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   Chapter 2 The meeting

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''Are you both sure you're OK?" I asked my twins sisters once again.

''Geez Sam, it's like the millionth time you've asked. And, for the millionth time, we've answered. YES!'' both Abby and Amanda said united.

My body slumped against the couch. I was glad Abby wasn't going over the speed limit, or we would have been in a much worse situation.

I closed my eyes to rest for a bit.

''The guy was so hot, did you see his car? He seems rich, " Amanda whispered to Abby, not knowing I can hear them.

''How do you think Sam is going to pay the guy? Does she even have enough money?'' Abby whispered in a concerned tone.

''I don't know, the car looks really expensive. But, I think Sam will handle it, she always has.''

''But what if she doesn't this time Amanda, we have to help her pay for the damage. She's only one person, she's has a lot on her plate. And I just added something else she probably didn't want at the moment.'' Abby said in a sad tone.

''Hey, Abby come on! It was an accident, and he came out of nowhere. So basically, it's his fault, and of course we'll help her. How about we start searching for jobs at the mall? I saw a 'we're hiring' sign at the food court today. We can go apply and hopefully they'll hire us.'' Amanda said with such enthusiasm.

''OK, but we have to ask Sam if it's alright. Let's go make a quick easy lunch, then we'll talk to her about it.'' Abby said.

I heard them whisper far away in the kitchen. But couldn't hear as much as I wanted, I felt so proud of them. They wanted to help me, my little rug rats wanted to help their big sister.

After resting a bit, I decided to get up and go straight to the café. I couldn't wait any longer, he was probably waiting for me. Grabbing my phone off the coffee table, I stared at the time.

I wonder how much will the total expenses would be to fix his car? And if he was willing to take payments?

I huffed out a sigh and hope for the best.

Let's hope to God he has a good heart.

I sat up and turned to face the girl's. They were in deep conversation, Abby looked over and saw that I was looking at them. Her smile was contagious, I smiled back at her.

''I'll go to the coffee shop now, the guy is probably there. You two stay here and eat something, I'll be back soon.'' I said while grabbing my purse before heading out.

''Sam, Sam! We want to come with you. Please!'' Abby said, following me out the apartment.

I didn't want them to come, I didn't want them to feel even more responsible. ''Stay here, please.''

I walked down the stairs and out of the apartment complex. I decided to walk to the cafe shop since it's only a few blocks away.

Please, God let him be understanding.

Fifteen minutes later I entered the shop, it wasn't busy during this time of year. Everyone was out enjoying the sun, probably at the beach getting a tan.

God, I'm missing out on a lot.

''Hey Sam, someone was waiting for you but he left. He said he'll be back in ten minutes or so, and might I add he was a sight to see. fine, he blew my mind, but you can tell he ain't gay, " James said in a disappointing tone as soon as I entered.

I giggled, shaking my head. "Yea, well that 'so so fine' person is here to collect money for his damaged car. Abby was driving, and he came out of nowhere, and might I add that it was a very expensive car too. Anyways, it all happened so fast.''

The shocked look on James face said it all. ''Are you guy's OK? God Sam, when did this happen? What are you going to do?" he asked.

''I don't know what I will do. Maybe a second mortgage loan on the shop, but I don't want to jeopardize my sisters and I only source of income. God James, everything is not going as I planned.'' I said frustratingly.

I placed my hands on my face, all I wanted to do was cry. Cry and cry until there was no more pain or stress left.

The bell went off, indicating that someone has walked into the shop, I rubbed my face and took a deep breath.

It's OK Sam, just let life take its course, but fight with all you have to win.

''One espresso please, " a rich husky male voice said.

I turned to face who it was. A tall handsome ginger haired man was there. Dirty in his work clothes, but that just made him even more sexy. I smile his way, causing him to smiles as well.

''Hi beautiful, " he said which caused me to blush a bit.

I was pretty I guess, but my weight always held me back from everything. Everyone would tell me how sexy and curvy I was, but I never felt sexy.

''Hi!" I whispered back.

I sat on one of the chair's and took a deep breath again.

''May I sit here?" He asked.

I smiled, nodded my head. ''Sure, go ahead.''

Sitting across from me, he took a sip of his espresso. ''Why aren't you out enjoying the weather, you know fall is around the corner.'' He implied, trying to strike up a conversation.

''It's work no fun for me, besides I'll just turn into a lobster if I stay out to long in the sun.''

He smiled, showing me his perfect white teeth. ''Lobsters are pretty yummy, but what you meant to say was. That every man will be distracted by your beauty, so you hide away, I'm Jacob by the way.'' He said while extending his hand.

He looked down at his dirty hand, then bought it back to him, wiping against his shirt. ''Sorry, I'm a construction worker, didn't notice I was this dirty.''

I extended my hand, ''Samantha'', he took my hand and place a soft gentle kiss on it.

''Very nice to meet you Samantha.'' His honey brown eye's made my heart beat just a bit quicker than usual.

I felt like a teenager, silly I know. I rarely talk to any men, I just don't have the time.


After a twenty-minute talking with Jacob, he got up.

''So, since you don't have a boyfriend. I was wondering if I can get your number and maybe take you out on a date.''

Date? God! I haven't been on one for a long time.

''Um...sure.'' We exchanged numbers. ''So, I'll see you around.'' He said as he stood up. ''Bye lobster!"

I laughed at his remark, ''bye.''

I watched him leave the shop and turned to face James that was looking and me the whole time.

''You go girl, " he shouted, winking at me.

I waited for a little longer for the guy to come, but he never did. I grabbed my purse and was about to head out, when he walked in.

His presence screamed money, his walk was cocky. He took off the shades he had on and eyed me up and down before walking past me.

Rude much.

''I'll have a black coffee no sugar or cream.'' He said to James, then turned to face me. ''Sorry I'm late, had to send my car to the machinist to check the overall damage.'' He pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket, ''I made him write down what was needed to be repaired and how much it will cost, So you can understand.''

Grabbing the piece of paper from him, I looked down at it. I nearly choked on air when I saw the amount.

James placed his coffee and he grabs it. He walked into the far end table, excepting me to follow, which I did. ''Please, sit. We need to discuss the payment arrangements.'' He said, taking another sip.

His aurora caused me to panic and stress out more. I felt I was looked down upon, sitting in front of him. I managed to calm myself down.

He was sexy to the point where it hurts to even lo

ok at him. My body was in obedient mode, as if a look from him would bring me to my knees. His dark eyes stared deeply into mine, he didn't say anything for the longest time. All he did was look.

He's probably thinking you're a fat girl with a pretty face Sam.

I shook my thoughts away, ''So, um... how much...''

''I'm Nicholas Stones, you are, " he asked cutting me off from what I was about to say.

''Um, yea. Sorry...Sam, I mean I'm Samantha Dickson, I told you this already.''

Nice Sam, now he thinks you're a fatty that can't even talk straight.

''You'll find all the details in that piece of paper I handed to you. You can also take it to any machinist of your choice, they'll let you know if I'm ripping you off or lying. But I assure you, that I am not, I like everything to be clear and known.'' He said taking another sip of his coffee.

Never trust a man who drinks black coffee.

I looked down once again at the piece of paper that I folded in half.

I read, then reread until I snapped. ''50 grand, 50 fucking?grand for a small dent that's not even viable.'' I yelled. ''You can buy a new car with that kind of money, my god.''



I smiled without her even noticing. She was a beauty that had curves in all the right places, and I was going to make her agree to my terms. Even make a deal with her.

''As you can see, the car I own doesn't come out until next year. It was actually 100 grand but I took the price down a bit, knowing you don't have insurance.''

''Yea, geezs thanks. So thoughtful of you, " she said rolling her eyes.

My friend Jake gave me every information I needed to know about her. She had two sisters she was caring for, her financial state was a bit rocky. I knew I would get her to agree, but I didn't know how she will handle it.

''So Miss Dickson, how are you willing to pay for the damage you did to my car? It's 50 grand because it's a 2017 Ferrari imported, " I stated, sipping this very delicious coffee.

I must know what brand it was.

''I don't have that kind of money to pay. If you would let me pay you in payments, I would appreciate it. I don't have 50 grand at the moment.'' She said, as a look of distressed appeared on her face.

It was my time to play my game. Soon you'll be in papa's arms.

''What if I told you that you don't have to pay all at once?'' Her eyes lit up with hope. ''But, there's a catch. I'm willing to make a deal with you Samantha." I said, looking at her. I? could see her nervousness take over.

''What deal!'' She questions, folding her arms on top of the other.

''I don't know how to say this without sounding crazy but, Be my wife, for a year. And not only will you not?pay for the damage. But I'll pay you one million dollars after the divorce.''

She looked at me, tilting her head to the side. ''You're joking right, " she whipered, then laughed.

She continued to laugh even louder.

I waited for her until she was finished. She knew by my demeanor that I wasn't joking.

''What do you say Samantha. Do we have a deal?'' I asked while looking into her eye's.

She leaned over, staring back at me intensely. ''You must be crazy to think that I will agree to marry a stranger I just meet today.''

''Look, I know everything about you, I'm a very important person that runs a very important company. I can help you, only if you'll help me. My situation is at a dead end, I must be married by the end of this year or I'll be ripped away from my position as CEO of Stone's incorporate.'' I confessed in a low voice.

''You can have any girl, why ask me?''

Cause your one sexy woman I don't mind exploring.

''Well you owe me for damaging my car and I don't want to marry anyone at the moment. This is me being forced just, so I can keep my company from getting into the wrong hands. Wouldn't you like to not worry about your sister's future, I'll pay for their college tuition as well. You can help pay off your debt. But only if you agree to my deal.''

''How the fuck you know so much about me, " she said in an angered tone.

''Look, I'm sorry. I have a friend who is a personal investigator. I asked him to find information about you, but that's not the point here. I'm offering you a chance to secure their future, to be debt free, what do you say Samantha?" I sighed heavily. "Look, I told my mother I was bringing a woman next month with me to my cousins wedding, please. Help me and I'll help you.'' I was particularly begging at this point.

''Lets say I agreed to this nonsense, What do I have to do? God, look at what I'm saying, I'm actually considering this? No! No! I'm sorry, find someone else. I can't do this.'' She said nervously while rubbing her forehead.

''A million dollars, paying for both of your sisters college fund's. Paying your debt at the moment as well, you'll be debt free as of now. All you have to do is pretend to be my wife, for a year, that's all.'' I said firmly.

She was ignoring me as her hands covered her face. She stayed silent for a while.

Was she actually considering?

''Will there be a wedding?''

I blew out a breath of relief. Fuck yes, she might just say yes.

''Just a small one maybe.''

''Let me think about it. Being married for a year to someone I don't know is......''

''Crazy, I know.'' I? finished her sentence. ''But it's just for a year, but there are terms to this deal as well.''

''What terms.''

''Just basic one's, I have a reputation to maintain. So when you say yes, that means no dating or working here.'' I stated, looking around the shop.

''Listen here crazy, if I agree then I have ''terms'' as well. Number one, you will tell your family that I'm not rich, I won't tolerate being looked down upon just because I'm a woman trying to work her ass off in this so-called life. Two, I will continue working here so you can take your reputation and stick it up your ass. Three, if there's a wedding it will be with family and friends only. I don't want the city of New York knowing about it. Four, no cheating on me. I catch you in any scandal then it's over. Five, No sex whatsoever. Six, I don't want a million dollars, I just want for my debt to be paid and my sisters lives to be secured. So just, the college funds and 200, 000 grand and I'll agree." she said all at once.

I looked at her as if she was the one crazy. ''So you don't want the one million?'' I asked, surprised.

She shook her head, ''you said I will be doing you a favor, and so are you. Not everyone is rich like you Nicholas, life is hard. People get kicked out of their own homes due to debt. People work two jobs but still, it doesn't cover their expenses. I'm doing this for my sisters, because I know what struggle feels like. But you unfortunately don't. I won't have you rub it in my face that you paid me. All I want is 200, 000 grand to pay my debt off and college fund's for both my sisters. I think it's a fair trade for a year, don't you think?"

''I feel it's not fair that you have to sacrifice a year of your life for..''

''As I said, I don't want pity. We're exchanging favors here, only it's sealed with a marriage contract. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, I mean of all the girls you could have asked. You choose me, why?'' she asked once again.

Because you came crashing into me.

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