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   Chapter 24 NO.24

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 9785

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Dad's voice over my cellphone sounds to be wheezy and tired that it made me wonder what's keeping up him late. Probably it's because of the obnoxious snotty kids he's been teaching in his classes. "How are you doing there, princess?" he asked.

"It's a struggle of course, but I'm doing good, " I answered. I was walking to my next class, thankfully it was just a floor below. It's Philosophy 1, Philo 1 for short, which I think is my favorite subject for this semester.

"You've been there for a month now, "

"A month and a week, " I corrected. I opened the heavy door of my designated classroom and rightfully sat at the chair at the middle. Three people were already there, as usual, sitting in front of me. Their names were Lee, Luisa and Ben.They're always together and always early. I came to know them when Luisa told me randomly a joke while Lee and Ben peered in and waited for my reaction. I didn't get the joke but I think that's the joke.

"How's Mimo, dad?" I asked thinking about my pet rabbit with its furry white tail.

"Mimo's fat. Like she's so fat I think she's pregnant!"

"Oh my God, she's pregnant?"

"Or obese, "

"That lady should be pregnant so it can have tiny tiny babies that I could take away from her, then love them to death"

"Princess, I know how much you love babies but Mimo is alone in her cage, how can she be pregnant?"

"Maybe a miracle happened, " I felt burning stares at me. A few other people had entered the room and their quite intrigued by my phone conversation. I'm judging them to be judgemental. "Dad, I gotta go, I'm in my class now, "

"Okay, princess, take care there, " I waited for Dad to end the call which took about ten whole seconds. Luisa waved a hand to me so I waved back nicely at her. Ben and Lee started laughing as if I done something wrong. Those boys are kinda goofy and always joking.

"Hey hey hey!" a slender tall beautiful woman opened the door and greeted us energetically. "Let's start the class, shall we?" Ms. Diwa asked. She is our prof and as usual she is crazily hyped up. She explained that she always drink coffee before our class that's why she's always on the mood. A few seats still lie vacant but that doesn't stop her from talking and discussing the lessons. "So who here are familiar to thought experiments? Who loves thought experiments? Raise your hand." A few raises their hand while I don't. "Alright. Today I'm going to tell you a thought experiment and later on, we'll discuss it. The title is the Chinese Room, " some of my classmates gasped in delight with their "ooh" and "ah".

"The Chinese Room is like this. A man is locked up on a room with no other openings besides a single door. No one can see him from the outside. Then there is this Chinese woman who interacted with him through slipping a message from the space below the door. Now, the man inside doesn't understand chinese but in the room there is a bo

ay home, Jasper was still holding my hand. And I let him. He was holding it for so long but I haven't thought why he was doing that. And as if our intertwined hands were cable that connected our minds, we decided to stop walking for now. He gave me a smile I never saw before. It's like he's excited to tell me something but also teases me to make me guess first what he's about to say. "Elois, you know I really like you romantically." He stressed the word romantically. Yes, he held the last syllable long enough for me to think of the most appropriate response.

"You like me?" I shrieked in genuine disbelief. I know that wasn't the best response but does anyone know what is the best response to that?

"Yeah. Am I not obvious? Really? You don't know?" His face is now so red it's hypnotizing.

"No, I'm surprised. I really am, "

"Really, even with my blabber mouth sister haven't hinted you in some way?"

"She did, but I shrugged it off." Now his crazily adorable smile faded into a more nervous smile.

"Okay so now you know."

"Yeah I think so, "

"So now that you know, " he laughed a little "may I ask you on a date? I know what we've talked about earlier was so heavy but after that talk, I know for myself that I want you in my life more than anyone else. "

"A date? Me?" I began to wonder how many dates people have here in Manila. I had my sort of first date weeks ago and here Jasper asking me for another date. Is it the pollution here in Manila that makes these people think of dates more than they should?

"Yes. A date with you. If that's um cool to you that is."

My gut reaction have already an answer but my brain of course had a better one. "Jasper, I don't want to rush this thing between us, "

"Oh, " is all that he could say.

"But I want to let you wait a little bit for my answer, would that be alright?"

He nodded and his crazily adorable smile lit up once again. How could I say no to that?

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