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   Chapter 29 NO.29

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 6055

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The moment I entered the tennis field, I saw Nikolas. He was wearing primly a casual tennis attire. He was there standing, waiting. My chest tightened. It is as if I saw a ghost. Or someone I had lost years ago. I walked as fast as I could to go to him and my mind races with thoughts. Things I wanted to say to him.

"Hi!" I said. Almost too obvious that I am so eager to talk to him.

"Greetings, " he said to me without even glancing. And there, I remembered that he was not exactly the guy I was longing for. "You are late, " he pointed out.

"I don't...I was just, "

"Save the excuses to Mr. Simon. I am not him."

It is true that I was late in this class. Some of my classmates were already having a practice game with each other. By the looks of Cole, all sweaty and breathing heavily, he might have just taken a break.

"Please move aside, " Cole told me. "We are going to continue the match, " I watched him walk pass by me and enter his side of the court. He is having a game with Jean. As far as I could remember, Jean is an athletic guy who masters all kinds of sports. Because of that, he is like a star player of our school or something. But Cole is a visual learner. He gets better and better the more he sees. I think this would be a great match.

On the other side of the court, Jean was dribbling the tennis ball and I realized that it's his turn to serve. Jean flexes and coils his core body, and then threw the ball upwards. With a blink of an eye, he hit the neon ball, whipping his arm while holding his tennis racket. A perfect serve, I thought. But Nikolas, I mean Cole, was agile enough to hit it back forcefully. I gasped in suspense between the fair battle between the two. I could not almost see the ball moving across the court repeatedly because of its quick pace until i

. I wanted to talk to him but words had become elusive to me. Instead, I sat right up and gestured with my eyes for him to sit beside me. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I guess so, " I answered.

"I'm sorry, "

I looked at him, "For what?"

"For being a jerk the other day. I really meant it to kid around with you but..."

"You don't have to be sorry, "

"No, I really am. I like you and I don't want to lose you, "

"You don't know the whole of me, " I covered instinctively the scars on my wrists.

"Then let me know. What's going on in your head right now?"

"I'm not sure if I could let you know, "

"You could trust me, " he moved closer to me. "I'm here to listen."

That's when I told him about the monster that resides in my brain. The shadow that persisted and wants to swallow me away. That's when I told him I was depressed.

"I think we are all scared of losing something, aren't we?" I started. "Imagine that fear plaguing you almost every time. Depression is me worrying that I'll lose everything eventually or realizing that I have already lost things, friends, feelings that I will never get back ever. Even myself. I am afraid I have lost parts of me from depression."

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