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   Chapter 34 NO.34

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It feels like I should not be doing this "mission" that Nikolas said to me.

"Elois, don't be as stubborn as always. We're doing this for your own sake. And for our friend, Jasper, " Nikolas's words resonated on my memory again. My only motivation right now to do all of this is for Jasper. I don't want him to die. Honestly, believing in Nikolas once again is very risky. What if this is just another trick? But would it be worth it if I wouldn't trust one more time if I could save Jasper?

It has been minutes now that I have been waiting for Jasper for his class to end. We've been so close that we knew each other's schedule, even what the subject is and what room it takes place. So yeah, I went by the hallway of his classroom and waited for him to go out. At last, I heard the shifting of the plastic chairs and people started to go out from the classroom where Jasper had his class. I waited for Jasper to come out with the rest of his classmates but I didn't see him. Maybe he was absent? I peered inside the classroom and there I saw him. He was, of course, looking so jolly, having fun and all. And...he's talking to a girl. Quite beautiful. She has this wildly curly hair and dresses quite stylish, even me with no sense of fashion could tell. They were having a discussion about a tournament or something until Jasper noticed me.

"Oh hi, Elois!" Jasper smiles at me. The beautiful girl checked on me and I think she looked at me from head to toe.

"One of your fangirls?" The girl asked Jasper. I don't know why, but I think I'm not going to like this girl.

"She's not one of my fangirls. You always talk crazy, " he said to her. Jasper finally went outside and stood by me. "Oh, Elois that girl is Bridgette, " I politely waved a hand to her. "Bridgette, this is Elois, " Bridgette smiled at me. "So what's up?" Jasper asked.

"I just...I just wanted to see you, " I facepalmed myself on my imagination. How could I jump on to him like that?

"Oh, um. Bridgette and I were just talking about a concert and um, huh, we should walk home together, yeah?" I just nodded. I'm afraid I would say yet another stupid thing.

"Hey Bridgette, I should go home now. Let's talk about it later."

"Okay, sure. You'll text me later, right?"

"Yeah Bridgette, I'll text you, " Jasper smiled at her then walked away. I followed him.

"So, you have plent

kind of behavior to you. I should stop if you want me to. And you're right. It would help in our situation."

I didn't answer anymore. More like, I couldn't when I saw Jasper enter the cafe noticing the both of us.

"Hey guys, " Jasper went to our table. He was quite surprised to see both of us. And of course, we are too.

"Jasper hey!" I said. I don't know what to right now. What could Jasper be thinking of us?

"Are you two having a date?" Jasper asked. Nikolas laughed out so loud I think people looked at him.

"Me? Having an intimate social interaction with this mediocre oaf lady? Pish-posh!" I immediately looked at Nikolas. He gave me a glimpse then an unnoticeable wink. "She went to my table and started to actually communicate with me, tacky is she not?"

"He's right, I shouldn't have just talked to him, "

"Yeah, " Jasper seemed to buy it. "Anyway, I'm just going to take out some coffee. I have to prepare for our midterms, packing up an all-nighter. How about you guys?"

"I think you should take this rudimentary flibbertigibbet girl home as well. She offers me nothing but tales that I do not slightly care about."

Okay, I think someone is going overboard with the adjectives. "Yeah. I was going to go home as well. I have to study too, " I added.

When Jasper received his order, he and I started to walk away from Nikolas' table. Jasper opened the door for me and before it closes back, I caught a glimpse of Nikolas, he's frowning- sad. But when he noticed that I was looking at him, he gave me a shy wave goodbye and an empty smile.

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