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   Chapter 37 NO.37

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 13686

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I woke up with a gloomy atmosphere outside our room. The sun's not shining brightly as it was covered by dark heavy silver clouds and the drizzle made our morning chilly. But nevertheless, inside our room was sparkling with good vibes as Leslie celebrates the day of her play.

"Good morning!" she said as soon as I sat straight up from the bed.

I smiled then greeted her back. This day is going to be a long one, I realized. I have to watch Leslie's play and prevent Jasper from dying at the same time. So before I stood up, I gathered all my strength and left my bed. I brushed with my fingertips the scar on my wrist and there I told myself that I'm good now, that I'm going to conquer and accomplish my mission. And all of this is for my husband, Nikolas.

"Are you ready for the play?" I asked Leslie.

"Yup. Everything's okay for now, "

"For now, " I echoed her words.


A series of frightening thunder rumbles across the sky of Manila. A few more minutes and me and Nikolas would usurp the laws of time. Maybe that series of thunder is the heaven's way of begging us not to do this. Nevertheless, all have already been set. I just have to make sure Jasper would come to the theater and finish the play.

I waited for Jasper to come at the entrance of our school's theater. It is only 3 o'clock in the afternoon yet the atmosphere outside is already dark and ominous with powerful winds banging all over the windows of our building. The thumps and swoosh synchronized with my heartbeat as I am very anxious to where Jasper is now. His last text message was that he's on his way. By 4:50, the play would have ended and Jasper is supposed to die by 4:39. That's why I have to be with him all the time during the play. But who's to say that time would not see into our plot and take him away from me before the play?

"Hey beautiful, " a familiar voice called out. I spun around and I almost jumped for joy when I saw Jasper all wet from the storm outside. He's soaked and shivering, but alive. I immediately came to his side and held his icy pale hands. "I'm dripping wet, don't..."

"It doesn't bother me, besides I got you this!" I struggled to reach from my bag a towel and a new sweatshirt. Nikolas told me that I could do this for him. Nikolas, I hope you're safe too wherever you are.

"This is for me?"

"Yeah, silly, " I smiled and squeezed his hand more tightly.

"Wow, this is amazing. How did you know I would be needing this. It's like you know the future!" Jasper kidded around but I just laughed awkwardly.

"Or maybe I just listen to the news!"

"Thank you for this honey, "

Silence. Jasper and I both paused digesting what he had just said. Then he went from pale to deep red. I too felt tingly inside. Then he just laughed and scratched the back of his head. "I'm sorry, " he said. "I was just too caught up in the moment, "

"No worries, " I comforted him. With the towel, I wiped some raindrops dripping from his face. "Come on, change your clothes. The play is about to start, "


As the roommate and the brother of the star, I and Jasper had a reserved seat in the middle of the auditorium, perfect for us to see how great Leslie would be. Murmurs from all over the auditorium echoes from all corners and I was left thinking how Leslie's doing as the main character of the play. Is she alright? Is she feeling nervous? Thinking of that, I myself became nervous and anxious. Jasper seemed to notice it and told me that she's fine. "Leslie's going to pull this off. No, she's going to own this play, trust her, " he said. Since then, my heart calmed down and waited for the start of the play just like the rest of the people. For a second there, I forgot that I was on a mission and so far so good. There is no way Jasper would leave me and be totally gone, right?

For a good two minutes, the auditorium suddenly blacked out and cheers from different parts was heard. "Go, Leslie, you can do this!" I shouted at the top of my lungs as I cheer from all the excitement and nervousness. This is it. Nikolas, this is it. We're right on

me check, " then he kissed me again. I was completely off guard but it was unexplainably amazing. "Yup, there's nothing wrong. It's perfect. You're perfect for me, " then he wore those goofy smile that I can't help myself to adore more and more. "Elois?"


"Can you be my girlfriend?"

Nikolas's face flashed in my head. I remembered what he had said to me for this mission. But also, I remembered him walking towards me in the POW bookstore. I remembered the carnation flower he gave to me. Both of it, I promised that I would never forget. I would never forget Nikolas.

This is it. A critical control point. The future would be determined by the next word I would say. I have to choose between Nikolas and Jasper. The man who is truly destined for me or the man who traveled back in time to steal me away. I choose Nikolas. I shook my head.

"Yes, " I said eagerly. I choose Nikolas to be happy. This is for you. Your mission is now finally complete.

And the same spine-shivering feeling crept all over my body again as if the time froze for a moment and I was aware of it. 'Never forget, never forget, ' I kept chanting in my head but I knew it has been done. The future is changed. I closed my eyes and when I opened it again, the storm was gone. The rain stopped falling.

My eyes couldn't believe it. Just a blink ago, the sky I was looking at was vastly dark and gray with a raging lightning storm. But now, the view from up above is breathtaking. And when I say that, it's an understatement. The vast sky was like artistically decorated with fluffy sheets of dandelion-colored clouds that loom over the glistening yellow rays of the setting sun. The city matches up the hue of the heaven with its twinkling artificial yellow lights and it was too spectacular. There were no traces that it rained outside. The window sill was dry and seemed to be dusty.

What is happening here?

"What's the matter?"

"It was raining earlier right? Wha-what is..."

"Elois, what are you talking about?"

"It was raining earlier. I even gave you a new sweatshirt to replace your soaking clothes from the rain " I explained frantically. Is this the cause of changing time?

"Elois, you gave me this present, yes. But I changed my clothes because you insisted that I should wear it already not because it was wet."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah. You know what Elois, we should get back to the play"

"Yeah, I guess so, " I said before we get back down to the auditorium. I was left baffled. I could have sworn that it was raining earlier. Something is not matching up. Maybe it was a dream. A daydream? If that's so, I dismissed the thought. 'Never forget, " I chanted once again in my head. Never forget what?

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