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   Chapter 26 NO.26

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 12666

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"You look stunning, " Jasper said the first glance he looked at me. The very striking moment he told me those words I felt my cheek tensed up into an uncontrollable smile. I thought that what I was wearing was a very plain and simple that he wouldn't like it. After all, it was just an old rosy red dress that I rarely use. By rarely, I mean if there's a rather special occasion such as um this one.

"You look good too, " I replied. Honestly, he didn't look any different from the way he usually dresses. Tonight, he was wearing a dark gray sweatshirt and nice skinny jeans that very much suits him. But even though he always looks good, today was different. Maybe because tonight the sky is an eye-candy swirl of midnight blue, and lavender painted clouds stays by the horizon. Or maybe because I never really focused on him like this ever before. I couldn't put my fingers to it but I know, he looks more like someone I could believe in.

"Good? I'm hot, Elois, admit it."

I rolled my eyes. "Don't push it too far, Jasper"

"What, too soon?"

"A bit"

"How about this?" he then brushed his hand to mine then held it on a step by step manner that made me feel that something warm spilled inside my body. I held his hand back, held it tightly. He grinned and bumped lightly his shoulder to mine. "Are you ready for our date?"

Yes. I agreed to have a date with him. And my husband Nikolas, against all odds, had agreed too after some very lengthy debate that I am not going to lie about, exhausted me emotionally and mentally. The conversation happened for hours debating and weighing the pros and cons.

"What if I didn't go to this date and I was supposed to save the life of a future hero? Wouldn't it be dreadful?" I argued with Nikolas on the night of our debate.

"Elois, I'm from the future and I know you haven't saved any person that night!"

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yes, I'm definitely sure. I have an eidetic memory!"

"Why are you being such a jerk about this date? It's just a date, Nikolas."

"Just a date? No! This is a critical control point. If you wouldn't go with this date, my mission is complete."

That night I was so fired up by our conversation I blurted out the thing that had always crossed my mind since he said that he doesn't want me to be attached to Jasper. "What if you're not my husband at all? What if in the future, my husband is really Jasper? And that's what you want to do. Your mission is to change the reality so that you would be my husband in the future."

I remembered the unpaintable face of Nikolas that night when I said those questions. It was a face where one is obviously was shattered, offended, and losing to something, all at the same time. He was quiet for a second then looked at me full of spirit. "Elois, I am your husband. I know everything that a good husband needs to know about his wife. In our wedding vow, I promised to you that I would always be honest with you no matter what. I wouldn't deceive you, or hurt you intentionally. You are my hope, my life. You changed me to be a better man. Those words, you doubting me, feels like hell broke loose inside my heart. It pains me. It really does. I am your husband, and I'm telling the truth."

Then we were quiet. His expression never changed after. It was as if he's on the verge of tears but strong enough to make me believe more, fall to what he said and ultimately dragged me to have faith in him. He placed his hand on my face, caressed it too softly that I held his hand, closed my eyes and feel his pulse. I was about to give up and lower my defenses. I was about to agree to him that I wouldn't go to this date when he said "Elois, I remembered in the future, you wished for me to trust you more. And I do. So go, Elois. Go to that date and e

d some money but he said that it's his treat.

"Thank you, Jasper" I gratefully told him.

When he was out of sight, I quickly hit Nikolas's shoulder.

"Ow!" Nikolas scowled. "What's that for?"

"What's that for? I could ask you the same thing. I thought you trust me. What happened to that trust? Why are you here on our date?"

"Oh yes! I did trust you. I trusted you that you would not get on this date. But no! You have to do what you like to do and not the proper thing to do."

"Oh please, Nikolas, look who's talking?"

"I'm doing the right thing! I'm your husband! What good husband would let his wife frolic with his best friend?"

"This again. I hate you! I hate you!" I growled at him.

He paused a little bit. Looked from left then right as if checking. "Ha! I'm still here. That means you don't really hate me. I'm still going to be your husband."

I tilted my head in confusion. "Wait, if the future changes, you would disappear?"

"Pretty much, yes. My old body, I mean my teenage body, would still be here. But I, the Nikolas from the future would be gone."

Nikolas suddenly slapped me with an information so hard that I literally gasped. "You knew this don't you? You knew that this would happen all along and you didn't tell me?"

"Don't be angry with me. You haven't asked in the first place." Nikolas gave a huge sigh. "In the past, I remembered Jasper asking me why did I get stoned. At that time, that didn't make sense but recently I figured it all out. This is really destined to happen. I am really bound to go to this date as well"

"Okay, I really hate you. I do." I said without blinking an eye. Nikolas paused again. He waited for something then smiled.

"I'm still here. That means I'm still your husband. I love you." Nikolas teased.

I gritted my teeth because of frustration but also because I want to hold in my smile. I'm so confused right now. Nikolas is so difficult to handle I want to hit his baby face but not that strong that he'll bleed because uh, I don't want to hurt him. I should just hit my face.

Not a minute longer, Jasper came back with two buckets of popcorn and three drinks. He awkwardly moved across the seats and finally sat beside me. I smiled at him and he smiled back just before the lights were cut off.

While we watch the movies, Jasper occasionally holds my hand. I tried to hold him back, hold him tighter, but I couldn't because of the uncomfortable vibe Nikolas gives. This shouldn't be happening. This shouldn't be happening.

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