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   Chapter 38 NO.38

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 7783

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After the play, the butterfly effect suddenly crossed my mind. I don't know why but it somewhat struck me from the oddest of moment. The butterfly effect tells that even a slight change to how the butterfly flaps its wings can create storms. Absurd but said to be plausible. In simpler terms, the slightest difference from the past could change drastically the future as everything is connected. If one changes the first variable then the second variable would not occur and so and so forth. I wonder why I remembered it in the first place.

"Leslie, I'm so proud of you!" Jasper said out loud when he had finally had the chance to talk to his sister. Together they look so adorable.

"You congratulated me like I'm the star of the play, "

"Leslie, don't be humble. You should be proud to say that you're star of the play, it was fantastic!"

"Elois, shhh. The main actress might hear you. It might hurt her feelings or she might think of it in a wrong way, " Leslie spun to check the girl she was talking about and I noticed that the girl has silver gray hair. I looked quickly at Leslie's hair and it was normal black color. Strange, because for a second there, I imagined Leslie's hair was silver and thought that she was the main actress. My head suddenly hurts like there was a jabbing pain on the side of it.

"But you still did well as the supporting actress, " Jasper added.

"Yeah, " I half-agreed.

"We should celebrate!" Leslie exclaimed as she gave the two of us a big hug all of a sudden.

"Yeah. It would be a double celebration!"

"Double?" Leslie stopped embracing us and looked at her brother intrigued.

"Yep. Elois and I are now official, " Jasper proudly said. I can't help myself but to watch Leslie's expression changed from happy to a person about to explode/ And she did! She screamed and jump while she grabbed onto my arms.

"I'm so happy for the two of you!"

"Thank you, " I managed to say.

"We should invite Cole as well. Even though he didn't attend my play, he still belongs to our circle right?"

"Yeah Cole. Let's invite him!" My heart fluttered as soon as I've heard his name. Although I don't know why. Maybe I just wanted us all to be together.

"Cole is still a weirdo though, " Leslie muttered.

"Yeah, he is." I said then we both laughed.

"Hey, that's not the

but no words came to me. It's like I just have the feeling that I want to say some words but it wouldn't make sense if I would.

Before I go to bed, I tidied up my things on my table and I noticed a wilting leaf sticking out from between the pages of a book. It intrigued me, and so I grabbed that book and opened it. I corrected myself as soon I saw what's inside. It's not a wilting leaf but rather a dried flower. It was a carnation, my favorite. I tried to smell it but it has no aroma anymore- just perfectly dried. I tried to remember who gave it to me but my head hurt a lot when I did. Maybe I gave it myself? No one knows that this is my favorite flower. Not even Jasper. But since I have nothing to do with it, I decided to throw it away. Looking at it inside the trashcan, I immediately felt sorry. Sorry because I couldn't remember the significance of it yet it feels so special. And now, not only my head hurts but I feel pain here, right inside my heart. Maybe I just need some rest. Maybe tomorrow, it would all be alright. So I turned off the lights, and lay on my bed.

I closed my eyes shut, forcing myself to sleep. But the flower continued to bother me for minutes. Then I came to conclude that if I couldn't remember who gave it to me, then he must not be someone important. He. He? Who's he?

I opened my eyes, and turned on the lights.

I quickly went off to my feet to grab hold of the trash can and gain back what I threw. But after checking and emptying all the contents of it by the floor, I found no flower.


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