he hurried over to play.

I stood leaning against the fence, watching him, and seeing if he got game or not. A bit rusty at first, but then played like a pro, shot after shot went in the hoop.

"Damn, white boy knows how to play." The Hispanic guy said.


We've been here for two hours and the court was full, watching as it went down between the two team's. The offense was good, but also the defense did a great job. The score was 58-54, Nicolas team need to score for the win.

Flashes of camera went off, I turned to see someone with a camera. Nicolas stiffened up, I looked his way and smiled. "Time out, '' I yelled.

The person that was keeping score yelled a timeout.

I ran to the middle of the court, "Nice game guys, but how bout you put the winning shot in, so we can all go, please." I said as some shook their head, while other laughed.

I was next to Nicolas, grabbing his hand, "hurry up, my sister are alone and we still haven't had dinner yet." He smiled and nodded his head.

"Man, how bout you give him a good luck kiss." The Hispanic guy that was named Adam, said.

"I'll kiss him when he wins the game." I walk back to my spot.

Nicolas eye's pierced thought my soul, as I faced him, biting down on my lip hard, I imagined the kiss.

Geezs Sam, calm down!

"Time in, " the guy yelled.

Adam had the ball, he dribbled it then passed it to Nicolas that made a three pointer easily as he stared at me.

Oh shit!

Everyone was going wild, as he stood there staring at me. I felt my heart pick up its beating as his steps came closer and closer. I swallowed hard as he stood in front of me. His raised his eyebrow challenging me, I grabbed his face with my hands and laid a soft kiss on the corner of his lips. Cameras were flashing non stop, I placed his hat on his head while his hands gripped my waist.

Everyone seemed curious as to why paparazzi were taking pics of us.

God, where the hell did they come from?

Nicolas walked over to the guys and shook each and everyone hand.

"Good game guys, is it cool if Nicolas and I come here? He seem to love playing basketball, but his busy schedule always gets in the way." I said to Adam.

"Dude, it's an open court. Anyone can come and play, it was good playing with you man. You pretty good!" Adam said.

Nicolas smiled genuinely from his heart. "Thanks man, we'll see you guys soon."

We walked out the court with Nicolas arm around my shoulder. He placed his shades on, ignoring the paparazzi.

Following every step of the way, they? threw questions and remarks, I've learned to just not say anything. The less they know, the better.

The flashes were bothering me, I cast my gaze down to the ground as I walked.

Nicolas was leading, I didn't know were to step due to all the flashes. He pulled me closer, "Nicolas, why go from dating supermodel, to plus size model, " one yelled.

"Because there's a lot of ass and sass in my plus size girl." Nicolas stated, which caused me to laugh out loud.

Did he just say that?

He laughed along with me, he took off his hat and placed on my head, He knew the flashes were bothering me.

"We're to, " he said loudly.

"I wanted to go to this pizza place but we're far from it." I replied back to him.

"I'm sorry Sam." He whispered, pulling me even closer to him.

The paparazzi were still flashing as they listened to over conversation.

I turned to face them, "Anyone knows a good pizza place nearby, " I asked, and more flashes snapped by the second.

Don't snap Sam, don't snap.

"There's a pizza place two blocks from here. They make the best pizza ever!" A tall, young skinny guy with glasses said.

He had three cameras strapped around his neck.

"Can you lead the way please, " I asked nicely.

He nodded his head and walked besides Nicolas.

"What's your name?" Nicolas asked the guy.

"Steve, " he reply while walking awkwardly besides us.

"I'm Sam and of course you know Nicolas." I hummed out.

"Yes, who doesn't."Steve mumbled.

Small conversation was made as we reached the pizza shop, It was small. Like, really small to even move in.

"What do you like on your pizza?" Nicolas asked.

The guy that was standing in front of us looked confused. I wouldn't blame him, the amount of paparazzi outside was insane.

"I like spinach, mushrooms, jalape?os, banana pepper on my pizza. How bout you?"

"Pepperoni, black olives, jalape?os and extra cheese. Oh, and it has to be well done." He stated as he licked his lips.


"Can we have one large pizza, half topped with spinach, mushrooms, banana pepper and jalape?o and the other half with pepperoni, black olives and jalapenos and extra cheese."

"Oh, and one large cheese pizza as well please." I added.

Abby and Amanda must be hungry by now.

"Can we go eat at my apartment?" I whispered, looking up at his sexy face.

"Sure, " he smiled sweetly.

"Make that order to go please." Nicolas yelled.

We waited for about 15 minutes until the pizzas was ready. He payed and head out with the pizza in his hand.

It wasn't easy walking past the paparazzi, but we managed to do so.

Nicolas whistled loudly for a cab to stop, but all were occupied. He sighed loudly in frustration, I rubbed his arm which I held tightly.

Poor guy was always followed day and night, I was getting annoyed and it's only been 3 weeks. Imagine Nicolas having to deal with this since god knows when.

The cameras were surrounding us, Nicolas grabbed my waist and pulled me near him. He was getting a little touchy, but I didn't mind it one bit.

A cab finally stops and we gladly entered, Nicolas gave him the address and laid back in the seat.


The cab stopped in front of the complex, and yes! You guessed right, Paparazzi were waiting outside.

"Don't they get tired, " I questioned him.

"I'm sorry Sam."

"Don't be, I kinda feel bad you can't enjoy your life without them following you around everywhere."

He smiled at me which took my breath away. Stepping out first, he held the pizza in one hand while the other hand reached out for me to take.

Gladly taking his hand, I got out of the cab. His arm automatically wrapped around my waist and walks in the complex.

We didn't have an elevator, only steps which I was use to. Reaching the apartment, tried and exhausted, the door opens.

We're greeted by Abby whining. "Omg you guys, those people wouldn't let us breath for one minute throughout the day. They kept asking questions and followed Amanda and I. We didn't even get to go out all day."

Nicolas sighed loudly as he placed the pizza on the coffee table. I threw a, shut up or I'll kill you look towards Abby. She backed away as I sat next to him, "bring the napkins & coke and come eat. Amanda, dinner!" I yelled.

I opened the pizza box and handed him a slice. "Eat, " I order him.

He chuckled and took the pizza. Abby came with the coke and napkins, sat on the floor and took a slice of cheese pizza. "You guys need to do something about those people outside." Amanda stated as she sat down next to Nicolas.

He handed her a pizza, "I will, I promise! I'm sorry, it's my fault they're here." He said, grabbing another pizza slice.

"No it's not!" Abby said with her mouth full.

She swallowed and continued to speak, "It's not you Nicolas, you're sweet and nice. You did nothing, it's them having nothing better to do then follow people around and annoying the living daylight out of them. I swear, I had to hold my tongue from saying something bad to them just so you wouldn't be mad at Sam."

He looked at her weirdly. "Why would I be mad at Sam?"

"What Abby is trying to say is, we don't want to be the ones who causes problems between you two. We want you guys to be together for a long time, I'll ship you two any day." Amanda winked as she nudge Nicolas.

He laughed loudly.


We enjoyed the rest of the night watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and eating cake that the girls baked while I was out. After the movie was done, the girls went to bed.

Nicolas and I chatted a bit longer. It was eleven in the evening and he was sleeping over as he normally does when there's paparazzi camping out.

"Thanks Sam, today was the most fun I had in years." He said as his head was laid back on the sofa. "I really love this sofa, it's so comfortable." He faced me.

I giggled and shook my head. "It's worn out and old, but if it's comfortable for you then I'm glad. You know, I have a confession to make." I said as he stared at me.

"I thought you were stiff and hard to understand, but you're so easy to read. Your very simple, but I don't know, I have this feeling you're not telling me everything I need to know. I don't want any surprises Nicolas, if there's anything you want to let me know, then please, say it now. I don't want to find out from anyone else, I want to know from you."

His eye's held a mystery.

"I was in a relationship with someone before, it didn't work out. She um, she choose to be with someone else besides me. My parents think I haven't let that go, but I have. It's just, it's hard sometimes that's all." He said with sadness.

"What's her name?" I asked.

"Katherine, " he firmly said.

"Your clothes are in the top drawer shelf in my room. I'll clean up all here while you go take a shower, use the teal colored towel." I said as I stood.

Holding my hand out for him. He took my hand, but he was heavy to pull up. "Jesus Nicolas, what are you made of steel?"

He chuckled deeply as he stood up. I watched him walk down the hall and into my room, I closed the TV and started to clean the living room.

After I was finished, I went to my room to grab the extra pillow and blankets for him.

I entered the room and hauled my steps.

There, Nicolas, in all his glory, laying on my bed. His eyes were shut, his arms above his head, his legs hung over the bed. All that going on and he was NAKED ON MY BED.

Ohhhhhhh my.

"Nicolas", I whispered gently.

His light snoring filled the room, I walked over slowly and grabbed the blanket that was on the dresser. I unfolded it quickly and threw it on his body, luckily it covered him. I didn't have the heart to walk him up, so I just grabbed my pajamas and headed into the bathroom.

Stripping out of my clothes, I entered the shower, the water hit against my body which caused me to relax.



I was awake when Sam came into the room. I didn't move cause I was embarrassed, she walked in on me like that. I heard when she whispered my name but decided to lightly snore. She walked in then threw something on my body, then she walked around, entering the bathroom.

I stood up as I heard her lightly moan in a low tone.

Fuck, was she..

I walked over and stood behind the door. "Mmmm, " a fated low moan came through.

I felt aroused, I wanted to open the door and watch her, but I shook my head and backed away from the door.

"This is all pretend Nicolas, she just pretending, you're just pretending." I said to myself. I wore my clothes and went to sleep on the relaxing sofa, I closed my eye's shut, but my c*ck wasn't able to let me sleep.

I wonder how she looks when she comes..

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