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I feel like all of my world is breaking right now. Nikolas manipulated the time for his benefit. Nikolas changed the future so that I would be his wife and not Jasper's. I am crying. Crying so hard because I'm tired of my life in general. I am crying because of pain. I am crying because I am so stupid for letting people trick me like that. Nikolas kept on holding onto me, hugging me, trying to keep me whole but me, and my whole body knows that it can't hold itself any longer. I am crying because I am shattering.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Nikolas kept repeating to my ears.

"I hate you! I really really do, " I scowled at him. "You are so selfish! I hate you!"

"I know and I am here ready to beg on my knees to apologize to you, "

"Apologize? Do you think that would fix what I'm feeling right now?"

"No. But that's why I'm here. To correct my wrong."

"No. It doesn't matter. It already happened. I'm feeling hell right now because of you!"

"Elois, I could not make this happen. I could travel back in time to fix this, to fix you, "

I continued to cry some more. I tried to break free of Nikolas's embrace but he's too strong. "Please let me go, " I said in a calm manner. "It hurts, "

"Elois, believe me, I did this because I love you"

"If you love me, why did you steal me away from my own fate? The worse part is, you made me do it by myself, "

"Because I am alone!" Nikolas startled me. "I'm alone and sad. I thought you were the one that could save me from my feeling of emptiness. And I was right. You made me happier than ever. You are my sunshine that wakes me up every morning, stars that keep me up in the night, and rain that washes all my troubles. Elois, believe me. I stole you away because I believed that you are for me but, " he paused then his knees collapsed onto the ground. "But I can't let you die because of my selfishness too. What would I do without my sunshine, my stars, and my rain?" Nikolas cried out. "I'm sorry for dreaming for more for myself, "

Hearing Nikolas, I went to my knees as well and hug him and we both cried. "I hate you but I can't let my husband cry like this, "

"Look at us, we're drama king and queen, " he said.

Then we were both quiet. Nikolas brushed off the hair from my face then stared deeply into my eyes glimmering with tears.

"I really, really miss you, honey, "

I don't know how to respond so I just gently pressed my forehead to his, our nose touching, and then closed my e

ve without you?"

"Listen to what you're saying, I'm not oxygen or water or food. You could live without me, " he said half-laughing.

"You always take all the things so literal, "

"That was true, though. You would forget about me. None of this would register in your mind after you change the future. It would not hurt. There would be no pain, "

"No, I won't. I promise. I promise that I would remember you, "

"You promise?"

"Yes, I promise, " I assured him.

"I'm rooting for you then. This would be the only time that I'm wishing that I would be so wrong. Remember that I love you so much, alright?"

"You are my sunshine too, you know, " I finally said to him.

"Honey, I'm just a speck of light."

With the intensity of the moment, all I could think about is the pink carnation he gave to me. That feels a million years ago yet we had the similar words to tell each other- promises.

All I could think about is the pink carnation he gave to me that I forgot to say the three words I wanted to say back to him one last time.


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