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   Chapter 28 NO.28

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"Nikolas!" I shouted his name once again. I held his hand a little tighter praying for him to wake up. "Nikolas, please wake up". Please don't leave me. Please, please. His head was bleeding from the fall. I'm seriously worried about him right now.

"Come on, we'll bring him to a hospital." Jasper firmly said before scooping him up from the floor.

"There is a clinic nearby, " a staff from the arcade informed us, "I'll escort you there, " Jasper nodded at him and the three of us urgently went out.

"Where am I?" I heard a faint groggy voice. I turned to realize that Nikolas had gained his consciousness.

"Nikolas, you're awake!" To our astonishment, Nikolas flailed from Jasper's arms making himself fall to the ground once again.

"Jasper, why were you carrying me?" Nikolas stood on his feet surprisingly agile and alert. "Who told you-you were allowed to hold me? You could have transmitted your epidermal microflora to my own skin. And why are we in this place? Where are you taking me?"

"You fainted earlier." Jasper began to explain and I could hear in his voice a sense of relief but also of disbelief. Even the staff member didn't know how to react."We're in an arcade when you fainted, and we were about to bring you to the hospital, "

"Fainted? What are you talking about? I was past asleep but I was awakened by the loud noise coming from the external environment." Then the scar on his forehead shed out a drop of blood and he wiped it with his hand. He shrieked as soon as he realized that it was blood. "How long is my wound exposed in the air? Infectious bacteria could have been lavishly entering my system!

"Wait you don't remember anything? The movies? You, winning the crane machine?"

"Oddly, I do not." Nikolas stressfully massaged his temple looking hurt and confuse.

The way he speaks right now, the way his facial feature became so sharp and cold again, I knew we weren't with Nikolas anymore. Right in front of us is the sentient and present day Cole. Jasper, who has no slightest idea about what is all happening right now, went to my side and whispered something to me. "I think the effect of the drug he took had fizzled out. Should we tell him?"

Without any hesitation, I nodded yes to Jasper. I feel like it's the right thing to do. I feel like if we don't, the future would change. Although, I'm not sure.

"I think you have accidently taken a substance which makes you trippy, "

"Trippy? You mean I have taken up a psychoactive drug?"

"Yeah, pretty much bud, "

"I can't remember of any sort. My eidetic memory is flawless. My memory and your claims are contradicting each, therefore, one must be incorrect." Cole explained.

"Well, bud, maybe the drug you took damage your memory or something, "

Memory. I recalled that Nikolas from the future uses his perfect memory to return from the past. If that's the case then...

"I think we should call this a night, what do you think Elois?" Jasper interrupted my line of thought.

"Yeah, I agree. We should see a doctor for your wound, " I looked at Cole. He mumbles something but we couldn't hear it as if he's calculating and solving a problem. His skin became paler and he's sweating like he just ran a marathon. I have never seen him so frantic, so troubled like he lost something very important.

The next morning, I woke up with a text message from Jasper.

"Good morning Elois! Last night was a mess! But it was full of surprises. I hope you still had fun. And I kinda wish we could have a second date. This time, I want it to be more normal. How about some breakfast?"

Jasper's text made me smile but it

sed on my wrist and went to my bed again. I hate this feeling. I finally realized, what Nikolas was warning me about. I hate that Nikolas knows me too well. And I so much despise that Jasper, could readily destroy me and I'm letting him because I really do like him.

Darkness spilled on the sky and the moon grace itself with its luminous surface. After long hours in bed, my body, as if only now remembers how to move, cooperated and I mustered the energy to walk outside. A name continuously echoes in my head. Nikolas. I'm coming.

While walking to POW bookstore, I prepared myself for the words I would tell Nikolas. I would apologize to him for not listening to him, for fooling myself that Jasper is the one and not him, for believing to my feelings. Tears well up as only now I realize what kind of nuisance I had brought upon him. I'm such a selfish needy girl. How could I do that to my husband? He's the better person here.

As I arrive, I ignored the usual warm greeting of the store personnel and went straight to the table where Nikolas and I usually sit at. I checked the time. Nikolas must be there waiting for me since he is never late from our meetups. But he wasn't. Our table was empty. It was clean and has no sign of him. I confronted the store personnel who greeted me and asked if a Japanese guy had come in the store earlier.

"Oh your boyfriend miss?" the store personnel enthusiastically confirmed.

"He's not my um-"

"The one you're usually with?" she might have noticed my uncomfortableness to her question so she revised it.

"Yeah, that guy, "

"I'm sorry miss, my shift starts at 6pm and I haven't noticed him coming since, "

I thanked her for the information and felt obligated to buy a hot choco latte. I checked again the time on my phone. As if my heart knew what happened to Nikolas, I felt so worried about him.

I waited. Then I waited some more until my hot choco latte was not hot anymore and I had already guzzled every drop of it. I continued to wait. Nikolas. What happened to you? Anxiety plagued my mind. And this is not good. Depression and anxiety is a good tandem but not for me. To me, it's something ominous, even deadly. I could remember Nikolas explaining that anytime we change the future, he would lose the ability to come back to this timeline.

Is this it? Have I changed the future? Is Nikolas not my husband anymore? Did I- did I ruin the future?

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