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   Chapter 27 NO.27

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 4523

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After the movie, which was definitely entertaining, Jasper said that he plans to take me to the arcade next as a part two of our date.

"Elois, " Jasper whispered to me. "I'm really sorry, "

"Sorry? Why are you saying sorry?"

"I must have wasted your time. I feel like you're not really enjoying our date, "

"Are you kidding? I'm having so much fun with you. Trust me."

"If Cole was just not high right now, if he's just back to his normal self right now, I would have plead to him that he should go home so that we could have this night with each other alone. I just couldn't"

"No. No. It's alright with me. Hey, you know, I admire you for doing that, for caring for our friend so much. It makes me feel much more comfortable around you. You're great and kind. I like that."

Jasper's smiled widely and turned bright red. I can't help myself but smile too. Jasper is so adorable right now. What kind of girl would not fall for a guy like him?

"I hate the arcade." Nikolas interrupted. "Can we go somewhere else?"

"I think Jasper and I want the arcade. Majority wins, I guess." I said to Nikolas. He was about to protest but we started walking anyway towards the nearby arcade. As expected, the arcade was very lively. Lights were flashing everywhere, overflowing music blaring from different machines, and kids and kids at heart pa

he crane as fast as he could then at the point where it seems that it is directly above the panda, he checked the side of the machine, inspected it, and readjusted the crane. He repeated this until finally he didn't made any adjustments anymore and then confidently pushing the button. The crane once again landed on the panda, made a grip on it, then unbelievably lifted it until it reaches the chute.

"That's how you win the game, " Nikolas said to me while giving me the giant panda toy. "You just don't feel it. You make sure that everything is going well, that everything should be calculated."

Jasper and I looked at each other, amazed by what Nikolas had just done. I'm also starting to wonder if those words he said to were empty or full of meaning.

Nikolas was walking away from us when he suddenly lost his balance and fell to the ground with a loud thud. My heart sank in surprise.

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