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Different colored neon lights flashed before my eyes as I hurried past the people in the busy street to the POW bookstore. It's almost time. Nikolas could be waiting for me at this very moment so I had to move fast. I have to try one more time.

I pushed against the sea of people until I reached the alley that leads to the door of the POW bookstore.

"Good evening miss!" the same store personnel from the other night greeted me when I had finally entered the store. She stared at me rather different this time and I almost knew what it meant.

"Good evening, is he..." I peeked around the corner and I saw a person sitting at our usual table. I immediately walked towards the table and checked if he's the person I'm looking for.


The guy turned his head and that old sharp look he gave made me shiver.

"Elois, " Nikolas recognized me. He stood up from his seat and I literally ran to him and gave him a hug. I'm almost into tears. No, I'm already in tears.

"I missed you, " I said to him. "I missed you, I missed you!" I repeated over and over just in case he didn't hear. I feel so much emotion, I think I'm going to explode.

"You missed me?"

"Where have you been?" I asked still not letting him go.

"Nostalgia had some issues. I had to fix my time machine for some time, "

"Some issues?"

"Yeah. And for some reason, Nostalgia had impaired my past memory I couldn't go back way before this time period."

"That means..."

"That means I had forgotten the exact details of how we have met, " his eyes were gleaming with sadness but there is something else too.

"Hey, " I took his hand, his palm against mine, our fingers intertwined together. "We could always create new memories together, right? And I would always tell you the story of how we have met."

"Yeah, I guess so. Thank you." I could feel that there is something different. Nikolas is somewhat preoccupied. There must be something bothering Nikolas right now.

"I thought you were gone. I thought I changed the future and you were gone."

"Well, I'm still here, right?"

I released my hand from his grip and frowned involuntarily. "Is there something wrong?"

Nikolas didn't answer my question right away. Instead, he pulled the chair by my side to let me sit. He then sat right across from me. "We should order first, " I wanted to catch his gaze. To see some truth he's hiding from me.


means that your cervix couldn't support our child, " Nikolas's eye began to tear up. "So we lost our first, " I was startled. This is our future? "Of course, there are surgeries to help you bear a child but the lost of our first left us heartbroken and traumatized. Especially you honey. I'm really sorry if you felt that you are all to blame." Nikolas took my hand and he held it up to his lips. Tears now streaming down his face and it reached my hand. It was warm.

"I'm sorry too, you, I mean we, don't deserve that kind of fate, " I managed to muster some words but this is too much of an information. Knowing that someday, I would lose a child made my heart sink. Another flaw. Another kind of my abnormality. Nikolas continued to bawl. His face was extremely sad that I began to cry too. "I'm sure the future me would want you to be strong for her, " I comforted him.

He shook his head. Then he shut his eyes, stopping the rain like tears from falling. Then he kissed my hand once again. "You're right. Everything you said was right. We don't deserve any of that. So Elois, honey, why? Why did you kill yourself after? Elois, you chose suicide and killed yourself. That's why I'm here."


A/N: Hey guys! Only a few chapters more till the end of When the Rain Stopped Fallling. Please bear with me. I have given it all to the next chapters. Expect the best! On a side note, if you crave for more of my work, you can follow and read my story How to End the World in 100 days (more or less). Maybe you'll like it too! Just go to my profile and start reading. Cheers!

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