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   Chapter 35 NO.35

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 9362

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If Nikolas is telling the truth, Jasper is about to die tomorrow. And I have less than 24 hours to save him. As I look at him, I came to wonder how alive he is right now and how can it all be gone tomorrow- his vitality, his laughter, the sparks in his eyes.

"Elois, you're looking at me for too long, " Jasper beamed at me. I realized that his pinky finger finds its way to my thumb. I looked at our fingers and then gave Jasper a glance demanding an explanation. "I'm shy, " Jasper whispered. I can't help but laugh at him.

Jasper and I were about to eat our dinner at a new restaurant in a place called Jango's. We heard that aside from the great food, people are dropping by because they have tons of board games that they lend to their customers. Jasper thought that we should try it.

"Would you look at this line, " Jasper exclaimed as we enter the restaurant. "How can we dine in here?" I was about to say to Jasper that we should just go to another restaurant when a girl pokes him at the back.

"Bridgette! Wow, it's nice to see you here!" Jasper greeted her sweetly.

"I know, are you going to eat here?"

"Yeah, but this line is a killer, "

"Are you alone? We should eat together, " Bridgette placed her hand on Jasper's shoulder and took a step closer to him. I know that move. I continued to eye her suspiciously.

"No, no" Jasper paused then looked at me with a proud smile on his face. "I'm with Elois, "

"Oh, her, " Bridgette condescendingly recognized my presence. Once again she looked at me from head to toe. I felt quite ashamed that I only wore a sloppy plain shirt and a skater skirt. If I knew better that she dressed like she's about to walk down a runway, I would have dressed like a queen. I remembered Nikolas at this instant and his hatred to this girl. I think I know now what Nikolas was talking about.

"Yeah, I believe you have met before, " Jasper said.

"Um, Jasper, I just remembered. This is perfect!" Bridgette clasped her in joy. "Could you help me understand our previous topic on Applied Physics? It really would mean a lot to me, " Bridgette took a tiny notebook from her lady bag and hands it down to him.

I looked at Jasper to wait for his response but he just smiled uncomfortably. At this point, I felt that I should be saying something but I don't quite know if I can. "If it would just take for some minutes." I started to say, "then..."

"Au contraire! I have heard the words Applied Physics and suddenly it lit up my interests. Perhaps I could be of help, " With those words, I instantly knew who spoke it. I turned around and saw Nikolas giving a very cheeky smile. Then he winked at me, walked past me then intercalates himself between Jasper and Bridgette.

"Excuse me, but who're you?" Bridgette asked. I don't know if I'm


"Jasper, my friend!" Nikolas suddenly came out of nowhere. In an instant, I released my hand from Jasper's grasp.

"I overheard your dilemma. Fret not anymore. I shall be the one to attend that concert in your stead." I searched for Bridgette but it seems that she's already gone.

"Cole, that's preposterous! We shouldn't do that, " Jasper's forehead curled with confusion.

"Jasper, there are things that we should do and things that we are destined to do. You are destined to attend that play and be with Elois and I should attend that concert for you. Do not worry, I can copy your signature so I could write your name on the attendance sheet."

"But Cole, why do have to do that? And do you have time to attend that concert?"

"Jasper, let me return the favor. You're my best friend and I was not able to express that before. I want to thank you for being my first friend. I would always be grateful to your efforts on understanding my weird demeanor. Let me do this for the two of you. Besides, I got an unlimited time to spare, "

I have no words to say. Nikolas is ready to give it all. I wanted to stop him and tell him that this is enough. He is sacrificing too much now. I just can't let him do this, right? What if he's the one who is going to die tomorrow. I cannot let that! But then he gave me smile and there I knew he wanted me to trust him on this.

"If you really want to do it, then I have nothing else to say but thank you man, " Jasper told him. "I'm just worried that I'm ruining your schedule, "

"You know schedules are for people who wants to conquer the day. I believe I conquered something greater than a day, "

I remembered what Nikolas told me the other night. Sometimes we're not the hero of our own stories. He said he was no hero. He was wrong. Nikolas might not see it, but he's already my hero and Jasper too.

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