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   Chapter 31 NO.31

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Lightning flashed somewhere from afar, and the lowly thunder follows after. Both resonated their dominance. Immediately, I removed my hand from Nikolas's grasp and touched the scars on my wrist. I quite felt dizzy and my eyes started to blur and it was because of the tears welling up.

"No, I would never, " I whispered as I think about the horror Nikolas said to me about killing myself

Nikolas shook his head. "I'm still here, Elois. That means you would still commit suicide in the future. Even you say would never do it, the future hasn't changed." I started to breathe heavily, and my heart kept beating heavily out of fear. People almost always misinterpret depression as pure sadness. But fear is the real cause of it. "Elois, listen to me" Someday, depression would win over me. It attacked me on my weakest days. "Elois, listen!" Please stop. Stop. Save me. Please stop. Help. Please. "Elois!"

I stared at Nikolas. He was looking so worried. "Snap out of it, Elois, " he said. I didn't realize that sweat started to drip from my face. Nikolas casually wiped it with the table napkin. "I was planning to hide this information to you because I was scared to have that kind of reaction, "

"What you have said, that was the truth?"

"That is my reality, Elois."

"Depression finally won, " I covered my mouth as if it would get more real if I say that.

"That's why I'm here Elois. To help you. I'm not gonna lose you anymore. This time, I would be a better husband and I would make sure you're alright and secure. I have something else to tell you but right now, I think I should give you time to digest all of this, "

The monster had visited me in my dream. I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night out of fright. I breathed heavily as I recover from my nightmare. In it, I recalled that the monster I call depression came into a form of a shadow. It has no face but rather just a body as black as the void. He whispered something to me but I couldn't remember it anymore. But I know it's something dreadful. As soon as the words left his tongue, the sound of a weeping baby rattled me. It was so horrible that I woke up from it.

The day with my classes progressed but all I could think about is the tragic future that would come to me. It would be years from now but still. I always thought knowing the time of death in the future could be attributed to something positive. Maybe a way to cheat death itself. But now I realized, it was not. It was more of a scary story. A predestination that would continuously haunt me. For

memory of him being the person who is perfect for me. And maybe, if I do that, I wouldn't do anything bad to myself because I have this perfect guy for me. What else could I ask for right?

"Honey?" I said.

"What is it?"

"Come here for a sec, I have something for you, " I grabbed on to his hand and directed ourselves to the same place between two book shelves, the place where he gave me the carnation flower that I love so much. "Would you...close your eyes?" I requested.

"Why?" He looked tensed.

"You really are Nikolas. You always ask everything first. But can I request for you to close your eyes. No questions."

Nikolas continued to stare at me reluctantly but then he closed his eyes. I breathed out some air from my mouth. Then I started to near my face to his, tiptoeing my foot, until our foreheads touch. This is right. This feels right. I closed my eyes as well as I continued to curve in my face to his. My heart beats erratically. My lips and his are now separated by only an infinitesimal amount of space. We were so close, close enough for me to feel his own breathing. And then I felt his hands on my cheeks, slowly moving my face away from him. I opened my eyes and saw him with a sad look on his eyes.

"No, " he said. I...I don't understand.

"That kiss is not mine, "

"What?" I asked so confused and embarrassed by the situation.

"Elois, I need to come clean to you." I waited for him say the next words he was about to say. "I lied to you before."

"Lied to me?"

"I am not supposed to be your husband, "

"What?" I smiled at it. Maybe he was joking around. But when I turned to Nikolas, his face was serious, sad and as ever, sharp like a dagger.

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