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   Chapter 23 NO.23

When the Rain Stopped Falling By KenDaniel Characters: 4190

Updated: 2017-12-18 17:14

Late at night, as usual Leslie went to her early bed routine. This is my cue so I moved silently as a cat and tiptoed across the room towards the door. At first, I wasn't used to this sneaking out thing but after some time, I got pretty good at being a ninja. Yeah, things I do for my obnoxious nocturnal "husband".

"You're quicker than before honey" Nikolas greeted me also noticing my newfound talent. His eyes are so slanted that it disappears every time he beams at me. Oddly, he was waiting for me in the lobby of our building, casually resting his body on the sofa. In there, he looked lost. Like something that isn't supposed to be there.

"Don't call me honey here, " I whispered to him.

"Why not? Are you ashamed of me?" Instantly, Nikolas frowned.

"No. It's just that we're in public, and it's too cheesy if someone else would hear it, "

"So you are really ashamed of me, "

"No! Why are you thinking that? What I mean is that we should be cautious in our situation right now, remember? We could change the future, " I reasoned out but he didn't respond. He just nodded at me then walked out of the lobby. I'm feeling guilty to what I have said. Maybe I have said it in a very wrong way. "Where are we going?" I asked.

"Just fol

to you, "

"That is really sweet, thank you!" I smiled. We held each other's gaze and I quite felt obligated to do something but I don't know what it is. A hug? A kiss? But nevertheless, Nikolas held my face then kissed me on the forehead.

"You're perfect, " he assured.

"I am not, "

"For me, you are, "

I gulped. Nikolas is such a perfectly sweet guy but I still fail to completely like him as my husband. I think he doesn't deserve me. There is really something wrong with me.

"Hey, " he placed my hand over to my ears. "Are you okay, hon?"

"Yeah, I'm great, thanks to your surprise. I will never forget about this. We'll look back on this on the future and I would be always be grateful to you, "

"You promise?"

"Yeah, " I then placed my hand to his chest and felt his heart beating so fast. "I promise, "

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