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   Chapter 32 NO.32

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"Okay what the hell, " I managed to blurt out after Nikolas gave me the biggest bomb so far to all the bombs he set off to me. This is it. This is the last straw.

"I'm going to explain, "

"Oh yeah, you should! And you better make that explanation the best you could ever put up because if it's not, I'm gonna rip you apart!" Surprised by my vulgarity, Nikolas was pale white. Cold sweat streamed his face.

"Alright, alright. I'll explain everything to you. But right now, we should go out first." I looked around and noticed that some people were looking at us maybe overhearing what I have said. I primed myself up. Then we both walked out of the store.

"Are you mad?" Nikolas asked like he was a kid asking his parent.

"Of course, I am. Do you think you could play with my feelings like that just because you could time travel?"

"Please, Elois, volume down. People might know, "

"That you're a time traveler?" I intentionally raised my voice "Do you think anyone would believe that?"

"But you believed, "

"Because of you, because I'm stupid, "

"That's true, "


"Uh, I mean, it's quite true that it's my fault, "

"Yeah you're right about that, " We were walking so fast until we reached an old park that no one really visited. A garden in the middle of the city is quite rare and obsolete, I thought. But this would be the perfect place. "Okay explain everything to me, "

"The short one or the long one?"

"The long one, "

"Okay. You have to listen to me carefully. This is quite tricky. If you have any questions, please feel free to interrupt me, " I nodded as a signal. Although I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to hear all of this. "Do you remember the first we've met?" He asked.

"At the waiting shed? It was raining and you suddenly came to me with an umbrella in hand and..."

"No, that's not supposed to happen. Right there in that moment, history was changed."


"The real first time we've met is at the Best Burger Diner In Town. Jasper introduced me to you, "

"So you mean, "

"Yes, the one you remember as our first meeting was fabricated."

"Why? Why would you do such a thing?"

"Okay, this is where it would really get confusing. The Nikolas you've met at that day was a little different from me, Nikolas right now."

"Huh?" That's the only word I could say to this.

"That Nikolas you met. Let's call him Nikolas A. Nikolas A went back to the past to change the future so that you would be his wife. Nikolas A has no wife at all. He was pretending, lying to you. You know me, us, Nikolas has an ability to learn just by observing right

ould you say things like that?" I scowled at him.

"Funny isn't? I crossed the time just to make you my wife and here I'm returning you like some object that I overused."

"How could you play with other people's feelings? You're the worse! I wish I haven't met you at all!" My head and heart hurt so badly that I couldn't bear it and I don't anymore what to feel, how to react.

"Elois, I-I'm so sorry, "

"How could you do that to me? Here I am wanting you to be really my husband because I believed you, but it was only a well thought out plan. Just a fucking plan crafted by a mad scientist!" I started crying because I feel so helpless and frustrated at the situation right now.

"Believe me, if I have a choice I would not do any of this. I truly love you and that is also what is real right now for me, I love you. But I need to save both of my closest friends right now, "

"What do you mean by that?" I stopped sobbing for a second.

"I need to save you and Jasper."

"Me and Jasper?"

"Yes. As horrible as it sounds, Jasper had paid the price of time-travelling. Because I stole you from Jasper, the Universe might have decided that he should not be around anymore. Jasper is about to die in three days in an accident. If he doesn't become your husband in the future, he would die. I always thought that that's the main reason why you killed yourself. Because Jasper is your soulmate and I was just someone who stole you from your own fate. Sometimes we're not the hero of our own stories. I came to painfully realize that I am no hero. Jasper is the hero that would save you from depression, not me."

What I said earlier, I take it back. This is yet the biggest bomb. And I'm sure it blasted me into unrecognizable pieces.

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