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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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"That is it Elois!" Nikolas's expression was... well like he had a scientific breakthrough.

"That is what?"

"Tell Jasper, no; that you don't want a date with him. This is an obvious critical control point. If you would say no then I would be successful in this mission. The future would change, Elois, we would be so happy."

"But what if..."

"But? You're saying the word but. Gosh! You're considering it?!"

I went quiet. Nikolas's voice was loud enough to draw a little attention from other customers of POW bookstore.

"This is the reason why I want you to stay away from Jasper. So that you won't have any attachment to him. I guess I have to go back in time again, "

"Wait. Wait. What did you just say? You're going back in time to prevent me and Jasper from getting close with each other?"

"That is the reason why came back here in the past. To do exactly that."

"No way. I'm not letting you do that."

"This is for our own good." His voice becoming mellow.

"No. How can I be sure that this is for our own good and not for your own good alone?"

"I'm your husband Elois. All I want is for our happiness. God, are you really doubting me now?"

"I never had trusted you fully, " I admitted. Before I realize what I have said, I already saw the shock on Nikolas's face.

"You have no choice, Elois. I have to."

"No!" my voice rising. "I swear that if you would ever do that I would instantly decide that I won't ever marry you. And you know that it is an obvious critical control point. You said I can change the future and I have the say whether or not you're going back in time or not."

Nikolas's face went sharp again, pointing at me like it could puncture me. "So Elois help me. Say no to that date. It would change the future and I would never ever interfere with the timeline again."

"But I want to go in that date!" hearing myself say those words made me think for a second. Is this right? Is this really what I want?

"Are you hearing yourself? You're telling me that you want to go out on a date with some other guy. Me! I'm your freaking husband for pete's sake. Have you gone crazy?"

"I'm not your wife! Not yet! And he's not just some other guy, he's your best friend!" I hissed.

"You can't seem to see the point! You're always like this. Acting like a teenager. Always doing what you want. And he was my best friend." undoubtedly sadness suddenly spilled all over his face.

"I am a teenager! And I would have seem the point if you would explain to me why you're trying so hard to make me unhappy."

He was stumped. He gazed at me then his facial features began to soften. "No. No. God, no. Elois, I'm

"What? Oh my god!" she finally managed to blurt out.

"Yeah, "

"So when is your date? I'm so happy for the both of you."

"Yeah about that, " I shifted across the room to avoid her gaze.

"What? You declined?" Leslie said incredulously.

I bit my lip sternly. I waited for a second to answer. "I, um, I said I have to think first, "

"But why? I thought you like him. Remember? You told me that you like him."

"Yeah I did, but that is not the only thing that should be considered. There are other things."

"Like what, Elois?"

Leslie wouldn't understand. How can somebody understand that I have a depression and oh a guy that claims to be my husband from the future.

"Leslie, are we really having this conversation?"

Leslie instantly frowned at me then held my hand. "I just want you and my brother to be like together. You know, like a fan rooting for the love team to finally be one. You two are my favorite persons. If this would make you happy, why would you stop yourself for being one. And if you and Jasper would be together, I know that you would take care of him for me, okay?"

I was shocked and felt a lump on my throat. Leslie thought of that to me? I smiled and reconsidered my thoughts. Maybe she could understand me. Maybe she would.

"Listen Elois, I had a long day. I'm gonna hug my one true love now which is my bed." she said accompanied after with a long yawn. I giggled and nodded to her.

Minutes later, I could hear Leslie snoring. Usually at this time of the night, I would meet Nikolas at the POW bookstore so when I was about to open the door, I saw a message slipped inside our room. "To Elois, " the message says.

"Please do not go with a date with Jasper. I'm begging you not to."

Your loving husband, Nikolas

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