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   Chapter 1 Struggle

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The sunshine ray peaked through the transparent white curtain as I yawned away. My tired eyes were struggling to open up, I felt my body aching from all the work I had done yesterday, running a small cafe may not seem hard. But it took a toll on me, so much responsibility are on my shoulders.

Caring for two twin sixteen year old girls, who were my own blood, and managing a safe and secure life for them wasn't an easy task.

I was put in this situation when my mother passed away. Father was never around after my eighth birthday, so it was just my mother and I. Now that she's gone, it was my duty to care and protect for my sisters.

Money was a problem for us at the moment because the cafe shop barely cover our expenses, and having two teenage girls wasn't helping. They wanted to fit in with the rest, so I did everything in my power to give them whatever their heart's desire.

If it was up to me, I'd give them the world if it was on my hands.

Getting up from bed, I head to the kitchen to make me a cup of coffee, just to start the day right. I showered last night, so all I had to do was get ready and wake up the girl's. Preparing breakfast before waking the two little trouble makers was first thing I do.

It was still summer break, but we had back to school shopping on our 'to do list'.

I entered their room and slowly walked up to the dresser that was in between their beds.

I grabbed the horn that Abby owned. Pressing it which let out a loud sound that erupted throughout the room.

Abby fell on the floor, while Amanda covered her head with the comforter.

''Why Sam? Like why?'' Abby asked as she laid on the floor, gazing up at me.

''She does this every morning. I told you to throw that shit away.'' Amanda stated, peeking her head through the comforter.

''Let's get this day started. I have a lot to do, and I need your help. Now go wash up and get dressed, breakfast will be ready soon.'' I walked out, only to be called back into their room.

Staring at both girls, Abby started to speak. ''Sam, we were thinking that it's not really necessary for us to get new clothes for school this year. We both know you're trying your best, and we appreciate it. So it's OK."

''Yea SAM, it's really OK with us. We don't need anything.'' Amanda said, voicing in her opinion.

I smiled at the girl's, ''don't worry about anything. Get ready so we can go shopping.''

I left their room and headed towards mine. I wanted to cry, but I didn't want to show the girls that I was weak. They tried their best with keeping in the budget limit, I appreciate them for caring about me. But I know how it feels to start high school, I was the one, every girl laughed at just because I wasn't up to date with the latest trends.

Some of my clothes were old and worn out, I was teased not just because I wasn't only 'fashionable', but because I was a bit on the chubby side. I don't want anyone to cause any kind of pain to my baby sisters.

I was going to do my best and give them what they want.

Staring at my reflection in the mirror that was right before me, I frowned.

Just dull Sam, look at you.

Shaking my thoughts away, I got up to get dressed. Pulling out a plain blue tank top, I grabbed my comfortable pair of high waist jeans and paired it with some flats. Pulled my blonde hair up into a ponytail and left to get breakfast ready.

Abby was cleaning the living room while opening the windows up and Amanda was trying to get her eyeliner perfectly straight.

I shook my head at her, she was a perfectionist at everything.

I had made eggs, the bacon was ready. Waiting on the toast to pop out, I poured orange juice in two glasses, raspberry jam in a small bowl and called the girls over to eat.

They both rushed over to the kitchen. Pulling out their seats, they sat down and started to eat.

I was thankful that we owned the apartment we lived in, plus a car. Those were to my least worries, what worried me by most were the medical bills from mother's stay in the hospital.

They were taking a toll on me, plus the funeral expenses weren't fully paid.

I couldn't let the girls worry about the expenses, it was my responsibility, not theirs.

I look their way, both giggled and smile happily. Guess that's how it is when you're a teen.

I overheard them talk about a movie they wanted to see, but it was rated R, and they knew I wouldn't take them to see it.

''So Sam, there's this movie we want to go before school starts and all our friends are going to see it. We were wondering if you might take us tonight, please." Abby begged while Amanda pouted her lips.

I rolled my eye's and shoved a bacon piece in my mouth. What's the harm in letting them go see it Sam?

''OK, why not!''

The shocked looked in they're eyes made me smile. ''Oh my God, I so freaking love you Sam. You are like bae, ugh I love you. Wait until I text all my friends, they'll freak out.'' Amanda shouted while Abby planted kisses on my cheek. ''Best sister ever!''

We finished breakfast and washed up. Heading out, I grabbed my purse and keys. The girls we're already waiting in the car, I stepped in and drove off.



''It was a pleasure doing business with you Nicholas." Mr. Bank's hummed.

I just landed a business deal with the most richest man in New York.

''Likewise Mr. Bank's, I hope you will be pleased with my company's work. We insure you that all will run smoothly.'' I implied before ended the conference call.

Laying back into my chair, I loosened? up the tie that suffocated me. The intercom beeped, and Elnora voice echoed through the small device. ''Mr. Stone, your mother is here. I'm letting her in right now."

The door open and mom came through. Wearing her expensive designer clothing, and signature pearls.

''Mother, welcome. What can I do for you?'' I walked over to her and planted a kiss on her cheek.

Her eyes seemed sad, ''I came to see my son, who never bothers with even a phone call to check on his mother.''

I sighed and kissed her cheek again.

''I'm sorry mama bear, I've just been so busy, but I promise I will make it up to you. Anything you want and I'll have it at your doorstep in no time.''

''I want a wife for you. I want you to get married Nicolas. Can you show up with a woman in

your arms?'' she asked, folding her hands tightly.

It was the same broken record over and over. I had reached the limit age and that I must be married for me to continue to run Stone's incorporate. Blah blah blah.

''Nicholas, you know the rules my boy, you must be married by the end of this year. I think it's about time you settled down with someone. You will be thirty-three, alone and miserable thinking about that woman." Mother said as she walked around the office.

''And what if I refuse?'' I question, Ignoring the fact she's brought up the past.

''Then I'm afraid Joan will have to take over Stone incorporate. He's a married man with a child on the way, I think he will do just fine." she gazed anywhere but towards me.

I thought of a way to grab mother's attention. Even if I was lying, I had to do something. ''Mother, I have been dating this girl for a year now.''

She turned around to face me with a huge smile. ''Really, you're not lying to me now, are you?''

I shook my head and walked over to her side. ''I didn't tell you because I wanted to keep it a surprise, besides, she wanted our relationship to be kept as private as possible." I lied as I looked into her hopeful eyes. "And guess what, " I said, as she held my hands tightly in hope I grant her those words she's been dying to hear.

I am such a heartless bitch.

''I'm planning on asking her to marry me, " I declared falsely, earning a gasp from her.

''Oh Nicholas, you've made me so happy, I thought I would never see you get married after-" she held her word's in.

''It's OK mother, I'll bring her with me next month to Masons wedding. You can get to know her more.''

''Well, aren't you going to tell me her name at least.'' she said which caused me to choke on air.

What's your future pretend wife's name Nicholas.

" It would be nice if she introduced herself to you."

She squint her eyes in a confused mattered. ''Oh, well, I can't wait to meet her next month, anyways my dear. I must go now, do come visit your father and I.'' she says while giving me a kiss on my cheek.

She headed out the office. And that's when I blew out a sigh of relief.

Great Nicholas, where are you going to find a girl who will marry you in short notice.

I rubbed my face harshly, shit shit. Why did I say that?

I walked out the office and into the elevator. Pressing the button for the lobby, I waited before heading out.

Stepping into my car. I banged on the steering wheel.

Just chill, you can call one of those models you bang...what was I saying?

"FUCK!" I shout angrily in the car.

Breathing out, I tried to get my anger under control, I started up the car and drove off.

Why couldn't you say it was?someone they knew, or say that you didn't want to get married. Look what you got yourself into idiot. Where the fuck are you going to find a woman that marry you?

A woman with a child were walking across the street, I pressed down on the brakes so hard. She looks my way and flips her middle finger at me.

Shit, I could have killed them.

The woman stared at me in horror as she looks down at her baby. ''I'm sorry." I yelled out as I rolled down my window.

She walked by, ignoring me.

Think and pay attention Nicholas.

Slightly pressed down on the gas paddle, I drove off, only to have a car hit the right side of my car.

''SHIT'' I yelled as the car moved to the side blocking the road. I got out and started to yell. ''What the fuck!''

Three girls came out of the car, good their not hurt.

But my poor baby was damaged, ''Oh my God, are you OK?'' A voice said from behind me, but I didn't pay attention to her.

I was looking at my 2017 black Ferrari that I just purchased. ''I hope you got a fucking good insurance policy that covers imported vehicles." I shouted, turning around to face a thick, curvy sexy blonde.

Wow... come to papa.

''I'm so sorry, you came out of nowhere. I didn't mean to hit your car. Are you OK?'' She said in a panic.

Fuck the car, where have you been hiding?

She was incredibly beautiful and so many curves that lasts for day's. Jesus, gimme some of that good honeybun.

''Look, here is my number and this is the cafe shop I own. We can discuss this between us, I don't have insurance. But I promise I'll pay for the damage. Just, please, don't call the cop's, my sixteen year old sister was learning to drive and I... I'm so sorry.'' She rumbled on.

I looked down at the card she handed me. Samantha Dickson, hmm what do we have here.

I looked up at her. "I'll meet you there, say an hour." I mumbled, causing her eye's lit up.

''Oh thank you, thank you so much. OK, I'll meet you there in an hour and again thank you for not calling the cop's. Do you need a ride home?" she asked, but I was lost in her.

God damn you fine.

''No, I'll manage. It should be me asking if you need a ride home? Are you and your sister's OK?"

''Yes they are, thank God. And No, my car didn't get damage like yours did. It's just a small hit in the headlight, nothing big.''

Why is she so sexy?

''Well, I see you later, so we can negotiate payments. I'm Nicholas by the way."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Samantha, but you can call me Sam."

Luck is on your side Nicolas.


She blushed, then walked backwards until she reached her car. She got in before driving off.

I thought to myself. Bingo, she will be your pretend wife.

I got into my car and left. Calling my friend Jack, who was a private investigator; I waited for him to answer.

''What's up man."

''Hey, I need a favor. I need information on a sexy woman named Samantha Dickson, I need everything you can find on this girl, I mean her personal life. Financial life, everything and anything. And I need it ASAP.''

'Sure man, no problem. You'll have it by the end of the day.''

''NO! I need them in less than an hour. Can you do that?'' I said eagerly.

''OK, I'll see what I can do.''

''Thanks man, I owe you one.'' I end the call and tossed the phone to the passenger seat.

Let's see how you are gonna get Samantha to be yours Nicholas.





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